Item Type Ingredient
Craftable Yes
Weight 0.01
Value 1

Thread is an ingredient in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"To the world it may be a simple thread, but to a broken garment, it may be the world. Pair with a needle for the ultimate experience."


Threads are used to pair with a Needle to make Needle and Thread. It is recommended that you combine the hair or tuft of cat fur with a spinning wheel to get the most thread possible. While you can also make thread by combining two hair or two tufts of cat fur, you can get twice as much thread out of the same material if you use a spinning wheel.



Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

hair Hair or tuft_of_cat_fur Tuft of Cat Fur hair Hair or tuft_of_cat_fur Tuft of Cat Fur or spinning_wheel Spinning Wheel

Where to find:

  • Sold by Merchants
  • Found randomly around the game world.
  • Can be crafted

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