The Weaver

Location Stonegarden
Suggested Level 12-16
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The Weaver is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. At the second floor of Ryker's mansion, there is a huge spider in an abandoned room.



Important NPCs

  • The Weaver
  • Ryker



The Weaver Objectives

  1. Find The Weaver upstairs at Ryker's Rest.
  2. Feed her one body part.
  3. Feed her another three body parts.



The Weaver Walkthrough


At the second floor of Ryker's mansion, there is a huge spider in an abandoned room.

If you have pet pal, talk to the spider to learn its story. If you bring it foods and limbs, it will reward you a silk glove, and tell you Ryker is beholden to some sort of 'promise' - something that he now wishes to free himself of.



  • 10,775XP for offering the Weaver a single body part.
  • Spider-Silk Gloves (scaled to your level when received) for offering her another three body parts.
  • 8,075XP for killing her and 9,000XP from 9 of her spiderlings.


Tips & Tricks

  • Feeding her rotten body parts also works.
  • Close to a dozen body parts can be found in Ryker's private chamber below the Ryker's Rest reception room.
  • You can complete her quest and initiate combat afterwards, this will get you her quest rewards and the experience from killing her.

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    • Anonymous

      24 May 2021 05:11  

      Meaty stew from Driftwood tavern works for the spider (it has human flesh in it, elves have memories from victims of the cook when they eat it).

      • Anonymous

        26 Jan 2021 14:55  

        For some reason the rotten foot I picked up didn't show up in my inventory to offer, rotten hands work though

        • Anonymous

          30 Dec 2020 16:38  

          The weaver has special dialogue for the main character that has pet-pal AND received the were-spider's kiss in the undertavern--that kiss being available to the Champion of Fort Joy.

          Doesn't seem to go anywhere though.

          • Anonymous

            27 Nov 2020 20:04  

            Definitive edition:

            I can't access any of the rooms in the mansion without making the guards angry. Everything is highlighted red. Is that the way it is or did i miss something?

            • Anonymous

              21 Nov 2020 22:58  

              This was a fairly easy fight for me though, I have Beast, Fane, Lohse and Red Prince in my team and all of them have 3 Source Points. Beast slaughters with Onslaught attack if you have it and then once her Armour is done it easy for Lohse, I have all Ranger skills and Necromancy so when she attacks she also heals and those little spiders don't even spawn all as I finish her off :)

              • Anonymous

                02 Sep 2020 04:02  

                Huh. I've talked to her but never got the chance to offer her food. I think I picked the "let's try to find the non-violent way" (as I normally do my playthrough), but she eventually engaged in fight with me after convo, mentioning "I want something different in you, my babies need to feed" or something. Might helpful to note that I mentioned the Spider's Kiss talent.

                • Anonymous

                  24 Aug 2020 14:48  

                  Seems they updated it, she now only accepts non-rotten body parts and no other food :( Guess I'll eat them to see the memories before reloading and feeding her

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Jul 2020 01:02  

                    Good grief... I already had a bad feeling when I went into the second floor with all the eggs but when that thing came down I nearly lost it. Light arachnophobia of mine caused me to swing that Metamorph Hammer like I never swinged it before.

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Jul 2020 04:30  

                      After I got the gloves I decided to fight her. She kept charming my people and being annoying so I reloaded, sent one guy in with a res totem, had all her babies blow up and kill themselves, revived automatically, initiated fight again and sent my team in one by one and killed her easily. Tried to loot her body and it now tps me downstairs whenever I try to loot her. The graveyard keeper keeps walking around Ryker’s house too for some reason. I can’t really go upstairs anymore or it tps me down.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Apr 2020 07:10  

                        I managed to keep the idiot alive on tactician mode by teleporting him near the hatch to the north once the fire voidlings spawned and then cheesing in and out of the combat through the hatch with my rogue and ranger. Not my favorite way to do it but given how suicidal the idiot is I couldn't think of another way since I don't have a cleric in my party.

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Apr 2019 11:45  

                          As a different poster very helpfully pointed out: rotten limbs work just fine....but not rotten feet, for whatever reason? xD just fyi: she'll get hostile if you don't have the food as promised. So no rotten feet!

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Mar 2019 05:20  

                            you can kill picklock the door while having the Guard nearby looking the other way via another character talking to it- then open the door and kill all hatchlings then slowly walk to room with giant spider then run away asap and have the character that was outside sneak close by the door and teleport the giant spider into the hallway- then use maddening song and the guards in the hallway will attack the giant spider and do BIG damage to it and the spider cant walk through the door so u will get free hits on it and can kill it at lvl 9

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Jan 2019 16:55  

                              We tried to block the door with the chest, and it sort of worked, but then we "mysteriously" miss every single shot at her. Also, she has a lot of ranged attacks, and her charm is crazy.

                              • Anonymous

                                20 Jul 2018 06:27  

                                I am so god damned upset, on my necromantic undead witch I had a whole bag body parts know...Anyways and then I think "oh no taking up to much space, no elf to eat them, such a waste such a waste", so I get rid of it all and then this crap happens, agh. Lesson learned kids, you know never know when your sack of assorted body parts will come in handy.

                                • Anonymous

                                  02 Jul 2018 08:51  

                                  they should make pet pal a party wide skill too or something
                                  i opened the hatch with my strong guy who didnt have pet pal and it talked to him and attacked

                                  • Anonymous

                                    04 Apr 2018 14:11  

                                    Two things we found out with my gf while playing:
                                    1. You can give her the Meaty Stew you can get from Driftwood (from the tavern). She graciously accepts it like any other body parts. As an elf, you don't have to spare body parts and miss out on "precious memories" they might share with you.
                                    2. We had two more meaty stew, so we gave her those the second time we gave her food, and also gave fer some Raw Lumpy Glibbets. She accepted them too and gave us the Spider-Silk Gloves.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      10 Jan 2018 23:51  

                                      if you want to cheese this boss:
                                      teleport the chest in the back of the room to you and loot it. afterwards place it in the door opening slighty up front. the spider wont be able to reach you and will have to dps the chest first. meanwhile walk out of the room and wait for the small spiders to spawn and kill them off as they try to reach your. when those are dead hide behind the chest and nuke the spider.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        19 Dec 2017 09:26  

                                        I didn't have any luck separating the eggs from the main spider, but if you can ignite multiple eggs with fire (even something like a firestorm grenade) to start the fight, they will explode when they hatch and die before they get a turn.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          12 Oct 2017 06:39  

                                          tips to kill her: attacking the spider eggs will trigger them for combat but not the weaver so you can kill them first to make the fight significantly easier. just make sure you do not enter her area of the map or else she will spawn and attack. then heal up and trigger the fight. now you just have a high health, high damage opponent. cc her while you whittle her down. i killed her at lvl 9 with this method.

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