They Shall Not Pass

Mari and Barin Pruitt, reunited
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 9+
Next Quest n/a
Previous Quest  n/a

They Shall Not Pass is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



They Shall Not Pass Objectives

  1. Reach Mari and defeat the Voidwoken surrounding her house.



They Shall Not Pass Walkthrough


At Reaper's Coast, talk to the boy named Barin on the edge of a raised bridge, or make contact with Mari, the Bridgekeeper to start this quest.

Travel to Bridgekeeper's cottage, (through Paladin's fort and Stonegarden cemetery, alternatively teleport over the gap) and defeat the Voidwoken there. You may need lockpicks tools to open the Stonegarden gate,

Mari will give you some reward if she survives, you can also find a Mari's Hatch Key in her house.

After the quest is over, Mari and Barin can be found at the Magister's Barracks in Driftwood.



Tips & Tricks

  • A character with the Far Out Man trait can teleport his teammates behind the bridge. Battle will ensue but your teleported character can instantly use the bridge handle during round 1, allowing the rest of the party to join the fight while also giving an XP boost for completing the quest sub-objective.
  • A character can reach the house by climbing the lookout near the chicken coop and using a gap closer such as teleport to reach a path that leads to the bridgekeeper's house.
  • After the quest is over, Mari promises to tell her cousin Magister Reimond about saving her. That however does not make his attitude towards you any better.


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    • Anonymous

      Also there is a chance to have 1 VOIDWOKEN die before you get to fight the others if you talk to the child first then enter through the dock side door. Sometimes there are 4 enemies in the front, 1 might already be dead if you enter this way. Instead if you can teleport come over from the chickencoop area west of the house, climb the vines and fight the 1 in the back. THEN go out front and the 4th one in front pops up when you fight the other 3. This could be the difference between killing 4 of them for experience and 5 (thus losing out on 2000 exp).

      • Anonymous

        I just want to point out that the bridge isn't broken, it's RAISED. If it was broken, you wouldn't be able to lower and then cross it.

        • Anonymous

          You can use Mari's Hatch Key to open a hatch in the floor (you have to move a crate to access it) to get to the cellar. In the cave you can teleport a party member to an elevated rock ledge and use pyramids to port your party up to an area with a tortoise named Betty for a quest.

          • Anonymous

            Just get a character with 15-16 strength to throw a teleporter pyramid to the other side of the bridge, (It can be thrown to the side of the bridge facing you with no consequences) and then use the other pyramid to teleport everyone else to the other side.

            • Anonymous

              You can just teleport someone on the boat. If you are standing next to the kid on the bridge the boat is visible with teleport skill. When you climb the ladder the door upstairs is open. Talk to the mom before you start the fight and you can gather cool stuff from the house. :)

              • Anonymous

                If you use the teleportation pyramids found on the ship, you can do this with the whole party. Teleport someone with 1 pyramid in their inventory and leave the other behind with the larger group. Then just 'use' the pyramid and you're all over to the other side. You can only teleport to the crumbled dock area where the vines are, unless you use the 'Far Out Man' trait.

                • Anonymous

                  I don't know if this is the only way, but once you cross the bridge (tactical retreat or w/e) kill the voidwoken, make sure the mom survives, talk to the mom, lower the bridge, let them unite, talk to the mom again and the quest will close.

                  • Anonymous

                    This one is bugged in my log. I did this one by the book. Talked to the boy, teleported my team over, talked to the mother, fought a glorious fight against some bugs. We shook each others hands, i lowered a bridge, helped a turtle ***** a rat in someones basement then met up with her later in a tavern over a pint. Quest log still says "Mari is wounded and asked us to lower the bridge" ... Good times.

                    • Anonymous

                      No need to use teleport. From the high ground at the hen house, just use tactical retreat and phoenix dive. Don't go up the vines yet. Teleport up the back porch and talk to her before they kill her.

                      • Anonymous

                        You can make this teleport onto the harbor behind the cottage easily from the little upper platform at the hen-house.

                        • Anonymous

                          You can travel from the low section of the river directly onto the cottage's harbor. It's a tight teleport but it gives you easy access to the back of the cottage (allowing you to talk to the mother before the fight).

                          • Anonymous

                            "Travel to bridgekeeper's cottage" Yeah, that would be a nice solution wouldn't it. Unfortunately there is a locked gate and no key anywhere in the vicinity.

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