The Missing Magisters

Magister Carver

Location Driftwood
Suggested Level 9+

The Missing Magisters is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act II.

This quest tasks you with finding out the truth behind the disappearances of Magisters in Driftwood.


Warning: Massive spoilers below. Do not read on unless you want the solution!


Important NPCs

  • Magister Carver
  • Wyvlia



The Missing Magisters Objectives

  1. Learn about the missing Magisters.
  2. Find Higba, the prime suspect in the investigation. (Optional)
  3. Seek evidence to prove that Higba (or somebody else) is the murderer.
  4. Confront the murderer.
  5. Report back with the evidence of the murderer to Magister Carver.



The Missing Magisters Walkthrough

When you talk to Magister Carver or Magister Caryl, you will learn that several Magisters have gone missing, and that they suspect Higba has something to do with their disappearances.

Higba, the prime suspect, is hiding in a fish barrel in a storage room at Driftwood Port. When you interact with one of the barrels, Higba will talk to you and plead that he is "innocent" and wants you to help him escape from Driftwood. (Talking to him will also initiate the quest Strange Cargo if you haven't spoken with him already.)

If you choose to help him escape and successfully do so, he will provide his opinion on who he thinks the culprit may be. (Read that quest's guide for further details.)

Optional: If you've already completed the quest Powerful Awakening, you can cast Spirit Vision inside the Black Bull Tavern to find the ghost of one of the missing Magisters, Harrick. Talking to Harrick will reveal the circumstances of her gruesome death.

If you head to the tavern, you will see Stewart, an elf sitting at a table outside. Talking to him will reveal that the Magisters likely have the wrong suspect, and that he wants you to help him uncover the real one.

If you enter the tavern and head to the kitchen with a character that has high enough Wits, they will discover a Loose Plank on the ground. You may need to sneak in order to search it if it would be considered stealing.

Method 1: You will find a bloody Magister ring inside this loose plank in the tavern's kitchen. If you attempt to interrogate the cook about this ring, you will be given the choice of reporting her to the Magisters, not doing so, or asking for a bribe. If you don't choose to side with her, you will engage in a fight with her.

After she dies, you will find an incriminating note on her corpse that you can bring to Magister Carver to report. If you read the note, you will discover that the food she makes potentially contains cannibalized human body parts. (Alternatively, you can pickpocket the incriminating note from the cook instead without confronting her.)

Secret: If you buy some Meaty Stew in this tavern and have an elf eat it, you will learn of a murder taking place with a Magister. This will reward you with 2,000 EXP. (Note: This reward will not be granted after the quest is closed, so be sure to do so before reporting the murder.)

At this point in time, report the cook to Magister Carver with the ring or note. If you've confronted the cook and killed her, the quest will close and you will be rewarded with 10,000 EXP and some items. The quest Strange Cargo will now be closed as well, but you are free to help Higba escape now (oddly enough, he still isn't safe from the Magisters in the town, so you will need to be careful).

Method 2: If you reported the cook to Magister Carver without confronting her and killing her first, Magister Carver will send a Magister to investigate the cook and see if there is any truth to your claims. Although the Magister will try to arrest the cook, the cook will kill her and attack you, forcing you to have to kill the cook anyway.

Method 3: If you report to Stewart (the elf outside the tavern) after killing the cook and say that you haven't reported it Magister Carver yet, he will go and report it instead. When you talk to Magister Carver afterwards, you will be rewarded with 10,000 EXP but no items.

Alternate Ending: If you agreed not to reveal the cook's secret, you can kill Magister Carver (you'll also have to kill his nearby assistant) to end the quest. Afterwards, you can speak with the cook, who seems pleased with the news. The quest archive will note, "Patrons of Black Bull will continue to enjoy Wyvlia's special stew."

    • Anonymous

      12 Apr 2019 23:52  

      Silence of the la...elves - you can report her, get the loot, vent your frustration for ratting out someone and attack the magister and his assistant for telling you're a ****** elf. Mari pruitt and her boy will not join the fight, not tell anyone and the magisters in town won't care. job done

      • Anonymous

        11 Feb 2019 20:05  

        When Carver sends Bellsworth to her doom, you can save Bellsworth if you run ahead of her and kill the cook, use after you save her, use Red prince to get the hidden dialogue. Her expression is lol...

        • Anonymous

          25 Jan 2019 05:15  

          Stewart is a creep! Worse, he’s a credit stealing, mopey whiney little self-loathing *****. He deserves the Magisters, and they him. So, not wanting to loose out on the reward I accomplished both. While having a conversation using Fane reporting the criminal, I simultaneously told Stewart who the culprit was. Right before telling Stewart if I took credit, I did and took the reward. Before finishing out of the conversation with Carver I finished telling Stewart I didn’t take credit. This allows Stewart to take credit, be a blight to the Magisters and I still get the reward! lol

          • Anonymous

            11 Jan 2019 09:03  

            I was wondering if there was a way to frame someone else for the murders. I've discovered it was the cook who's been killing the magisters and making her special stew, but i was not exactly opposed to magisters dying, despite the disgusting method. Stewart struck me as a bit of a patriot (and a chode), and I noticed there was a dialogue option with him about himself potentially appearing suspicious. Would it be possible to frame Stewart for the murders, clearing the name of the suspect, the cook and getting rid of a patriot all in one swoop?

            • Anonymous

              05 Apr 2018 00:16  

              Method 5: You can simply steal a list from her, confront her and make a decision about letting her go or killing her. Only option that let's you keep her alive is to agree to keep it a secret and want nothing in return.

              • Anonymous

                24 Mar 2018 06:01  

                Method 4:

                Simply have an Elf eat the Meat Stew, than confront Wyvlia, and say her that her secret is safe, you will be prompted with a skill test, if you pass, you'll be free to go without a fight.

                Now you simply have to go to the Magisters HQ, sneak behind Carver and kill him,
                If you did al in the right way you'll get your XP, Wyvlia will be safe, less Magisters, and Bellworth will stop complaining about her boss.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Mar 2018 10:58  

                  Ate the stew. Figured out what's happening. Bought a dozen more helpings of stew and dropped them all over the place in the barracks, hoping the magisters will eat some.

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Feb 2018 03:37  

                    I found the ring not knowing what it was. Cook attacked me after caught using his stove and failed the check lol. Killed him thought I was going to get in trouble. Got paid instead

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Jan 2018 18:41  

                      I ate the meaty stew and didn't get the xp. Also I noticed that if I kill the cook my rewards are bad, but if I let that other magister die the rewards are a bit better

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Jan 2018 10:34  

                        Saving Higba by teleporting back to the Lady Vengeance for the reward and then destroying the barrel he hides in resulted in him blowing himself up and I got an additional 4k exp

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Jan 2018 23:38  

                          Wish you could complete the quest by allowing the cook to keep on killing magisters.

                          The world is better off without them.

                          • Anonymous

                            19 Dec 2017 17:15  

                            If you give the blood ring in the kitchen to stewart, he will run to the cook and try to kill her. But she would kill him with 1 single blow

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Sep 2017 15:29  

                              If you want to solve this quest that the ghost of Magister Harrick rest and save Magister Bellworth from certain death, u shud do as follow : take the magister ring but dont confront the cook or inform Mgister Carver yet because that either will cause Bellworth death or the cook will take the ring from you make you unable to give the ring to Carver, so the ghost cant rest. Instead after u get the ring, pickpocket the note from the cook then confront and kill her. This way u both save the cook and let the ghost have her rest

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Sep 2017 15:51  

                                If you report the cook to Magister Carver as an Elf, you only get common items to choose from as your reward. As Fane, I tuned in this quest using human form and the reward items were rare instead. I didn't try any other races, and I don't recall whether or not the gold value differed.

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Sep 2017 12:55  

                                  If you speak to Stewart (the elf outside the tavern) you get 3,000 exp,
                                  if you report to him after killing Wyvlia and say that you haven't reported it Magister Carver yet, he will go and report it instead.
                                  When you talk to magister carver afterwards you will get 10,000 exp but no reward.
                                  If you talk to Stewart and tell him you've already reported it and got the reward then he'll just become depressed
                                  (not tested but letting Stewart take credit might have some benefits later on)

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