The Mother Tree

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Location The Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16+
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The Mother Tree is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The Elven Scion protecting the Mother Tree wants you to kill the Shadow Prince, while the Shadow Prince wants you to kill the Mother Tree. Which side you will choose?



  • While the essence of the quest is the same, the EXP rewards are different.

Important NPCs



The Mother Tree Objectives

  1. Talk to the Elven Scion or The Shadow Prince.
  2. Kill the Mother Tree OR the Shadow Prince.
  3. Speak to the other party.



The Mother Tree Walkthrough

At the Elven Temple, A priestess of the Elven Temple will ask you to seek out the Elven Scion at the top of the tree. Alternatively, The Shadow Prince will also give you this quest; he can be found in the Lava Fields south of the isle. Proceed to the top of the tree by climbing the vines - it is near where Bishop Alexandar is. The moment you reach the top of the tree, you will receive 20,075 Exploration XP.

At the top of the tree, there is an Elven Scion you can talk to, who will bid you to kill the Shadow Prince. If Sebille is in your party, she will request to speak to the Elven Scion and you can simply watch the conversation that unfolds. The startling revelation here is that the Shadow Prince is actually the Master of the House of Shadows, who Sebille has been wanting to kill all along.

In any case, leave the area and suddenly Saheila will appear. She asks Sebille to kill the Mother Tree to set the Elves free, a drastic change from her previous personality. From here, you will have 2 options. You can follow Saheila's advice and kill the Mother Tree, or you can ignore her and kill the Shadow Prince (or both, if you prefer, but do so upon completion of the quest for maximum XP).

If you choose to kill the Mother Tree, you will need to interact with it and use the wooden box the Shadow Prince gave you, or have Sebille in your party; otherwise, there is no option to kill the Mother Tree. Depending on the option taken, the outcome can differ drastically! Please read below for more details:

  • If you used the wooden box the Shadow Prince gave you, the Elven Scion and 3 dryads will attack you. You will receive 83700XP for killing the Scion, and 55800XP for each Dryad. There is also a tree summon which will give you 13950XP when killed, although it will automatically die the moment his Dryad owner is killed (so you may simply see 69750XP as the game automatically adds up the XP for you). Once they are all dead, return back to the Shadow Prince, and you will receive 80,250XP, a choice of legendary-quality loot, and an ornate chest will spawn right next to the Shadow Prince, giving you lots of great loot. The only drawback here is that Sebille, if she is in your party, will not be able to have her revenge as the Shadow Prince will disappear upon completion of the quest. Also, the entire Elven area will be covered in Deathfog, killing the traders, Bishop Alexandar, etc. if any are still living and lingering in the area.
  • If you used Sebille to kill the Mother Tree, the Elven Scion will die immediately and the quest will be closed for 20,075XP. Note that if you go this route, upon leaving the area, the Elven priests, traders, Lost Knight, etc. will all attack you so you will have to fight your way out.

If you choose to kill the Shadow Prince, simply head to the Lava fields south of the Isle. The location of the Shadow Prince is marked on your map. As you get close to him, you will receive 20,075 Exploration XP, and depending on who you have in your party, the conversation can be very interesting (you can save your game here to see the multiple conversation branches).

  • If you have Sebille in your party, the Shadow Prince and her will converse, and he will state that the Elves are the true evil, trying to spread their roots all over Rivellon. He will then sing a song that can mind control Sebille, and if you do not sing the song to break her out of his control, Sebille will be completely controlled by the Shadow Prince, leave your party permanently, and her quest will be closed. If you subsequently attack the Shadow Prince, she will fight as a neutral NPC for some reason and attack the Prince with you, but Sebille will still be enthralled after he's dead and will not rejoin your party, nor will there be any second opportunity to sing her song. In any case, simply sing the song at the first available opportunity to break her out of her trance, and combat will immediately begin with Sebille still in your party. If you have the Red Prince in your party as well, it may be wise to move Sebille away from your party first, so you can at least advance the Red Prince's personal quest without violence, as listed below (if you killed him already, just use spirit vision and talk to the spirit of the Shadow Prince to advance the Red Prince's quest normally).
  • If you have the Red Prince in your party (priority is given to Sebille first, if she is also in your party), they will converse, and he will reveal that he is behind the attacks on the Red Prince life, as well as orchestrating the succubus attack that sent him to Fort Joy in the first place. Ultimately, he confesses that the real reason he wants the Red Prince dead is because he needs to prevent him and Sadha (the Red Princess) from mating and bringing back "Great Red Dragons" into the world, which would inevitably plunge the world into a "terrible splendour of fire." He furthermore suspects that Sadha is working with the Black Ring. He will then try to make a deal with the Red Prince, asking him to kill Sadha instead. If you intercede and say it is better to kill Sadha, you will lose 5 attitude points with him. In any case, he will simply demand to know where Sadha is and the Shadow Prince will tell him to use the Sallow Man's mirrors for answers. His personal quest will be updated at this point.

If you have Sebille in your party then killing the Shadow Prince, turning in his heart (with Sebille at a distance), agreeing to become "rooted", then leaving to meet Saheila, then returning to kill the heart will grant you a full 60k more experience than killing the Heart first then killing the Prince. It will also enable you to keep the Rooted perk from Sebille even if you killed the tree afterwards.

Either way, you are still offered the same choice even if you don't have Sebille or The Red Prince in your party; the Shadow Prince will request you kill the Mother Tree, giving you a wooden box to do so. You can oblige, or you can simply kill him. The Shadow Prince and his 5 goons are worth 40,125XP each, making it a grand total of 240,750XP. Loot his body for his heart (you can eat his heart as an elf to learn the "Daggers Drawn" skill, but if you do so you will forfeit all rewards associated with this quest!) and head back to the Mother Tree.

From here, if you have Sebille in your party, make sure to move her far away from the Elven Scion before talking to her. The reason is because you will receive 80,250XP, a choice of legendary-quality loot, and a giant-quality rune when you give the Scion the Shadow Prince's heart, completing the quest, but if you have Sebille close by when you speak to the Scion, you will obtain only the XP and rune, but not the choice of legendary-quality loot. As such, for maximum rewards, move Sebille away from your party first and complete the quest, then speak to the Elven Scion again with Sebille close in tow.

Sebille will request that you let her speak to the Elven Scion. The Scion will request Sebille be the new Mother, and take root. You can interject at this point and tell Sebille to refuse, but if you do this, the Elves will attack you. If you agree, she will feel the Mother's heart and obtain the "Rooted" talent, which gives +3 to memory.




  • 20,075 Exploration XP for reaching the top of the Mother Tree and again for reaching the Shadow Prince.
  • A grand total of 265,050XP for killing the Elven Scion, her 3 Dryads, and 1 Summon (optional).
  • Killing the Mother Tree with Sebille for 20,075XP OR Killing the Mother Tree with the Deathfog and reporting back to the Shadow Prince for 80,250XP, a choice of legendary-quality loot, and an ornate chest.
  • A grand total of 240,750XP for killing the Shadow Prince and his 5 henchmen (optional).
  • 80,250XP, a choice of legendary-quality loot (only if you completed the quest without Sebille close by), and a giant-quality rune by reporting back to the Elven Scion and giving her the Shadow Prince's heart.
  • Once she Shadow Prince's side of this quest is completed, he will be leaving. Any damage cause to him or his minions once the experience reward has been granted will cause them to instantly disappear, denying a fight.On the other hand, moving the Prince away to then have an isolated fight with his minions do not work either, as he will be scripted to attack on sight, preventing you from completing the quest.
  • If Sebille is in your party, she can talk to the Elven Scion upon completion of the quest for the "Rooted" talent, which grants +3 memory
    If Ifan is in your party, you will recieve -12 attitude with him upon handing in the quest to the Shadow Prince.

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    • Anonymous

      15 Mar 2021 17:41  

      I just cooked the shadow prince in the lava with teleport from on top of the pillar, then cooked the minions one by one in the lava the same way. Used sneak so I could reload it faster.

      • Anonymous

        08 Mar 2021 16:10  

        If you're fast enough you can kill them both. Kill the mother tree guardians and plant the fog. Then, go to the Shadow Price and get him to launch the fog and after he spawns his goodies just murder him.

        • Anonymous

          05 Mar 2021 02:26  

          so I haven't done any thing for the quest i don't even have it yet i was walking by the bottom of the tree when the red prince comments on how beautiful the tree is. As fane i blessed the flower pedestal and it teleports me to a fight with the Elven Scion gonna reload so im not sure what the outcome will be. is this a bug or what?

          • Anonymous

            21 Feb 2021 23:09  

            G'damn, a lot of this game's ideas have taken root from Robin Hobb's Books: namely Shaman's Crossing and the Liveship Trader series. Heck, even the Red Prince and Princess might be tied to the bringing back of the dragons (the lengthier part of The Liveship Traders across all 9 books).

            • Anonymous

              10 Aug 2020 05:01  

              How to get maximum EXP from this quest if you do not have Sebille through bugs:

              Step 1. Do not talk to the Shadow Prince yet.

              Step 2. Go to the tree heart. Talk to the Elven Scion. Get the quest to kill the Shadow Prince, then tell her "the mother tree must die". This will be an option even if you do not have Sebille and will initiate combat with the Scion and the Dryads. Kill them. This will NOT make the vendors or anyone else at the temple (Alexandar, etc) hostile.

              Step 3. Talk to the Shadow Prince. Get the quest to put the deathfog into the tree. Fight him and kill him (use the towers to teleport him into the lava for an instakill). This will get you EXP for fighting the Shadow Prince and his goons.

              Step 4. Take the box of deathfog. Go to the temple. Pickpocket all the merchants first. Go to the heart and use the box of deathfog. This will treat it as if you did the quest for the Shadow Prince, but will not kill the vendors and NPCs in the temple because the game gets really confused. They will now be hostile. Fight your way out.

              This will get you as much EXP as possible - you get full EXP for killing the scion and the dryads, full EXP for killing the shadow prince, and I think (haven't tested it) you can talk to the prince's spirit to hand in the deathfog quest for the EXP and the loot.

              • Anonymous

                05 Jul 2020 04:57  

                i have sebille, i killed shadow prince but did not turn in the quest.
                i did not kill mother tree.
                i left the nameless isle without dealing with the mother tree cause i thought the elves should deal with their own politics.
                but im surprised, nobody tried this ending? or does it not affect the story?

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jul 2020 21:17  

                  Aff ... I wanted to finish the Prince of Shadows quest ... But I didn't want to lose 12 attitude with Ifan ... Can you recover that attitude?

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Jun 2020 10:29  

                    Mate al principe de las sombras con Sebile, luego le lleve el corazon, despues accedi a ser la madre y luego mate al arbol y recivi la experiencia de matarlos a todos.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Jun 2020 04:56  

                      I talked to the shadow king with sebille as my main. I misplaced and stabbed him in the throat when he failed to control her.

                      Lava cheese worked for most of the goons, until one got wise and indtakilled my main.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Apr 2020 07:41  

                        I don't have Sebille in my team, so I killed the tree first. Sadly the game won't let me kill the Shadow Prince as well.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Mar 2020 02:13  

                          I didnt discover this quest yet and cast spirit vision by accident. suddenly had to fight the scion. be careful

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Dec 2019 21:15  

                            Is there a way to meet Saheila without Sebille? This would provide the motivation to act against the Mother Tree.

                            • Anonymous

                              10 Nov 2019 00:24  

                              I fcked the quest, as Ifan, so first time when talking with scion, agreed to kill shadow prince but then attaked / killed scion. After killing shadow prince, the game asked I talk with Scion, but she's already dead and can't do any harm to the tree... stupid bug. There should be a way essential NPCs to be non-killable.

                              • 10 Oct 2019 00:28  

                                You can kill both the Shadow Prince and then the Mother Tree (Saheila gives Sebille the quest when you get back down). You get a ton of experience and it turns out the tree was evil (who would have thought the assassin was right?!).

                                • Anonymous

                                  03 Oct 2019 14:44  

                                  Kill the mother tree, because when faced, invokes beings who speak for the King of God. She is just as evil as The Prince of Shadows.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    08 Sep 2019 07:54  

                                    For some reason, the shadow prince's heart had disappeared from my inventory. I was still able to complete the quest by attacking the elf scion directly.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      08 Jul 2019 20:01  

                                      I used the charm skill, arrows and grenades with Sebille on the shadow prince. enjoyed every second he unwillingly slaughtered his own men

                                      • Anonymous

                                        08 Jul 2019 16:10  

                                        Killed the shadow prince then came to the tree and it keeps warping me back out to where Saheila is so I can't kill the damned thing

                                        • Anonymous

                                          03 Jun 2019 15:06  

                                          It feels like this whomever made this game is obsessed with the "grey area". Where almost every choice you make ends poorly, and the only ones that play it straight are the evil choices. What's that? Both of them are evil again and the "good" one is actually the bigger evil? No way! If you ask me, in the name of all that is good, kill them both. Otherwise, you do you. ;)

                                          • Anonymous

                                            11 Feb 2019 19:43  

                                            interesting thing i noticed. If you waste the shadow then talk to his spirit he says that the elven tree must fall because "he" fears teh elves but won't elaborate on who 'he' is.... it made me think that the god king might be one one who wantrs the elven tree dead

                                            • Anonymous

                                              03 Feb 2019 03:46  

                                              I held Sebille back again, then got box from Shadow thru Red, then talked to him right after with Ifan who said incorrectly that the Deathfog has been released and tree is dead as are all elves. Then I brought Sebille in, did the dialogue and began fighting. Easily beat Shadow by teleporting him onto ledge across cavern, where he was stuck with no movement skills and the two summons I put on him while I took care of the hidden gang one by one. Went BACK to tree with his heart, and there's Delorus on a path crying about how horrible it is like there was Dfog released, but I went up and it was fine. Weird, but whatever.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                02 Feb 2019 15:57  

                                                As Sebille, I'm obviously going to kill the Shadow Prince as that's my main quest. But why does the Tree need to die? If I become the new tree, do I end my game as a tree then? I killed Alexander but then had to kill Sallow Man too as he attacked us and tried to make us swear fealty to the Shadow King, but we survived and didn't have to thank goodness. Sallow Man is very tough, constantly hits team with Plagues and curses, which seem to renew each turn, and he has tons of AP. Though it's offered quite a bit in many talents, Poison is usually useless since many enemies are undead like him, which is stupid and irritating, as I have Fane in my party for lockpicking. At least he can go through all of the poison traps all over the game w/o problems, and can even manage Deathfog, since he's already dead. And you can't even heal him properly as it'll hurt him instead unless you use something that skips him like Healing Wave. First Aid will injure him, which is dumb since he still has 'vitality' which is what it's meant to restore.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  14 Jan 2019 17:20  

                                                  Man, I love this game, and how it can draw you in. First time, I took the deathfog from shadow route. Didn’t feel good after, since deathfog is what we are fighting against. So I started over as a 2 man cell, instead of 4 people and gonna just kill both of them. They’re both hurting innocent people in their own way. Plus MORE exp.

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