The Reckoning



  • 150% Critical Damage
  • Strength + 2
  • Intelligence + 2
  • Necromancy + 2

The Reckoning is a Weapon (Two-Handed Mace) in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


This hammer is made of denser stuff than its human namesake: Dallis. Spider-leg cracks mar the surface, yet it seems hardy enough


The Reckoning Information

  • The stats of this weapon vary depending on your character level upon acquiring the drop.
  • ??


The Reckoning Location/Where to find


The Reckoning Requirements

  • 11 Strength


The Reckoning Notes/Tips

  • Dropped from Dallis the Hammer after defeating her in Fort Joy. Also dropped after defeating her or the Cloaked Figure atop the Lady Vengeance during the quest Lady o' War. The hammer can be found on the Lady Vengeance where the party spawns after visiting the Hall of Echoes.


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    • Anonymous

      The Strength and Intelligence boosts are +3 when you get the Hammer on the Lady Vegence, though the Necromancy remains +2

      • Anonymous


        Dallis also drops it during the last boss fight with Vredeman, although it probably wont be very useful at that point

        • Anonymous

          Easy enough to grab after killing Alexander and the four guards with a deathfog barrel, just make sure to play as Fane if you try that or you'll regret it :D

          • Anonymous

            if you dmg her enough on the boat battle she will flee instead of waiting for all the turns and this weapon is then dropped on the deck and every time you come back to the boat there is another one ? happened to me 2 times

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