The Ugly Little Bird

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The Ugly Little Bird is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. A sickly looking chicken wants you to kill it. Will you do so?

Important NPCs

  1. Ferno

The Ugly Little Bird Objectives

  1. Find Ferno
  2. Convince it that it is a phoenix (optional).
  3. Burn it with fire or kill it.

The Ugly Little Bird Walkthrough

North of Driftwood, at co-ordinates X:353 Y:255,, there is a sickly-looking chicken at a farm called Ferno. Speak to it with the pet pal talent for 5400XP. You can persuade it to let you kill him, or if you have both the scholar tag (like Sebille and The Red Prince) and the pet pal talent, however, you can convince it that it's actually a phoenix and that by burning it alive, you can reawaken the chicken's real memories and let him rise from the ashes as a real phoenix.

Regardless of your choice, simply cast some fire spells on it, and it will turn into a phoenix egg. You can then decide to keep it or eat it. If you eat it, you will learn the skill "Phoenix Dive". Either way, this easy quest is complete. Note that you can't choose to eat the egg later on once you picked it up.


  • 5400XP for finding to Ferno.
  • 13450XP for taking/eating the egg.

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you did not eat nor sell the phoenix egg, you will be able to see the hatched Phoenix Ferno on Lady Vengeance after you completed the game. Probably only with a good ending.

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