The Sallow Man

The Sallow Man
The Sallow Man
Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16
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The Sallow Man is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The Sallow Man has tasked you with killing Bishop Alexandar. Will you succeed?



Important NPCs



The Sallow Man Objectives

  1. Learn about the Sallow Man.
  2. Find and kill Bishop Alexandar.
  3. Pick up Alexandar's head from his body.
  4. Enter the Sallow Man's lair.
  5. Give Alexandar's head to the Sallow Man.



The Sallow Man Walkthrough

There are multiple ways to acquire this quest, with the most common one simply using the black mirror acquired from a Black Ring member. You can also obtain this quest by talking to Almira early on at the start of the chapter, or by taking orders from the Black Ring Captain. In order to prevent any unnecessary disruption of this quest, make sure to avoid conflict with Black Ring members by telling them that you are Almira's thrall, or that you are a member of the Lone Wolves.

(Note: this is not a necessary quest, you can also help the Bishop Alexandar at An Unlikely Patron. Also, you may get a hood from Shadow Prince that can protect you from Sallow Man.)

In any case, the main objective of this quest is to simply find and kill Bishop Alexandar, and bring his head to The Sallow Man. Bishop Alexandar can be found at the top of the Elven Temple. Simply make your way there and you will encounter him and Gareth fighting (see "Seeking Revenge" for more details). Obviously, kill Alexandar and after you have killed him, travel to the Sallow Man's camp as shown below (DO NOT eat Bishop Alexandar's head or you will not be able to complete this quest!)

East of the Temple of Rhalic, there is a troll guarding a cave:

Simply kill him, or pass a speech check to convince him to let you in the cave (you will gain 20,075XP for killing him). If you kill him, you will need to nuke him down as he regenerates around 3000 health per turn by the "Troll blood" ability, that can be disabled by "regeneration" effect. You can also just teleport him into the lava.
Enter the cave and either use the Cowl of the True Sight right after the altar, towards the fake wall, or interact with the altar and drop the head into it (this will not destroy the head, don't worry). The path to the Sallow Man will be clear. Note: If you took the shortcut and met Alexandar directly at the Academy, you can still pass the wall by dropping a teleportation pyramid behind it (due to a glitch, the tunnel to the encampment will remain dark, but you can safely cross it; tip: leave a pyramid behind for a quick return).

Now, head inside and you will gain 20,075 Exploration XP. Head down the ramp and into the large hall and you will come face to face with the Sallow Man (1).

Sallow Man's Camp

If you have Lohse in your party, make sure she does not get too close to the Sallow Man! If she gets too close to the Sallow Man, he will speak with her and immediately recognize the demon inside her, initiating combat immediately.

Speak to the Sallow Man and throw him Alexandar's head. You will gain 100,300XP immediately and realize he was actually an elf, now a twisted shadow of his former self. From here, you can claim your reward, a changing of your background, or turn away. Note that by choosing to claim your reward, he will take away a random background from you (so for example if you're a Noble, he might take it away and replace it with your chosen background). Hence, if you're happy with your chosen background, do not select "claim your reward"! Choose instead to turn away and he will simply continue on with his dialogue. The choices are obvious, but are still listed for the sake of completeness:

  • "more barbarity in your nature" = Barbarian
  • "a better sense of humour" = Jester
  • "inner yearning for an outlaw spirit" = Outlaw
  • "always fancied yourself as something of a scholar" = Scholar
  • "you wanted to be a soldier" = Soldier
  • "knowledge of the mystical world" = Mystic
  • "recognized for your innate nobility" = Noble

After that, he will give you a staff that can destroy corpses and prevent them from resurrecting. At this point, you can turn on your party members, attack the Sallow Man, or simply leave. In any case, the quest is complete.

If you choose to attack the Sallow Man at this stage, note that he will resurrect once after dying. Simply kill him again and he will die permanently. The 3 Black Ring members are worth 55,800XP each, and The Sallow Man is worth 97,650XP, making it a grand total of 265,050XP.

Also, if you head deeper into the Sallow Man's lair, you will come face to face with Windego (2). Killing her nets you no XP. This will lead to the Mercy is Power quest. When you reach the Sallow Man's room deeper in the cave, you will earn 30,100 Exploration XP. The haft of the Swornbreaker (a material to craft the Swornbreaker) is also located in the Ornate chest in the room (3).





  • 20,075 Exploration XP upon entering the Sallow Man's lair.
  • 100,300XP upon giving Alexandar's head to the Sallow Man, completing the quest.
  • A grand total of 265,050XP for killing the Sallow Man and his underlings (optional).
  • 30,100 Exploration XP & the Haft of the Swornbreaker upon exploring the Sallow Man's cave (optional).


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Frei  ♦  Trader Friel  ♦  Trader Glas  ♦  Trader Haran  ♦  Trader Jameson  ♦  Trader Keyren  ♦  Trader Non  ♦  Trader Ovis  ♦  Trader Rennald  ♦  Trader Thun  ♦  Trader Vaila  ♦  Trayde the Merchant  ♦  Trompdoy  ♦  Unnis  ♦  Valine  ♦  Vasyna  ♦  Verdas  ♦  Victor Voss  ♦  Vissar  ♦  Waltz  ♦  Warron  ♦  Wealthy Pilgrim  ♦  White Magister Jonathan  ♦  Wilty Exbourne  ♦  Windego  ♦  Wyyvlia  ♦  Xiuh  ♦  Yammit  ♦  Ymmit  ♦  Zaleskar  ♦  Zanisima the scientist  ♦  Zerachial the Accursed  ♦  Zillik

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    • Anonymous

      05 Oct 2021 19:31  

      You can eat Alexander's head and still hand it over to complete the quest if you engage with The Sallow Man first, then eat the head with a different character, then select the dialogue option to hand it over.

      • Anonymous

        07 Sep 2021 11:03  

        Use teleport and nether swap to cheese the fight. Teleport the nearest one to the lava. Then teleport the second closest one as close to the lava then immediately netherswap with the corpse. Rinse and repeat.

        • Anonymous

          22 Aug 2021 09:24  

          DE on PC and quest XP is greatly nerfed. Give Alexander only rewards 5,0150 XP now.
          And Sallow Man will not give you the staff unless your main character is Undead (or Fane). Talking to Sallow with main character will be forced to fight him if your main is not Undead.

          • Anonymous

            19 May 2021 13:44  

            ON DE, didn't get the "staff that can destroy corpses and prevent them from resurrecting." I given the option to turn on my allies or kill him, easy choice that one.

            easy fight with no cheese, al my characters were lv 17

            • Anonymous

              04 Nov 2020 22:08  

              If you consume Sallow's source after killing him it will give you the villain tag, this doesn't overwrite the hero tag if you have it (don't know if this is abnormal, just figured it was worth mentioning)

              • Anonymous

                30 Oct 2020 16:45  

                For some reason, the source spell Circle of Protection removes the plague for any character its cast on. For 1 AP & 1 source, it is a really cheap way to make this fight easier

                • Anonymous

                  25 Aug 2020 21:44  

                  In DE, you get more XP for turning in Alexandar's head to the Sallow Man (50,150 XP) than killing the Sallow Man for Alexandar (20,075 XP). Essentially, you gain 30,075 more XP for completing the quest, 'The Sallow Man', versus completing the quest, 'An Unlikely Patron'. Kill the Sallow Man and his followers after completing his quest to maximize XP.

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Jul 2020 17:52  

                    I just blocked the pallisade gate with boxes and stood on top of the ledge nuking them all and casting summons to keep them in line of sight. Sallow Man did end up teleporting up once the other 3 black ring members died.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Jun 2020 14:06  

                      Alexander drops the Cowl of True Sight . If you allready had the elf eat Alexanders Head you can use this items ability on the wall behind the Altar in the cave to pass .

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Apr 2020 16:59  

                        I really just teleported enemies on lava you got to hit that sweet spot where the range is applicable for teleportation

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Apr 2020 02:47  

                          Killed the Shadow Prince, no hood. Convinced Gareth to not kill Alexandar and left without talking to Alex and now he's in the Archives and I can't get to the Sallow Man. WAT.

                          • Anonymous

                            31 Jan 2020 19:08  

                            Oh yeah, I like this quest a lot: destroyed Alexandar (by helping Gareth), for his "I didn't know bohoo" (doubt it) does not change the fact of slaughtering of all the mages and innocent by his "order", then, took his head to Sally, talked as Sebille and made her, HA, Noble/Scholar! Hell yeah. No more "outlaw" sht, as I am Chaotic Good. Then, destroyed Sally in his true, chicken, form, twice. Nice. And Purged his spirit. But wait, you can talk to the black mirror (do this before casting spirit vision) and say that "boss is busy but he said that the "Wordless" (from the Black Ring Camp) should be wiped out, obey", what the hell, awesome. Then, if you have Red Prince with you, you can see his loved Princess in other mirror. And in other two you see dude in shining armour (Paladins? Some King or knight?) and noble rich woman dwarf (the Queen of Dwarves?), dude, I love this game for little details. And then, loot the hell out of the place, finding the Swornbreaker part (and some proof about dwarf Queen). For the extra XP you can both talk with Sallow Man's spirit for the combination and then eat his arm as an elf.

                            • 10 Oct 2019 10:17  

                              If you took the shortcut and met Alexandar directly at the Academy, you can still pass the wall by dropping a teleportation pyramid behind it. The tunnel to the encampment remains dark (a glitch, I suppose), but you can safely cross it.

                              • Anonymous

                                07 Aug 2019 22:15  

                                i think i *****ed up i wanted to help the sallow man but all of the black ring forces are hostile towards me. i went into this cave and the sallow man was hostile towards me here as well. looks like ill become the divine..

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Jul 2019 15:58  

                                  how do i learn about sallow man?? cant get past step 1, everything else seem easy, but step one does not work, black mirror does not give quest, can i use console to add code to add quest ?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    06 Jun 2019 23:03  


                                    • 12 May 2019 03:18  

                                      Both Sallow Man and Alexander are an easy fights, provided your team is positioned correctly. Sallow man is a formidable opponent, but he can be killed almost immediately (twice as he revives). You have the high ground after entering the cave, and the sallow man is not hostile at the beginning. Position your ranged characters high up, and while initiating conversation with him, use the character with polymorph ability to move lava next to him. Then a simple teleport him into lava twice (second time after he revives).

                                      • Anonymous

                                        07 May 2019 17:55  

                                        you can cheese the hell out of this. start convo with sallow with one character and have a long range character pick off the mobs from the cliff. they don't aggro if you're far enough away but better yet even if they do aggro, it doesn't aggro sallow or any of the other mobs.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          01 Apr 2019 10:14  

                                          When fighting the troll at the cave entrance, I kept hearing a child voice, "hey, you! Come heah!(here)" Who or what is it? I saw a rabbit at the top-never looked any deeper...

                                          • Anonymous

                                            14 Feb 2019 22:30  

                                            The only reward this quest has to offer is the title change. Wether you accept it or deny it he will try to kill you. I even tried completing the quest with Fane (since he is already dead) and he doesn't try to kill you but you still do not get the reward for bringing him the head.

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