The Vault of Linder Kemm

kemm vault empty frame
Location Arx
Suggested Level 19+
Next Quest Hammerfall
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The Vault of Linder Kemm is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The head Paladin, Linder Kemm, seems to have some dark secrets hiding in his vault. Will you uncover them?



Important NPCs



The Vault of Linder Kemm Objectives

  • Speak to Paladin DeSelby about Lord Kemm.
  • Find the Unusual Painting (the Thieves Guild in the sewers has the original, a replica is in the Cathedral)
  • Use the lever to reveal the hatch to Kemm's vault.
  • Enter Kemm's vault and place the unusual painting in the frame.
  • Place the "Responsibility" Painting onto the altar to reveal Arhu's prison.
  • Free Lord Arhu.
  • Kill Lord Kemm and his Black Ring cronies.



The Vault of Linder Kemm Walkthrough

If you saved Paladin DeSelby back then during the quest, "The Execution", you can head down to the prison and speak to her. She will tell you that Linder Kemm has some secrets, updating your journal.

If you freed Windego in the quest, "Mercy is Power", you will learn that Lord Kemm secretly works for God-King, and is now the God-King's favorite chosen one.

At the city square in Arx, next to the "Arx - City Square" waypoint, you will find an artist painting an art about the devastation in Arx. Cast Spirit Vision and you will see his father's spirit standing right next to him. Speak to his father and you will learn that Lord Kemm has a unique painting collection in his vault.

This quest heavily overlaps with Finding Lord Arhu. For convenience and maximum XP, start that quest before going into the vault. Also get Old means Gold from Cat the Appraiser.

Before heading straight to Kemm's mansion though, you will need the painting.
The quick way is to steal the replica in the cathedral.
Lucian Painting Replica
It is recommended to find the original painting the Thieves Guild has stolen. Find the schoolhouse at co-ordinates X:410, Y:240 and speak to Trina to learn the location of the Thieves Guild. This is optional; you can simply just enter the sewers, and with enough wits spot that the wall is actually a hidden door, as shown in the picture below.


Upon entering the Thieves Guild, you will come face to face with a young girl, Big Tomorrah, who will set her 3 trolls loose upon you if you fail her speech check. Each troll is worth 38,800XP, and the kids will disappear permanently if you fail the speech check. However, in this route, you will be able to take the painting for free.

If you pass her speech check, the kids and the trolls will remain. Upon going close to the painting, your character will automatically remark that it's a unique painting. Unfortunately, speaking to Big Tomorrah and asking to buy the painting will result in you having to pass even more speech checks and paying 10,000 gold for it. As such, if on this route, it is better to simply steal the painting rather than paying 10,000 gold for it.

Either way, once you take the painting, you will be awarded 38,800XP. With the painting on hand, it is time to enter Kemm's vault.

Head to the west side of Arx, towards Kemm's Mansion. As you enter inside the mansion itself, you will gain 19,400 Exploration XP. Head to the west, speak to Cat the Appraiser, and pass the speech check. She'll tell you about some items she needs from Kemm's vault, and you'll immediately gain another 19,400XP. The quest, "Old Means Gold" will be started, and should be done in conjunction with this quest.

Head outside to the gardens, and you'll find a locked lever cleverly hidden in the bushes at around co-ordinates X:145, Y:310. Unlock it and pull it, and the entrance to Lord Kemm's vault will be open. The picture below shows the location of the lever:


After you pull the lever, you can find the entrance to the vault in the picture below:


You can lockpick the Hatch or unlock it with Kemm's Key (this can be found in Lord Kemm's attic in his bedroom or pickpocket from Lady Kemm). Head inside, and you will find several automatons patrolling around. If you have looted either Kemm's wedding rings, you can pass them unharmed. Otherwise you will have to fight them. Note that when their health is depleted, they will become "inactive" and attempt to regenerate back to full health. In order to eliminate them completely, you will need to use Source Vampirism while they are inactive.

Bug: If the automaton leaves combat and then you use Source Vampirism on them, no EXP will be granted. Only cast it on them while you are in combat with them.

In any case, move to the end of the vault as shown in the picture below (don't forget to pick up the various items Cat needs for the quest, "Old Means Gold"). Here insert the stolen painting into the spirit frame. This will unlock the wall door, revealing a secret chamber.


Inside the chamber, you will find a chest and a painting named "Responsibility". Take the painting with you and loot the chest for a powerful unique armor for mages, "Ruvola". Now interact with a book in the right bookshelf, as shown in the picture below, to open the wall door.


At this point in time, it is strongly advised to return back to town and complete any side quests that are related to Lord Kemm. As you progress onward with this quest, you will eventually need to fight and kill Lord Kemm, meaning that any quests associated with him will be prematurely closed after doing so.


Behind the stone door is a hatch which will lead you to the Shrine of the God-King. Head downstairs, speak to the God-King, and then read the sign on the ground. It says "Only God King knows the weight of Responsibility." Placing the painting named Responsibility found in the room before onto the altar will reveal the hatch to Arhu's prison.

Lord Arhu is imprisoned in this prison. As you approach him, you will immediately obtain 38,800XP. To free him, you will need to cast Spirit Vision and use source vampirism (in conversation) on those tormentors. Be prepared, however! The moment you release Arhu, there will be a big fight, and Lord Kemm will even join the fight against you. Make sure to complete all quests associated with Lord Kemm before freeing Arhu, such as "The Last Stand of the Magisters" quest!

As shown in the picture above, when you are ready, drain all 3 spirits of their source. Note that you can also take the Swornbreaker from the statue.

Once Lord Arhu is freed, 2 Black Ring Defilers will immediately appear on the lower platform, while a Black Ring Painweaver and Fearmaiden will appear on the upper platform. Lord Kemm will also show up on the second turn, and you'll need to defeat him as well. Each Black Ring member killed will award 107,800XP, while killing Lord Kemm awards 299,700XP. Once Lord Kemm falls, the quest is complete, and you will earn 19,400XP.

Note that in this fight, Arhu is not invulnerable and CAN be killed! To keep Arhu alive, you may want to teleport him to a safe corner, and avoid crowding around him so that Lord Kemm won't use his whirlwind attack on your party and hit Arhu as well when he appears. If he dies, you can always use Spirit Vision to speak to him and advance the quests, "Hammerfall (Wisdom of the Keeper)", and "Finding Lord Arhu" though. You will earn 53,900XP and 96,950XP for a total of 150,850XP this way, for updating these quests (note that the XP is not related to this quest, but is listed here for completion sake, since speaking to Arhu is the next obvious step).

If he is alive, speak to him and the quests will advance in the same way as above, with one difference - you will be rewarded with a choice of Divine-quality loot at the end.


  • Kemm's Key which unlocks the hatch in the Garden can be found in the attic of Lord Kemm's bedroom. To enter his bedroom without lockpicking the door you can pickpocket Lord Kemm.
  • You can pickpocket either Lady or Lord Kemm's wedding ring. Wearing it you may go through the vault unhindered as the Warbringers will address you as their masters.
  • If you sold the painting "Responsibility" and are unable to retrieve it, you can put any painting or object weighing more than 20lb on the God King's altar to unlock the hatch to Arhu's prison.
  • If you sold the painting "Second Passion of Lucian" and are unable to retrieve it, you can use the replica in the Cathedral instead to open the secret chamber in Kemm's vault. This is located at the right side of the main hall leading to the Path of Blood.



  • 38,800XP per troll, for a total of 116,400XP for all 3 trolls if you fail the speech check in the Thieves Guild (optional).
  • 38,800XP for taking the unusual painting.
  • 19,400 Exploration XP for entering Kemm's mansion.
  • 19,400XP for passing the speech check with Cat the Appraiser (associated with the "Old Means Gold" quest).
  • 80,850XP per warbringer statue killed with source vampirism, while in combat.
  • 38,800XP for approaching Arhu.
  • "Swornbreaker" weapon, located on the statue near where Arhu is imprisoned.
  • 107,800XP per Black Ring member, for a total of 431,200XP for all 4 Black Ring members.
  • 299,700XP for killing Lord Kemm, completing the quest.
  • 19,400XP upon quest completion.
  • If Arhu is alive, you will be rewarded with a choice of Divine-quality loot once you finish talking to him.

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    • Anonymous

      09 Mar 2021 17:56  

      If you can't move the altar even after trying with painting of responsibility, it is a bug about weightless item mods.

      • Anonymous

        09 Mar 2021 05:17  

        "Bug: If the automaton leaves combat and then you use Source Vampirism on them, no EXP will be granted. Only cast it on them while you are in combat with them." This is false.. well in DE it is. I just used Source Vampirism on one after combat and got the EXP.

        • Anonymous

          03 Feb 2021 23:55  

          For those stealth-oriented adventurers looking to be facetious in the infiltration of the Kemm Vault:
          1) Grab whichever wedding ring is most convenient for you, mine was Pauline's, and enter the vault.
          2) Split the party because the one wearing the ring can get through unhindered, but the rest of the party aggros the statues.
          2.5) Have said ring-wearer loot everything that's not nailed down, as a treat.
          3) Open the secret doors leading to the side corridors. Two of the statues will enter these as part of their patrol, one on each side.
          4) The moment one enters close the doors on both ends of these corridors behind the statue, entrapping them in the smaller area.
          5) Repeat with the other corridor, leaving you with only the one statue on patrol.
          6) Figure out the route of the last statue, which generally lumbers in a U shape, and wait for it to move away from the connecting area.
          7) Whichever side the statue isn't on, have party members make a mad dash across to get to the room behind the triptych. (Whether this is one at a time or all at once is up to you)

          • Anonymous

            21 Nov 2020 18:30  

            To open the secret door in the vault room in the Definitive Edition you need to touch the "Tome of the God King" on the book shelf table right of the secret door.

            • Anonymous

              10 Nov 2020 13:19  

              Linder Kemm max EXP
              tactician in DE relics of rivellon patch at level 20.

              fighting him in Arhu's Chambers after reading the note.
              fight starts with Kemm + 8 but another 3 come during the fight.
              sneak in the back by jumping over the gap from lower down.
              reading the note triggers Kemm + pallys to enter the room and come for you.
              if you move back outside before reading the note you can setup niceley to bottleneck them in the doorway.

              Kemm + 11 guys
              5 were lvl18 38,800exp each
              7 were level 20 75,925exp each
              Kemm was 187,300exp

              830,850exp total

              fighting him in his vault instead
              4 guys will spawn when you free Arhu and Kemm will come into the room shortly after and join the fight.
              Kemm level 20 187,300exp
              4xGoons 53,900exp each
              19,400 for completing the quest

              422,300 total. + Kemm's Unique Shield

              • Anonymous

                05 Oct 2020 01:53  

                Following up on my post from 09.20.20. In order to get 58,200 XP for stealing the painting from Big Tomorrah in DE, you must first read Linder Kemm's Journal. The journal is found behind the painting in the hidden hatch within his bedroom. The journal will state that the The Second Passion of Lucian painting was stolen from his garden vault, and this will progress the quest so that you will later get XP for stealing the painting from Big Tomorrah.

                To keep everything consolidated within a single post, here's my original post:

                To max XP in DE, steal the painting, do not purchase it from Big Tomorrah. You get 58,200 XP for stealing it versus only 38,800 XP for purchasing it. To further maximize XP, kill the 3 trolls for 38,800 XP each. Total XP for this approach is 174,600 XP (58,200 XP for stealing the painting plus 38,800 XP for killing each of the 3 trolls).

                • Anonymous

                  20 Sep 2020 21:21  

                  I am trying to fight the living statues in Kemm's vault. They are reanimating almost instantly and I am not even getting a chance to cast source vampirism. Am I missing something? Thanks.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Sep 2020 21:00  

                    To max XP in DE, steal the painting, do not purchase it from Big Tomorrah. You get 58,200 XP for stealing it versus only 38,800 XP for purchasing it. To further maximize XP, kill the 3 trolls for 38,800 XP each. Total XP for this approach is 174,600 XP (58,200 XP for stealing the painting plus 38,800 XP for killing each of the 3 trolls).

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Jul 2020 11:16  

                      In Definitive Edition, failing the speech persuasion check with Big Tomorrah nets more exp than passing it, buying the painting, then aggroing and killing the trolls. Stealing the painting after the troll fight grants exp in DE

                      • 27 Jul 2020 02:06  

                        As a note, as is the case in a lot of components in the story of Divinity Original Sin 2 - The stolen painting is a reference to the "Ghent Altarpiece" - Ghent being the city where Larian Studios HQ is - "Het lam gods" where one piece of that painting set called "The Just Judges" was stolen and never recovered.

                        The same is the case when you visit "the doctor" and his lecture room is a direct reference to Vesalius and his dissection lectures - located in Leuven Belgium.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Jul 2020 16:29  

                          i'm so sick of trying to save people in these fights it never works. this game sucks and at this point i'm glad they're dead. i can't wait to be done with this game it started off so amazing and just progressively became one of the worst i've ever played.

                          • Anonymous

                            15 Jun 2020 22:59  

                            Hi, i can’ t use the lever in the kimm’s garden. If i turn it, water dissapears, but the hatch is still locked. What can i do

                            • Anonymous

                              26 May 2020 18:31  

                              Current as of PC patch v. If you kill Kemm by confronting him in Reimond's room in the barracks before freeing Arhu, he will not drop the "Kemm's Deflector" shield. *However*, if you then free Arhu from the Vault and return to Kemm's corpse at the barracks, Kemm's Deflector reappears on his corpse! (I looted him once before saving Arhu, then returned later to loot him again after saving Arhu and found the shield). This could be a helpful tip for players looking to earn more experience by triggering a large confrontation with all of the paladins in the barracks, but who also want to collect the shield.

                              • Anonymous

                                29 Apr 2020 04:09  

                                just in case you don't feel like getting the painting from the thieves guild, the replica in the church also works to open the door.

                                • Anonymous

                                  12 Apr 2020 02:10  

                                  I killed Kemm, his wife, her guests, the guards, the people in the kitchen, but I can't kill Kemm's kids! Why is that? Not even deathfog is working! >:-[

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Mar 2020 02:56  

                                    After freeing her, I have found Windego in the room just before Lord Arhu's prison (the one with the blue mosaic floor, to be clear), alive. I spoke with her, but did nothing and went on. After freeing Lord Arhu, I then went back and she disappeared. I cannot find her anywhere, dead or alive, and the Mercy is Power quest is still active.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      08 Oct 2019 14:31  

                                      If you immidiately go back to Kemm after finding Arhu and confront Kemm about it, he will tell the paladins that you're a Black Ring member and he initiates combat on you.....

                                      • 07 Jul 2019 18:49  

                                        Before Linder Kemm arrives, i nether swapped my caster with one of the guys on the ledge. Killed that guy with fane, jumped on top of the stairs. Linder kemm comes, tries to overpower my character but i didn't get knocked down. Caster gets completely ignored, unleash hell on Linder kemm and everyone that gets close (thunderstorm, hail storm etc), ez

                                        • Anonymous

                                          18 Jun 2019 03:37  

                                          For those who can't get into the vault because they can't pick the lock: Go into the Kemm mansion, on the second floor, there is a door locked there, that is Kemm's room, distract the guards with one party member and break the door down, this is assuming you can't pick the lock In the back next to the bed, move the vase, underneath of it is a switch that lowers and raises a ladder leading to the hidden attic. Go into the room and check the table, there is a key there, but there are traps in the first room you enter so watch your step

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