The Teleporter

Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 4+
Next Quest n/a
Previous Quest n/a

The Teleporter is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Fort Joy is currently locked up and no one is allowed to leave this area. However, a fellow inmate, Gawin, suggests to help you escape with teleportation equipment if you assist him.



Important NPCs




  1. Retrieve Gloves of Teleportation
  2. Use Gloves of Teleportation to help Gawin escape




Talk to Gawin, an inmate inside Fort Joy and tell him you are interested in his plan. Go to the crocodilians nest on a nearby beach (marked on your map by Gawin, remember that only the character who gets that quest from Gawin can see the mark), kill those monsters and loot the Gloves of Teleportation from their bodies. Make sure the Gloves of Teleportation are equipped on your character and let this character talk to Gawin. He will lead you to Hidden Alcove, so follow him. Teleport Gawin to the ledge below (not the beach!) then teleport him to the mossy rock across the gulch. Follow him to Fort Joy Harbour. You will witness Gawin's death and the quest will be completed. Use the cavern on the beach below to enter the Holding Cells or sneak past or fight your way through the enemies in the harbor to escape Fort Joy.

Note: if you had cleared Fort Joy Harbour prior to completing this quest, Gawin escapes into The Hollow Marshes where he gets killed east of where the Flaming Pigs are located. He dies there even if this area is cleared as well.



Tips & Tricks

  • If you have teleported Gawin to the beach at the bottom, the quest can still be completed. Gavin will run away afterwards, but you can teleport your party member to other side of the cliff. Then you can proceed to Holding cells via the beach below (there's an entrance there). There are multiple ways to go inside the Fort Joy, the simplest one is to teleport one of your party member to the second level of the fort (South to the magisters guarding the fort entrance), and then put the ladder down so rest of your team may climb up. 
  • It is advised to open the passage behind The Divines Wayshrine in Fort Joy before doing this quest so you can return through there afterwards if you wish.
  • If you teleported Gawin down to the beach, you are still able to find his dead body in Kniles the Flenser's torture chamber to loot.


  • Gawin would turn hostile and start a fight if you have points in retribution (It does him some damage after he teleport you). Fixed at patch v3.0.158.595

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    • Anonymous

      01 Jun 2021 20:35  

      Told him I had the gloves but didn't follow him. I assumed he would be there later. Did some things, then went back to the alcove looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. I guess I needed to follow him? FYI

      • Anonymous

        24 Jun 2020 22:29  

        You can actually kill Gawin and still earn the 1200 xp for the quest (plus 200 for killing him). If you have someone with thievery, have them teleport Gawin the first time. After he teleports them, steal from him, then quickly teleport him to the other cliff. He realizes he's been robbed and, despite being several meters away, asks to search you. Of course, you let him, and he becomes hostile. Keep in mind, he can no longer be teleported after he turns hostile, not sure why, so it's advised you have a ranged character. I happen to be using the Metasourcery mod, so I was able to teleport him anyways.

        • Anonymous

          12 May 2020 16:09  

          Easiest way to escape the joy I know. Just play this quest until you should go in the cave on the beach. Then use the inventory to give the gloves to another character in your group and let them teleport each other to the ledge you teleported Garwin to and you are basically escaped fort joy.

          • Anonymous

            01 Jan 2020 01:11  

            can i take the teleportation enchantment off the gloves and put it on a better pair of gloves? i'm guessing not. :\

            • Anonymous

              02 Apr 2019 21:42  

              Why does Gawin take off? We have the gloves which is huge, but now I want to smack him around for daring to betray me. For those who don't know, you can't get stuck with waypoints around.

              • Anonymous

                12 Oct 2018 04:53  

                So I teleported my party down to the beach. Then transfered the glove to a member down there and teleported everyone down with me. After that I entered the cave and landed with Gawin (who I also teleported to the beach, not the ledge). My party is only level 2, so I can't pick any door in the basement/cell area. I can definitely not win the fight against a dog and 3-4 soldiers. And I don't see any exit to go back to the beach or any way to Sneak past the guards as there is nowhere to go after them. What am I missing guys?

                • Anonymous

                  23 Sep 2018 00:48  

                  1. Start the Quest 2. Kill the Crocodiles and loot the Teleportation Gloves 3. Inform him that you have the gloves 4. Get to level four and learn a leap skill 5. Go to him and trade so you see his inventory 6. Exit inventory and teleport him to the ledge 7. After he teleports you to the ledge, leap to the other side 8. Teleport him over to you for 1200 XP 9. Follow him as he runs into a fight with the magisters at the pier 10. Kill him with a ranged weapon from behind for 200 XP 11. Go back and loot his body Side Note: If you kill an NPC, they drop random items or nothing at all unless a unique item comes from them. When you check their inventory via trading, they will usually have the more expensive stuff on their person as loot. Essentially, Gawain would just drop his robe if you didn't trade him, but because you checked his inventory, he will also drop his more expensive skill books which is why you waited for level four to finish this quest. Hope this helps for those of you trying to conserve funds.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Feb 2018 13:31  

                    If you teleport him down to the beach instead of to the cliff across from you, he'll be dead in Kniles' room instead of at the docks.

                    • 21 Jan 2018 17:26  

                      Please give right link to the discussion on the forum, after 3 post i'm bored to not have a name, so i i've registered myself ,but before i blocked any kind of ads/hijack on this site (what a pity for common users).. page discussion is unavailable ,
                      I've also tried to find the related thread but not succeed, so i just lost time to post something (cuz i need a way to put a screen or video here) to explain my experience...
                      Really noob on this place, but my first impression (despite the amount of amazing materials) is not the best one...
                      Using the last patched version i did that ( i'm playing the game just since the last week).
                      After the usual walkthrough entering in Fort Joy, one of the first guy on my road was Gawin , he asked me 'something ' like to be 'lonly'. I rejected his offer saying that i have some people with me. He seems angry about my answer.
                      After that i did the normal duty, but when i've tried to reach the beach but with me was also my *****ing 'Red Prince' companion...
                      Gawin just start to 'run after' the Prince... really funny that my party (with the right distance) has been followed inside the 'sea' and the 'dumb Gawin' just died here without his cheating flame/earth...
                      So the 'Teleporter' quest never began for me ( I killed Gavin before he has explained me his plan ) but i found the 'Gloves' on the Crocs (exactly like they should be and where they right now are died) and all the rest (until now) seems fine.

                      I have some 'Quest related' screens about that there is a simple way to put them (showable) in my wiki replies?
                      I wanna avoid to rewrite again something that is right here
                      Or maybe someone could link me to the right thread...
                      Thnks in advance

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Dec 2017 07:39  

                        Damn, Did the cocodriles and everything, go the teleporter thing but never seen this dude in the place he was supposed to be.
                        Now I have advanced the storyline and sold the glove (got better ones). Now I guess I will have to replay the game lol.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Nov 2017 00:12  

                          I did this quest on first play through, I was thoroughly exploring the island after and found him running around randomly on the west beach (where the source hound and dead magister is). I couldn't talk to him so I followed him to see where he was going then he just suddenly died. Kinda funny, but I wonder why the devs didnt just spawn his corpse instead of having him run to where the corpse is supposed to be.

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Sep 2017 01:01  

                            I forgot to follow him and now can't find him or the beach. Where is it? I need to find it to find fane right?

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