The Red Prince (Quest)

the red prince
The Red Prince
Location Fort Joy Beach
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest --
Previous Quest  None

The Red Prince (Quest) is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Help The Red Prince find the Lizard Dreamers and speak with them.



Important NPCs




  1. Speak with Stingtail
  2. Find Red Princess
  3. Save Red Princess




First you must speak with the Dreamer: Stingtail at Fort Joy. He is on the beach area south of Fort Joy. He will only appear after you begin the quest: An Imprisoned Elf and have spoken with Griff in Fort Joy. Be careful when approaching him because if you have Sebille with you she will try to kill him (best to leave her a good distance away).

The next Dreamer you must speak with is Bahara at the entrance to the Seeker refugee camp, after escaping from Fort Joy.

At Stonegarden of Reaper's Coast, cast Spirit Vision near the lizard's part of the cemetery. (where two dragon-head statues breathe fire)Let Red-Prince speak to the dreamer's ghost.

On the east of the abandoned sawmill, there's Red Princess's camp. Let Red Princes mate with her will advance his personal quest. Some lizards will ambush you afterwards, but after you defeat them the Red Princess is disappeared.

When you travel to Nameless isle, you will find a blackest mirror in Sallow Man's Camp that shows the image of Red Princess. (to enter the camp, you need to side with the Black Rings, or use the Cowl given by Alexandar to reveal the passage inside troll cave. See The Nameless Isle for details.)

When you arrived the Arx, speak to Red Prince and he suggests you search the consulate.

Note, before you approach the consulate, make sure you have a swornbreaker on you. (either forged with the two pieces you found on Nameless Isle. Or one you acquired from The Vault of Linder Kemm)

(Warning: the consulate quest may be bugged, the Cursed Revenant respawn endlessly, suggest you save your game before you approach this area. Theoretically, they only respawn in nearest necro fire. But sometimes necro fire stuck inside walls and you can not cleanse them, causing that bug.) 

Use your character with highest sneak and thievery ability to infiltrate the consulate, until you reached the fountain. (if you find yourself in a battle, use retreat to start over.)

  1. You may need a key which is in "the office" (room on the left above you as you enter). I say "may" because I managed to do get it and didn't check if the first doors later can be lockpicked (probably yes, lvl 5 thievery is probably required).
  2. This key unlocks the door in the room on right from the entrance. Then you have the second locked door to the garden. I don't know if there is any key for them but you can lockpick them (thievery lvl 5 I think).

When you approached the fountain, use the teleporter pyramid to regroup your team. Then cast Spirit Vision to see the portal above.

You will be teleported to a strange arena. There you will have to fight shades of Malady, Bishop, Windego (once Shadow Prince spawned but dunno why). However, they will not appear immediately, only after you move from the center.

They will spawn even after their death, to beat the encounter you will have to break all the mirrors in the arena and then a magical door will appear. Now here is a little trick which will make a very difficult fight, a trivial one. If u have range character (crossbow, or bows) you will be able to destroy all mirrors without leaving a centre of the arena (so before fight begins. You need to manipulate some angles and destroy some things but it's 100% possible.).

(Note, alternatively, you can use long-range earth skills like fossil strike or earthquake to destroy mirrors )

After that just move toward the door and when the fight begins just move one character to the door and the whole party will be ported out.

Talk to the dreamers will open the portal to princess's hideout. If you have a swornbreaker, you can free the princess from her bond to the God King. Then let Red Prince use fire breath to give birth to a dragon.

Leave the dream to complete the quest.



Tips & Tricks

  • You can kill all the "Mirrors of blackest Glass" with Geomancer spells (e. g. Impalement) before the fight even begins. Just don't walk onto the steps. The "Evil" Red Prince won't spawn then, however, and you still need to defeat Nightmare Malady, Windego and Alaxandar.
  • Also, a summoned creature can destroy all mirrors without starting the fight.

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    • Anonymous

      HOLY HELL what a terrible page near the ending of the quest!

      It doesn't even mention that IF YOU AS THE RED PRINCE, FORCE ATTACK THE EGG AND DESTORY IT, Red prince WILL NOT turn hostile to the main party (unlike when anyone else destroys the egg)!

      You also have the option to PERMA-KILL Red Prince in this fight with Sadha and gang, at the portal hideout, by either choosing option 2 twice in convo with her (insult her for siding with god king), if you do this, RED prince will become hostile and leave your party.

      • Anonymous

        Sadha is so horny lol. She might be hornier than those ultra-horny Argonians. They make me hornee. I don't want to go to horny jail anymore -,_,-

        • Anonymous

          Is it possible to go back to Sadha after getting the Swornbreaker? It seems that I needed to have it when going in there

          • Anonymous

            How to get in Sadha's treasure room:

            In order to access Sadha's treasure room you need to stop the Red Prince from being intimate with Sadha the first time they meet in Driftwood.
            In this way they can be intimate in Sadha's treasure room located in the dream realm, after arriving in Arx.
            The loot in the room has practically zero value, so there's no advantage in accessing the treasure room on the dream realm map.

            By going in the treasure room the Red prince alone has the chance to kill Sasha; and remain friendly with the rest of the party members; without having a large party defending Sadha - only one character is there to help Sadha in the fight against the Red Prince.

            After being intimate with Sadha, the Red Prince is naked, his gear is in the inventory and he receives 1 legendary item from Sadha.
            There is very low value loot in the treasure - and just a few items.

            In order to get the the dragon skill. the Red prince needs to cast "Dragon's Blaze" on the egg to hatch the egg and take the little baby dragon with him.

            You can give Sadha the Swornbreaker to sever her connection to the God-King.
            You can take back the Swornbreaker by stealing it, in order to give the Swornbreaker to Windego and after that to Almira.
            In order to steal the Swornbreaker you need a Thievery level of 5.
            The Red Price can share items with party members in order to get a Thievery level of 5.

            To give Windego the Swornbreaker, find her in Magister's Prison cellar level -2. The Quest name is "Mercy is Power".
            You can give Windego the Swornbreaker to cut her connection to the God-King. Windego will leave her body behind after using the Swornbreaker.
            Get the Swornbreaker from Windego's body and give it to Almira to cut her connection with the God-King.

            You can get the Swornbreaker from Arhu's prison location without having to fight anyone - you need to get a painting from the Arx Cathedral first and go to Kemm's Vault located in the garden - or you can build the Swornbreaker.
            You can get the Swornbreaker from Arhu's prison after meeting with Sadha in the dream world because access portals between Arx and the Dream world will remain open (while the Red Prince is with Sadha in the Treasure Room).

            • Anonymous

              Better late than never, but if you give Sadha the swornbreaker, you can pickpocket it from her (with no damage done to it) before she uses it.

              • Anonymous

                See, I did everything the quest asked me to yet, it isn’t marked as completed. We have the dragon baby as a summon and it still won’t close. It’s been like this every step of the way, and the last task is only marked as completed when the next is.

                • Anonymous

                  i use Red Prince to talk to Sadha but didn't gave any option to give Swornbreaker to her. The quest marker remain but given no option in dialog with her?

                  • Anonymous

                    I am,to talk to bahara but she keeps telling me to put my weapons away while using the prince. I unequiped all otems and she still tells me that. Any suggestions?

                    • Anonymous

                      if you killed stingtail before letting red prince talk to him, there is another dreamer in the undertavern who can advance this quest

                      • Anonymous

                        I hatched the egg and left the portal but my quest wont close. The log keeps saying i need to hatch the egg even though i already did. So now this and the red prince's quests are stuck on "breathe fire on the egg" I even loaded back fairly far but it doesn't change. Any suggestions or similar occurences?

                        • Anonymous

                          I encountered a bug where if you free sadha with the swornbreaker, exit the dream and fight the shadow prince, when you talk to his spirit the dialogue will be the exact same conversation as when you first meet him on the nameless isle. Has anyone else encountered this glitch?

                          • Anonymous

                            Did I miss anything big if I forgot to breathe fire on the egg? I still got the achievement, but cant go back into the dream.

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