The Shriekers

Quest Giver
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 8+
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The Shriekers is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.


Important NPCs


The Shriekers Objectives

  1. Find a way to bypass the Shriekers.


The Shriekers Walkthrough

 This quest requires you to find a weapon that can destroy shriekers.

There are several opportunities to acquire weapons which grant skills capable of purging the shriekers, these are:

Alternatively, you can free Slane the Winter Dragon from The Purged Dragon, he will deal with the shriekers for you, when you approach them during the attack.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you're having trouble getting close enough to a shrieker to purge it, consider using either Living on the Edge or a skill that grants invisibility to survive the approach.
  • Stealth character can sneak and then use Cloak and Dagger to teleport behind them and quickly use purging ability from their vulnerable blind spot (their backs of course)

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    • Anonymous

      17 Dec 2019 07:37  

      Reminder: if you get the purging wand from Radeka the Witch you can use it at least 3 times before giving it to the dragon with no consequences. Including to clear the shriekers. I am unsure if using the last charge will have a negative effect as I didn't test it.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jan 2018 06:15  

        if you have points into sneaking its a good way to get by, since there cone of detection is lock facing forward.

        • Anonymous

          01 Nov 2017 11:50  

          If you simply need to get past shriekers (to get a better positionning in the Bishop fight for example) you can use teleport, tactical retreat, phoenix dive, or go invisible. Surprisingly enough they also have a 10% chance to miss, which I guess could be increased with statuses or spells (aethereal wisp)

          • Anonymous

            24 Sep 2017 15:41  

            Hard to not get a feeling that game of thrones was idea for shriekers and silent monks. Just like Greyjoy tortured and changed by Ramsey :)

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