The Midnight Oil

Location Blackpit
Suggested Level 12+
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The Midnight Oil is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



The Midnight Oil Objectives

  1. Investigate the Blackpit area
  2. Retrive the tablet of Anathema



The Midnight Oil Walkthrough


In a Mansion at Stonegarden, Ryker asks you to retrieve something for him, in exchange he will teach you the way of the source.

Travel to Blackpit, on the other side o the harbor, quarter mistress Anna is guarding the Blackpit mine. Defeat her to get into that mine.

That mine is filled with traps and oil pipes, you can use crates to block the oil pipe and disarm the pipes. Or you can use Teleportation or Spread Your Wings to get through. (If you have teleporter pyramid, you can let one of your teammates get through first, then teleport the rest to him/her)

Deep inside, there's shrieker guarding the waypoint. Use Source Vampirism skill to destroy it. (there is a corpse on a broken bridge nearby, if you teleport there you can pick a note and a key)

Note: If you keep the purging wand you acquired from Fort Joy, you can use it now to kill shrieker. If not, you need to master source and complete the ritual in Powerful Awakening to learn the Source Vampirism skill.

Moving forward, you will see some Voidwokens fighting magisters at the excavation site. Defeat the Voidwokens, then you can persuade the magisters (if there is any of them left) you are just passing by, or you will have to kill the magisters as well. From one of the magister's body, you will find a key to a room nearby. Inside the room there is a hidden stone door, you need to get really close to discover it. Behind the stone door, there is a strange device that teaches you how to create a shapeshifter mask. (require one source point)

Leave the excavation site, venturing forth to the workshop, a group of magisters is here.  You need to defeat them and destroy the crumbling gate (use fire skills on the oil barrels) to open the path to Ancient Temple. Interact with the device in Ancient Temple to acquire more information.

In the heart of Ancient Temple there is a puzzle, there are seven shrines of seven gods, you need to activate them in correct order. 

The riddles are:

"Our first lord babes with power glowed, our second's born in blood that flowed. Our third's young to the wind returned, our fourth's to glowing flames adjourn. Our fifth lord's cubs with minds were blessed, our sixth's had brawn beyond the rest. Our seventh's brood spread from earth to glen, and thus no king shall rise again."

The key to the puzzle is within a book on a corpse within the Ancient Temple chamber. It will say on the second page that each god is a representation of an element or power:

Tir Cendelius-Blood
Zorl Stissa-Fire

The correct order is: Amadia, Tir, Duna, Zorl, Xantessa, Vrogir, and finally Rhalic.

After you hit all the pillars in the correct order, an Eternal will appear, and have an interesting conversation with your god. You need to defeat the Eternal and her stalkers. Loot the place and leave.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      21 May 2019 03:19  

      This fight is impossible. 6 wolves that can all hit for 600 damage per turn. This was not meant to be done at lvl 14.

      • Anonymous

        20 Dec 2018 19:56  

        I just went at the last fight in a simple and classic way. My team is a Rogue, a Ranger, a Warrior, and a Mage. Just had my Rogue dash behind her, do a blood sacrifice, and attack twice. She was dead on the first turn due to some lucky OP daggers Iā€™d found earlier. As for the mutts, they bit of from a combination of conveniently close teleports, as well as a Shield Throw, Chain Lightning, and Ricochet. Easy fight, but was kinda fun.

        • Anonymous

          27 Oct 2018 10:38  

          for those ppl can't get the quest complete. u need to use the coffin between the 2 energy chests, this will triggered the story.

          • Anonymous

            23 Oct 2018 19:36  

            Drop one Teleporter pyramid near where she would spawn and one at the oil barrel area. Get a barrel, teleport, put the barrel near where she would spawn. Repeat until all barrels are placed. Open the Tomb, speak with her until the end. (Don't end the conversation) Place your party in a strategic position. Cast your strongest fire Spell on her and the barrels = Let the fireworks fly ?? Profit.

            • Anonymous

              29 Jul 2018 21:56  

              Best way to beat her is cast shackles of pain, so then the wolves will not attack you. If you have a pyro in your team cast something that will harm you and she will die.

              • Anonymous

                23 Jun 2018 23:50  

                Beat it pretty easy with 4 mages at lvl 14 on normal. I had a shocktrooper, water/ice mage, pyro/hybrid, and a summoner. I saw she only had 20% resist to fire and 60% to the others so I knew my pyro would have to do most the damage to her while the hounds were vulnerable to air/shocking.

                My pyro had high initiative (23) so he got to go right after Anathema, so I tactical treated right up onto the ledge with her, clear minded, time warped (fane), for an extra turn, then unloaded epidemic of fire and supernova'd right in her face and that took off 2/3rds of her health. The dogs did a lot of damage to my water mage, but I tactical retreated up onto the ledge as well, popped adrenaline, dropped one of the dogs back into the pit, and healed/fortified up (since she can't do much damage this fight). Then my shocktrooper nether swapped her down into the pit (so he was getting an extra 30% dmg from huntsman even though she had 60% resist). I then popped adrenaline on him, chain lightning'd the whole group, killed all the dogs except one on top, and finally used vacuum aura (she was still in range of it) and her magic armor was now gone and she was silenced.

                Finally my summoner dropped a firenecro infused elemental on top of her head, casted epidemic of fire, and her health was down to 1/2 by the end of the 1st round. I easily cleaned her up in the 2nd round no problem

                • Anonymous

                  06 Jun 2018 22:33  

                  I won this fight on lvl 12 on normal difficulty quite easily:
                  Repair the oil pump. Fill all the empty barrels with oil. Place ALL barrels around the enemies to cover a wide field. Now go with all ally members on the higher ground and light up the oil barrels. Everything is exploding, overall is fire and the enemies die due to fire damage. Of course you have to help a little bit with spells.

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Apr 2018 08:54  

                    I had absolutely zero complications with these fights and I'm level 13 on tactician mode. Silent monks tend to do the most damage, focus them down. My team has a lot of summons (incarnate champion, bone widow, ivans wolf, fire slug) so those help a lot too.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Feb 2018 11:22  

                      This states that you get the anathema schematics when it's actually the swornbreaker schematics that you find.

                      • Anonymous

                        14 Feb 2018 01:10  

                        Wow, so many complicated strategies. Easiest win this way:

                        1) Wait until you're level 15 and have a mind-maggot grenade or charm potion.
                        2) Let as many dogs as you can gather around your weakest member as they bite mercilessly.
                        3) Use any magic AoE on the dogs to remove their minimal magic armor (I used the Red Prince's firebreathing on 3 of them at once)
                        4) Mass charm the defenseless dogs
                        5) Turn 2 - Boss one-shots the dogs with chain lightning and you all gang up on her for cleanup :)

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Jan 2018 19:50  

                          easy win:

                          - get your tank to initiate while everyone else hiding
                          - don't do anything when your tank got the turn and let everyone stand around waiting
                          - pick a safe spot far enough from the battle and hide a character with teleport skill there
                          - get another character with high ranged damage sneaking and then use most powerful non source damaging skill on any enemy
                          - this won't disturb the current battle's turn and the ranger will move last in that turn
                          - use your hidden teleport character to teleport the ranger away from battle
                          - sneak again with your ranger, use the now available damaging skill again, teleport him away again, sneak again, attack again, teleport away again
                          - repeat until you kill everyone while they're helplessly waiting for their turn, unable to fight the real god, which is the exploitable mechanics

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Jan 2018 06:38  

                            I teleported my 2H tank to the top and stealthed the other 3 rangers far, then before starting the fight, casted the dodge air spell to the tank (and remained hidden) and the dogs missed all the hits in the first turn. This also wrangled all the dogs around the tank which used medusa. But before ending its turn I casted chain lightning from one the hidden ramgers and with the other two killed the eternal. Then the dogs where petrified and when I finished the remaining dogs for some reason some splat damage killed the tank...

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Jan 2018 05:43  

                              A few good tip to beat this on Tactitian and more:

                              1 - Position your characters near the boss for direct extra damage without having to spare on movement (or very little).

                              2- Summon and buff as much as possible right before the fight (incarnate / widow, others + Encourage / bedroll).

                              3- MEDUSA HEAD is your best ally in this fight. Cast it then castthe damage skill, on as much wolf as possible. They will be petrified for the next two turn which means quite a lot less damage incoming.

                              4- RUPTURE TENDON + CHICKEN is your second best ally in this fight, if you play physical damage. Burn her shield and negate her turns while damaging her. Haste is good help to cast on her.
                              Note: You can try cornering her so that she still loose turn as a chiken but don't move away from your damage dealers. It worked for me with 2 character + 2 widow.

                              5- If available to you ,DOME OF PROTECTION if a great bonus for survivability.

                              6- Use them grenades to freeze, stun, petrify, fear? the wolves.

                              7- When the boss dies, it will spawn a cursed frozen surface beneath. Use it to your advantage to freeze the remaining wolves (the two she don't summon).
                              You will most likely loose one or two characters right off the bath as of lvl 14-15 (the wolfs hit hard as f*ck), be ready for resurect if you don't have the resurect idole.
                              Note: Morning person -resurect full life, no shields- is a nice trait to have here.

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Dec 2017 21:02  

                                I think I found out what causes the quest to never complete (at least the "fix" kinda worked for me). Ironically it's FANE that causes it to never finish.
                                I compared the quest to some walk through vids and have seen the quest complete as soon as the combat with the Eternal starts, but comparing the quest notes in the journal I could see that the ones they were getting were different from the notes I got in my
                                Midnight Oil entry! The quest entry with FANE as the protagonist is about reasoning with her and then killing her. While the party I saw without Fane got the "Eternal spoke of Aeteran" entry and the quest closed. Sure enough I separated Fane(myself) out of the party and initiated the sarcophagus with another party member, they proceeded to have the generic conversation with the Eternal rather then the Fane specific conversation and upon combat starting the quest closed.
                                This way (not using Fane) completes the Midnight Oil quest properly. It also adds an entry in "The Aeteran" quest properly. BUT you don't get the update in Fane's personal quest line (if you are playing as him) not sure if this has any repercussions later on, but I don't think it should since you can proceed to next chapter without strictly needing to do this area either.
                                PS: in any case Midnight Oil getting (closed) yields no XP or rewards; so take your pick unfinished quest and a blurb saying you didn't complete blackpits, or a completed Midnight Oil that gives nothing and a missing personal entry for Fane's main quest as protagonist.

                                • Anonymous

                                  03 Dec 2017 02:27  

                                  yea this quest doesnt complete. I killed her but when i left Act 2, my journal still said i never uncovered the secrets of the blackpits.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    19 Nov 2017 23:51  

                                    The eternal fight is pretty garbage, so it feels like a little cheese is almost necessary to get through it at the levels you're most likely to encounter it.

                                    1 - Get your physical armor up so characters can take a little bit of a beating - it takes extreme measures to avoid the excessive damage the dogs do even on Classic. Put level-appropriate shields on your casters, for example.

                                    2 - Position everyone except the person in the conversation up top near where the boss is during the conversation. Plant your nastiest melee physical damage dealers right next to her and your casters away from the dogs, but not out of range to help with the fight (don't worry the dogs will find them). Then teleport the person that's talking up to the platform to position them during the conversation. No one should be left to eat high-ground Chain Lightnings or be LoSed by low ground with two dogs next to them.

                                    3 - Start the fight. If done properly, the Eternal will try to get away from your melee characters, taking opportunistic attacks along the way. She'll get off two summons and a rain, but won't have enough AP to ruin your day with Chain Lightning. If she doesn't smoke you with Chain Lightning on the first turn, you're almost home already.

                                    4 - Survive the dog onslaught, then hit them with a big-time AoE spell. Chain Lightning or Closed Circuit are best here as the dogs don't have much Magic Armor (37 on classic) nor do they have air resistance. Even at level 12, that'll cook every dog it hits. Even if you have the spells memorized by the worst caster ever, it'll stun for a turn.

                                    5 - Crush the Eternal (physical is best) and control her. Any dogs can be kept in their place easily by CC effects, but the champion here is Worm Tremor (Geo 2). It will hit both dogs on the lower level from their default position and keep them from going anywhere because it checks magic armor on the entangle, so even a 10 int caster can pull this off. Hydrosophists can just heal her as she is undead. Healing Ritual wins here, as targeting her will deal damage, then you'll heal the team.

                                    6 - Once the Eternal is dead, the summoned dogs will die, but the ones from the start will be alive. Again, a big AoE will murder them.

                                    7 - You win.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      12 Nov 2017 21:03  

                                      I beat the fight at level 12 on normal difficulty. I used teleport one wolf all the way down to three party members. That starts the fight and I would kill the one wolf and have three party members die in the fight because all wolfs and the lady join in. I did this twice to kill the two wolfs in front then I did it to the lady. I teleported here into my group and when she flew away all three had opportunist and did some massive damage to her. Her summoned wolves despawned and I only had the two wolves left. Like all fights in this game, you have to cheat to win, get's kinda old, but it can be done.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        04 Nov 2017 13:32  

                                        spread your team before fight; medusa is particularly good against the wolves; another trick is to create water surface and then apply freeze or electronic

                                        • Anonymous

                                          29 Oct 2017 22:14  

                                          For that oil machine... you gotta click on it, hold in hand. then click on a barrel and combine with... and that's the only way I could figure it out using a controller

                                          • Anonymous

                                            25 Oct 2017 02:12  

                                            She's an undead. All my party members used their healing spells on her and she died in 2 rounds. Just need to be lucky and avoid getting killed in the first round.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              18 Oct 2017 20:46  

                                              The worse part is that her soul wolfs don't vanish after she die.

                                              Ifan was the last man standing when i battle her.

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