The Nameless Isle

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Suggested Level

Classic: 15-16

Tactician: 17

The Nameless Isle is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.

The Nameless Isle is revealed to the player as a place of interest for the progression in the ascension to divinity.

Important NPCs



The Nameless Isle Objectives

  1. Find a way to enter the Academy



The Nameless Isle Walkthrough

After arriving on the island, you will learn that the Black Ring, Paladins, and the Magisters are competing with each other on the island in a competition to see who will be able to ascend to Divinity. Your goal is to reach the Council and gain access to it.

If you saved Delorus at previously in Act I at Fort Joy, you will find him nearby and he will join your team and give you information on the Black Ring and Bishop Alexandar, has been reborn but reformed. You need to bring him to Alexandar to complete his quest, A Familiar Face. Alexandar is located at the elven forest in the northeast.


The Lunar Gate Puzzle

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There are three methods to completing this puzzle. The primary one (exploration) is to visit each altar around the map to find each god's alignment. The secondary method is to initiate and fulfill one of two murder quests, An Unlikely Patron (Alexandar) or The Sallow Man. See their respective page for details.

Completing The Sallow Man or Alexander's respective quest to kill the other will grant you the solution to the entire puzzle. In Alexander's case, make sure Ifan ben-Mezd is not in your party when you approach him, or else he will kill him and you will be unable to initiate his quest. (Luckily, even if this occurs, you can still cast Spirit Vision to speak to Alexandar's spirit and persuade him to give you the solution.)

God Name Race Location Security and/or Requirements Alignment (Highlight to View)
Rhalic Human Center Involvement in scuffle near altar Sun   
Vrogir Orc  Northwest Persuasion or elimination of Black Ring to allow entrance; interior traps Sun   
Tir-Cendelius  Elf  Northeast  Shrieker-protected entrance; elimination of altar protector Moon
Xantezza Imp  North  Spirit Vision; missing key for entry; interior traps Moon
Amadia Wizard Southwest  Movement ability required to access; traps Moon
Duna  Dwarf  Southeast  Movement ability required to access; interior protectors and trap; Persuasion check Moon
Zorl-Stissa Lizard South None Sun   


Altar Associated Quest Guide

At Rhalic's altar in the middle of the map, the Black Ring will be busy fighting off some Magisters to assert their claim to the altar. You will need to side with one of them and kill the other. Interact with the altar afterwards to see a vision of Rhalic.

If you are not using a human character (e.g. Ifan ben-Mezd), your character will be permanently blinded. The only two known ways to cure this blindness is to have the blinded character die and then be resurrected (an easy way to kill them is to have them walk into lava), or to equip and unequip the Blindfold acquired from The Driftwood Arena quest in Act II.

Vrogir The Drowned Temple

To gain access to the Orcish Temple in the northwest, you will need to head further north to persuade the Black Ring to close the portal and stop the flooding of the temple (requires high Persuasion and stats), or kill the Black Ring in order to get in.

Vrogir's temple is covered in traps, so it is advisable to use a single high Wit character to traverse the area and reach the altar. Alternatively, you can jump to one of the upper platforms on either side of the area to be exposed to significantly less traps.

To unlock the secret door, there is a key located on a corpse that is found on a split off platform north of the start of the area, which is used to fix the lever next to the door. You may need high Wits in order to activate the lever. Alternatively (and likely an oversight by the devs), you can jump over the entire door without even using the lever.


The Elven Temple, located northeast, has some Shriekers guarding the entrance. You will need to use a Purging Wand (available from Black Ring corpses) or Source Vampirism to kill them. The altar is located at the west end of the forest where the Last Forest Tiger is, whom of which you must kill.

Alternatively, you can leap directly into the temple from the westernmost platform (directly east of Xantezza's Shrine). You can then release the vines on this platform to create a permanent pathway (primarily for Delorus to be able to follow you), and then acquire the temple's waypoint here. The platform that you land on is also coincidentally where the altar is located.

Xantezza Running like Clockwork

At Xantezza's Shrine located in the north, use Spirit Vision to find the spirit of Xantezza's Knight and initiate his quest in order to gain entry to the Shrine. He tells you that the key to the shrine has been stolen and that you must retrieve it.

The key is a Ruby that's located just west of the Lunar Gate. Two wolves are fighting over it. You can persuade them to leave by feeding them meat, or you can simply kill them. Bring this Ruby back and drop it on the shrine and then talk to the Ruby afterwards.

The inside of the Shrine is broken down into two sections. For the first section, you must move or teleport the crates onto each switch in the area to gain access to the next. For the next section, you must throw a Teleporter Pyramid into the glowing pyramid in the middle of the area and then teleport to it to gain access to the Hyperdrive Protocol, which will grant you access to the core.

As you head towards the core, it will attempt to flood the entire area with Deathfog if you cannot reach it within a turn after its dialogue initiates. You will need to jump or teleport a character to it to use the core and disable it. The altar is located behind the core.

There are two alternative approaches to the area. The simplest approach is to follow along the pipes connected to the starting section and jump to the core at the end (this method is also detailed in an imp's notes that you find). The other solution is to jump past each gate for both sections to gain quick access to the Hyperdrive Protocol and resume from there.

Amadia Up in the Clouds

At the southwest area of the map is a temple that leads upwards into the sky, which can only be reached by jumping across several disconnected platforms. In the clouds, you must activate altars which will disable the walls blocking the way to Amadia's altar.

Alternatively (since you have jump abilities anyway), the quickest way to reach the altar is to go to the far left of the first platform to jump to the altar above and activate the portal to the next platform. From there, simply walk to the left and jump onto the platform with the altar on it.

To reach the spoils behind Amadia's face at the start of the map, you will need to fetch the jewel located north of the second platform, which can only be reached by jumping to it.

Duna The Watcher's Mercy

Southeast of the isle lies Duna's Temple, which requires you to jump to it. The interior is protected by a score of immobile Granite Protectors that will attack you if you approach them too close. Since they cannot move, you can simply use ranged attacks to destroy them.

The main path towards the altar is rigged with a poison trap that will automatically fire many projectiles upon you as you attempt to walk past. It is recommended to traverse with a single ranged hero in this case. Alternatively, you can simply jump to the altar by going to the left after you enter the temple and then jump from platform to platform.

If you walk towards the altar, Duna's Knight will initiate a dialogue with you. If you can successfully persuade him, he will commit suicide with all of the other Protectors and you will avoid fighting them. Failing to persuade him or attacking the Protectors guarding the altar will initiate a fight with all of them. The Granite Protectors do not attack Dwarves. If you have a Dwarf with high enough persuasion, you can simply walk to the altar and pass the persuasion check with Duna's Knight.

Zorl-Stissa   Zorl-Stissa's altar isn't protected. It is located in the south. If you wish to avoid The Shadow Prince (who is not hostile anyway unless you have Sebille in your party), simply approach it from the main path heading southwest from the Temple of Rhalic's waypoint, or jump to it from the Temple of Amadia.

Secret Shortcut: If you simply wish to ignore everything and go straight for the Council, there is a secret entrance located at the very southeast portion of the map. You must use movement skills to traverse the broken parts of the lava region that are south of the Dwarven Temple. At the eastern end of the region is a secret tunnel that can be detected and dug up. No requirements are necessary to take this shortcut, and no quests need to be fulfilled.


After you have aligned all of the altars correctly, place a Phase Capacitor onto the plate near the entrance (or use a lightning skill to attack it), and use the switch to open the gate. If any of the altars are not aligned properly, the world will turn dark and lightning will be cast around the area, damaging you.

Prior to entering the Council, your companions will temporarily leave your team. If you want them to rejoin your party, you will need to persuade them to allow you to be the one to ascend to Divinity. As soon as you've entered the Council (either through the main entrance or the secret one), the quest will close.


Tips & Tricks

  • Some of the Black Ring members you encounter can be persuaded by convincing them that you are working for Almira (very easy) or the Lone Wolves.

  • The merchants on the Nameless Isle are located in the elven forest in the north east and the Black Ring camp south of the Temple of Rhalic waypoint.

  • Jump (movement) abilities make this map and many of its altars a piece of cake to reach, and is a very easy way to speed through the map.

    • Anonymous

      18 Dec 2019 03:19  

      I’m having a hard time persuading Sebille to team up with me. I completed her quests I think, but it’s saying I need a persuasion of 6 to get her to fight with me. Any tips on this?

      • Anonymous

        20 Sep 2019 19:23  

        If you think you *****ed up the area by finding the academy first before talking to Alexander. If you need his head just go find him before the big fight and kill him there. Worked for me.

        • Anonymous

          03 Sep 2019 17:06  

          Just kill everyone for xp and items.. you will still get the solution..or just use the shortcut after killing everyone

          • Anonymous

            21 May 2019 15:14  

            You can directly destroy 7 pillar in The Lunar Gate Puzzle to enter the Academy.Any mechanism is bull*****.Just ruin it.

            • Anonymous

              02 Feb 2019 15:28  

              You can't just "jump" around over the doors, none of them will work, not Wings, nor Tact Retreat nor teleportation. Have to do the puzzles, which are lame enough w/o the Slowed status, which is just stupid. The run to the Orb in center was easy, just tack it with someone and they'll run up to it, since they're hasted now.

              • Anonymous

                01 Feb 2019 06:07  

                Sallow Man does not give all answers, only the moon ones. Plus you must die and be sworn to God King for that little bit of information. Rather a rip off.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Aug 2018 23:35  

                  Darn i just cant pray to the altar here. I know people say that you shouldnt kill alexander or the shallow man because they give you the compleet solution of the riddle and so making these altars become silent yet afther i killed them both i still could pray to all the other altars yet this 1 stays silent. Very weird... Kinda sucks cause that makes my achie for praying to the 7 altars stuck on 6/7 :-(

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Jul 2018 16:23  

                    If you can't persuade fane to not accept the covenant, you can attack the voidwoken while your main character and fain are in disscussion, and his quest will update as if he refused the covenant

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Jul 2018 16:12  

                      I hate how you can't complete most of their personal quests before you have to do the persuade check. I could only get one of my party member's quests done, and that was Sebille. I had Lohse and Fain with me, and those two can't be won over without persuasion as far as I know.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 May 2018 01:31  

                        "In Alexander's case, make sure Ifan ben-Mezd is not in your party when you approach him, or else he will kill him and you will be unable to initiate his quest. "

                        -> I'm not sure of the exact parameters, but I was in a romance with Ifan, and you he will not attack Alexander if you ask him not to.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Jan 2018 01:50  

                          Don't fees the wolves if the only meat you're carrying is the Shadow Prince's heart! Wish the game would warn you before giving away vital quest items.

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Nov 2017 19:57  

                            Pray to each altar with the respective race whenever it is possible, otherwise you may get nerfs. The mask of the shapeshifter(Fane's mask, but I guess it can be crafted without him in the party) can help you with that too.

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Oct 2017 23:30  

                              If you want to get to the reliquary and chest in the lava by Zorl-Stissa's Temple, use tornado (aerotheurge spell) on the lava and cloak and dagger (or whatever form of mobility spell) onto the new ground that is formed. Handy since you cannot teleport the reliquary out of the lava.

                              • Anonymous

                                23 Oct 2017 09:38  

                                Dropping one of the relic conductors works on the lightning platform near the switch at the door works if you didnt take aero.

                                • Anonymous

                                  20 Oct 2017 15:35  

                                  I think I got a permanent -2 constitution from praying at one of the altars. Not sure which one, but I suspect it’s either the elf or the orc.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    18 Oct 2017 16:06  

                                    There is a place where Black Ring and Magisters are fighting and you have to choose. Does it matter who you choose ?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      11 Oct 2017 21:58  

                                      if you tell the mother tree women you will help her getting the shadow guy killed but then blow up the deathfog crate it will make your game broken since you cant get into the vault without alexanders head somehow... also you dont get any information to the puzzle.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        10 Oct 2017 19:31  

                                        "Permanently Blinded" can be removed by equipping and unequipping a blindfold (from Driftwoods Undertavern Arena of the One),
                                        since it grants the same effect while equipped it overrides the altar's effect

                                        • Anonymous

                                          10 Oct 2017 12:48  

                                          blind cannot be removed by bless, just make sure you speak to your characters race god at the altars to avoid blindess.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            28 Sep 2017 21:03  

                                            Taking the "secret" passage in to the academy too early will (Close) the Nameless Isle quest, automatically killing Gareth and causing you to lose out on a lot of experience. I learned this by accident while exploring.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              28 Sep 2017 16:53  

                                              how the hell do i convince sebille!?! I feel like using a stat to try and convince anyone anything almost always fails

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