The Silent One

Location Bloodmoon Island
Suggested Level 12
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The Silent One is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Undead Cat
  • Possessed Girl
  • Spirit of Brother Morgan



The Silent One Objectives

  1. Find a way to help the possessed girl 


The Silent One Walkthrough


To acquire this quest, you need to get in Bloodmoon vault #2 on Bloodmoon Island. (To open the statue, you need to let one character with Scholar tag to decipher the book Ornate Hymnal, it turns to The Taming of Holy Fire. This book can be found at multiple locations, including the archive on the northeast of the island, and a Black Ring member near the tree.)

Use the hymn to destroy the statue, enter the vault then cast Spirit Vision. Persuade the spirit of guardian to open the stone gate. (if you fail to persuade him, you need to use Source Vampirism on him, the skill is learned in the quest Powerful Awakening)

Persuade or kill the undead cat to approach the possessed girl.  Talk to the girl, you need a high persuasion skill or you won't be able to advance the quest.  You can then teleport her back (Through dialogue) to Lady Vengeance for later treatment.


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      27 Jan 2019 02:49  

      I'm doing a run with a pure char, that passes the statue of lucian's test, and if you talk to the possessed girl, in arx, with lucian's blessing, you dont need to search for the girl's name, the demon feels your pureness and leaves the girl if you chose the option to hold her in your arms

      • Anonymous

        07 Jan 2019 18:48  

        It's worth it to teleport the girl to Lady Vengeance because there's a follow-up quest once you reach the outskirts of Arx: After the shipwreck and while making your way to the city, you'll learn from some fleeing folk that a little girl with a blue flower on her hair was seeing running towards the harbor. It's the possessed girl (until you reach Arx, she can be found, unresponsive in the below deck area of LV). Go towards the harbor, past the burning bulding and take the right path down to the beach, not the road to Arx. She can be found amidst some ruins, surrounded by corpses at co-ordinates X:358 Y:170. As you approach you can hear her trying to fight the demon in her head. Talk to the demon and suggest that the girl is strong enough to fight him and break free. He'll laugh at that and reply that she's no-one, she doesn't even have a name! Back away at this point and go to Arx. To find the little girl's name you have to go to the closed school overrun by junkies. In the reception area there is a note on the floor, near the door to the dorm. From it you learn that her name is Iris (the note mentions also the cat). Go back to the possessed child and try to talk to the girl through the demon. Several persuasion test options appear, choose the one that mention's the girl's correct name: Iris. The demon will jump out of the girl at this point to fight you, accompanied by four minions. Ignore them completely and nuke the demon, as they will disappear once he's dead. You get some xp for killing the demon but the drops are pretty meh. After he's dead talk and comfort the girl, then ask her what she plans to do now. She says she'll enjoy some time being alone in her head and that she's go look for her cat. As a goodbye gift, she'll give you 8 source orbs (and you also get the xp for completing the quest at this point). You'll receive xp for killing him

        • Anonymous

          11 Dec 2018 02:15  

          lol el gato es el demonio manipulador tienes que atakarlo 10 veces sin que muera luego se reira del dolor y te dira eres muy inteligente pero ya basta dejame trankilo e poseido a esta chica por tanto tiempo y tratas de arruinar los planes y se comvierte en un jefe de lv 20 un demonio que lanza hechisos de fuego necromante te viola :V CUANDO LO MATAS tira un tarro de su alma lo rompes y la chica despierta habla contigo como 3 minutos xD SE KEDA A VIVIR en el barco como limpiadora :V TE DA un regalo por completar la mision que es un escudo espectral . y la etiqueta #DIOS SABIO.

          • Anonymous

            05 Oct 2018 13:43  

            i really like how even tho you can now complete this quest the wiki page hasnt been updated to reflect this sums up how*****y this hobo wiki is tbh :D

            • Anonymous

              03 Oct 2018 15:14  

              After you find her name by looking in the notes of the first room is the school you can go back to her and tell her her name to fight the demon focus him and ignore the other mobs and you are rewarded by bad loot from him and 8 source orbs from her after she says she doesn't need source anymore that the demon is out of her head and runs off to find her cat

              • Anonymous

                09 Sep 2018 15:22  

                Spoilers In the definitive edition the quest turns into silence broken in arx. The kid was spotted running away from the harbour and you fight the kraken there. Her family is Frozen under a hatch near lady dread and has to be thawed by the candels in the area. It will also freeze your party to death if you aren't fast enough and fire spells shatter the family.

                • Anonymous

                  09 Sep 2018 11:43  

                  This quest now has a followup (if you free the girl). The quest is called "Silence Broken". Once you crash Lady Vengeance in Arx, you will hear about a girl running from the carnage in the harbour, and you will find her to the north. There seem to be a few different ways to free her from the demon, I told it to possess me instead and then had my team kill me to stop him. He then summons some minions (which can be a bit nasty), though they can be completely ignored since they despawn when he dies. The reward that I got was 8 source orbs from the girl (and vendor trash from the demon). She then runs off to find her cat.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Sep 2018 22:10  

                    In the Definitive Edition, this quest is called "Silent as the Grave". I also, didn't get sh*t from the priest after taking the girl to Lady Vengeance. The quest DID close though. The priest keeps saying "She lies beyond. Do what you can, please.". I don't know if it's important, but I did have to kill the cat since my character with Pet Pal doesn't have Persuasion.

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Jul 2018 20:54  

                      I came back to check up on the cat awhile after I completed the quest. The cat seems to disappear on it's own.

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Jul 2018 02:19  

                        I took her to the ship. Then I killed the cat out of pity for it, being stuck in that vault believing its mistress is nearby, when the cat can never see her again.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Jun 2018 12:13  

                          Just put the cat out of its misery and talk to the girl. I think it's better for everyone in the end, anyway. It's annoying needing to have someone with Pet Pal and high Persuasion.

                          • Anonymous

                            02 May 2018 15:15  

                            I walked outside. Did a dialogue with my followers.. Went downstairs again. Talked to the spirit who said thanks, gave me q reward and disappeared.. The cat is gone too.
                            Still no new interraction with her on the ship, apart from what others have described, and cat is not on the ship.

                            • Anonymous

                              12 Apr 2018 05:20  

                              This seems to be one of the most poorly thought out quests in the game.

                              You can't do anything for her, you can only teleport her to your ship, at EXTREME RISK since even the greatest healers of her day couldn't cure her condition. You know there's a demon in her that could burst out, after all. But let's say you're a kindred spirit and you do have hope she can be cured. There's nothing left? That's it? You can't do anything with her after she's on the ship? That's the end?

                              There's no way to cure her? No puzzle, no process, no moral dilemna, no fight against a demon...nothing?

                              And Buttons! The loyal cat is cursed for what could be eternity to be locked in a vault on an island with absolutely no way to ever find the girl that it loved so much. Even if you consider that it's moral to bring the girl on the ship, it's a horrendous thing to trap the loyal cat in the pit for potentially eternity, alone and purposeless. That's cruel and it doesn't sit right with me, and there's no reason you shouldn't be allowed to bring them both together, at least with the assurance there's always a noble undead cat guarding over the child in your absence.

                              This one feels like it just got scrapped halfway through and they had to rush to get an ending in. Lame.

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Mar 2018 18:40  

                                I can't help but wonder if freeing her is a monumental mistake. The notes in the archive show that the most experienced healers of their time could not find a remainder of her soul and considered her a hopelessly lost cause, enough so to sacrifice one of their own to safeguard her into eternity. Just breaking the shackles and inviting her over to the ship seems like a recipe for disaster...

                                • Anonymous

                                  28 Feb 2018 23:15  

                                  Talk to the girl is the only way to complete the quest. Use the Strength option.
                                  Tip: Use Mask of the Shapeshifter in order to speak again if you failed at first.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 Feb 2018 03:50  

                                    I tried killing her, using clear-minded and enrage, I even blasted a deathfog barrel right next to her and nothing happened. I finished the game and she was just there, no ending with her nor could I use my divine powers to help her.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      21 Jan 2018 11:16  

                                      Just thought of this but havent tested it. Could it be the same dead little girl from's+Nightmare ? I remember the mom gives you a named teddy bear that didnt seem to do anything, maybe selling it to the ghost once shes on the lady vengeance will do something?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        18 Nov 2017 06:41  

                                        I am at the Nameless Isle and decided to check on the Possessed Kid to see if Larian added anything new with her and she is currently stocking a "Titanic Ring," which is my current lvl (19) and an epic. Not that this is amazing—just the first time I've seen her stock gear.

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