The Watcher's Mercy

The Watcher
Location The Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16+
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The Watcher's Mercy is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Talking to a Watcher, she asks you to free the Knight of Duna from his wretched existence. Will you comply?



Important NPCs



The Watcher's Mercy Objectives

  1. Meet the Watcher.
  2. Enter the Temple of Duna.
  3. Kill or convince the Knight of Duna to stand down.
  4. Report back to the Watcher.



The Watcher's Mercy Walkthrough

Meet the Watcher south of the Lunar Gate Waypoint. She will ask you to release the spirit of the Knight of Duna from his body.


The Knight of Duna is inside the Dwarven Temple, which is near the Watcher (she is overlooking it, in fact). Enter the temple and you will immediately receive 30,100 Exploration XP. When you head inside, there is a skull who will tell you to leave if you aren't a "child of Duna". This hints that only a dwarf can bypass the traps freely. If you aren't a dwarf, the Mask of the Shapeshifter also works.

In any case, move forward and you will encounter Granite Protectors who will attack you if you get too close, and a poison trap to the left. The protectors don't hit very hard so as long as you endeavor to stay out of range, they should not pose any problems. You can simply use one of your companions (preferably a dwarf) to bypass the traps and then use the teleporter pyramid to regroup your party.

The Knight of Duna is located to the left, past the poison trap. If you are a dwarf, you get one special dialogue option but it doesn't really change anything. Either way, you will have to pass 2 speech checks to avoid fighting him, which will result in his and the granite protectors' death. You will receive 50,150XP.

Alternatively, you can choose to fight him. If you choose to fight him, he will attack you along with the other granite protectors acting as shields. You will receive 60,200XP for killing him (killing him will cause all the granite protectors to die immediately), plus another 50,150XP for resolving this portion of the quest. Killing any granite protector grants no XP. Also, killing him in this way will grant good loot, including a unique helm named "Knight of Duna's Helm".

Once the knight is dead, you can cast Spirit Vision and talk to his spirit, whereupon he will beg you to consume his source. It doesn't really matter if you do. In any case, interact with the Altar to know that Duna is aligned with the moon, and then report back to the Watcher.

The Watcher will thank you, completing the quest. You will receive 20,075XP, a unique pendant named "The Watcher's Amulet" (pretty useless but grants the "Guardian Angel" skill"), and a choice of Epic-quality loot.



  • 30,100 Exploration XP upon entering the Temple of Duna.
  • Convince the Knight of Duna to stand down for 50,150XP.
  • Kill the Knight of Duna for 60,200XP, plus another 50,150XP.
  • 20,075XP, a unique pendant named "The Watcher's Amulet", and a choice of Epic-quality loot upon quest completion.
  • Granite protectors are not considered part of the combat, so they will attack any nearby player characters repeatedly while you are fighting the Knight of Duna.  Additionally, hostile terrain such as fire will continuously hurt protectors even while nothing is happening in the combat.

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    • Anonymous

      22 Dec 2020 14:32  

      You can also teleport the Granite Protectors away from The fight area before triggering the event. It’s weird that they attack continuously instead of taking turns in the fight, but they’re easy to avoid.

      • Anonymous

        25 Apr 2020 01:41  

        Just lost a solo Honour mode playthrough to this quest. Conversation with the Knight of Duna ends and I'm immediately attacked by granite protectors... All because I was forced into that conversation while trying to slip past them. I assume they must have skipped my turn when they attacked me too because I pretty much never went second at any other point in the game. Then I just got destroyed in one turn by the knight himself once my armor was depleted by them. Afterwards I revive with the idol of rebirth only for the exact same thing to immediately happen again anyway... I am so angry and upset about this right now. I didn't even get a chance to defend myself. Of all places, I didn't think my game would end here...

        • Anonymous

          01 Apr 2019 01:44  

          ending a turn next to a granite protector results in it hitting that character repeatedly while other characters take their turn. kill as many as possible before triggering the encounter.

          • Anonymous

            27 Nov 2018 22:37  

            If Beast passes by the broken sarcophagus, Duna returns his bicorn hat "Fran". The Knight of Duna's Helm completely outclasses it, but it's a good story point.

            • Anonymous

              22 Oct 2017 07:08  

              " You can simply use one of your companions (preferably a dwarf) to bypass the traps and then use the teleporter pyramid to regroup your party."

              This is true, but Undeads are just are good because the traps are poison only, so even if the statues hit you, the poison traps literally instant heal you back up.

              • Anonymous

                14 Oct 2017 00:15  

                Pretty lame that you get twice the experience as well as loot for going through with the simpleminded solution.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Sep 2017 06:35  

                  Notes, for whoever can edit (spoilers, obviously):

                  Dwarves are unaffected by traps, Mask of Shapeshifter bypasses all of them

                  Knight of Duna has 2 persuasion checks. If you pass both, the Dwarf kills himself. If you fail, you fight him.

                  Either success gives about 50K xp. The fight seems to give an additional 60K.

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