Throw Explosive Trap

pyrokinetic 15 29AP

Throw an explosive trap at target locations. Trap takes a turn to activate. When active, trap will explode when a character approaches it.

special divinity original sin 2 n/a.

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Pyrokinetic 1cldwn3
properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Huntsman 1
properties divinity original sin2 icon Costs 1 Memory
properties divinity original sin2 icon 3m Explode Radius
properties divinity original sin2 icon Range 13m

pyrokinetic skill s Pyrokinectic

Throw Explosive Trap is a Pyrokinetic Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Throw Explosive Trap Spell Book Location



Throw Explosive Trap Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • The trap deals Fire damage and applies Burning.
  • If the thrown trap hits, or is hit by, a fire source that is "owned" by a character, it will explode for 167% scaling with the attribute-independent spell level scaling, alongside the owner's pyrokinetic skill and other relevant stats.
  • If the thrown trap simply goes off from proxy detonation, it explodes for the same 167% scaling but without using any character's pyro skill or other stats.
  • Max. 3 traps can be placed, if you place a 4th trap, the first placed trap will explode.
  • Traps trigger automatically after x-seconds if placed outside of combat (they won't stay forever)




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Blazing Deepstalker




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    • Anonymous

      This is a cheap and very effective spell if you want to give a finesse or strength pure a fire damage option without splitting your stats.

      • Anonymous

        trap and mass trap are very op , massive dmg . i just used mass trap (throw 4 traps) and did around 1200 dmg . and lazer ray dose 420-470 . (lvl 14 lonewolf int 41 and pyro 12)

        • Anonymous

          The trap can be thrown from outside combat into a combat area and enter the turn order to arm themselves, meaning you can bypass the limit of three traps if you stall a fight with one of your characters as your pyro vomits these things everywhere. Using this tactic I managed to beat Aetera in one move by teleporting her into a stack of 50 traps.

          • Anonymous

            Did some DE testing. It would appear the thrown trap takes the stats of whoever triggered it. This is consistent with other findings - self-triggering the trap as a Pyromancer deals significantly more damage than if a enemy were to trigger it. This is particularly interesting as traps triggered by a damaging surface (i.e: fire) will count as triggered by whoever made the surface originally. This gives some interesting (overpowered) use cases for example, you could have a maxed Pyromancer produce fire surfaces around all enemies on their turn and then have the three other players throw explosive traps on the fire surfaces. The three other players will only need the bare minimum investment to use the skill but their damage will be the same as if the Pyromancer threw all three traps. Now imagine that with mass explosive traps on all players. On a side note, it does not seem possible to override the owner of a surface. You'll need to make sure the Pyromancer is always the first to create them. (Unless you go through the lengthy process of removing all of the surfaces with rain or something)

            • I went ahead and did some testing in regards to this skill on DE, and the things I have found out thus far are: *It doesn't have multiple explosion procs on using multiple element weapons. Not sure if this was a glitch from the prior but I can confirm that having physical, poison, earth, and fire on a bow does not make the explosion activate four times. Weapon damage buffs as well don't seem to grant any additional effects to the skill as well. *Savage Sortilage works on the skill but only if activated on your turn; it seems that the skill isn't registered with the spell tag, but the explosion that happens when the trap is attacked does seem to be, as well it seems to do significantly more damage when attacked to explode in comparison to when it blows up when someone walks on it. Thus far weapon damage nor intelligence doesn't seem to effect the damage increase from attacking it, but pyro does increase the damage of the trap and increases it again when blown up. In other words if it does 50 base damage and you have 10 pyro (50%) it will do 75 damage when it goes off, but it you set it off early it will get the 10 pyro increase to the explosion as well so it will do 113 because the game rounds numbers. *As well not sure if the glitch mentioned at an earlier time was addressed, but I haven't been able to recreate it with the 50 tries of trying to increase the burn damage by the skills damage. Might be unlucky as well though. *Death Wish seems to increase the damage for trap whether or not you blow it up but only during combat does it seem to give the bonus. If trying to do it out of combat it will not have the bonus no matter what. However Death Wish doesn't give the bonus twice like Pyromancer seems to do. *It can be destroyed for more damage using spells or any type; the damage of the trap however doesn't increase depending on the spell that is used. I will continue testing this skill as I continue to play the build I made for this skill.

              • Anonymous

                If you have Savage Sortilege, the trap will crit but only during your turn. It will not crit on the ennemy turn (probably an oversight). So, detonate it during your turn with another spell or shoot it.

                • There are two simple combos: oil surface + armed trap AND poison surface + armed trap. Damage: about 310 dmg initialy from explosion + 180 dmg initialy for surface + 180 dmg for 2 turns from surface. (Tested on lvl 3 hero with 1 pyro and

                  • Anonymous

                    A really powerful skill.The trap can be detonated multiple times.
                    When using a bow, each of the following condition will add one explosion, which makes up to nine explosion in total.
                    1.weapon has elemental damage
                    2.bow's physical damage
                    3.enchanting using eternal artifact or poison barrel
                    4.elemental rune different from above 3 condition
                    5.using skill Firabrand
                    6.using skill Venom Coat
                    7.using skill Siphon Poison
                    8.using skill Elemental Arrowhead
                    9.Talent Elemental Ranger with target standing in elemental surface.
                    Special arrow, like fire arrow, will not trigger Elemental Ranger, thus one explosion less.
                    When duel-wielding, up to 11 explosion, The main hand must be dagger so that you can use throwing knife to detonate.
                    1-8 similar to 1-4 condition when using bow/crossbow, some unique daggers has elemental or piercing damage, the off-hand can be single-handed weapon as many of them have elemental damage. The main hand and off hand can have same elemental type, just make sure each weapon has 4 types including physical damage.9-11using firebrand/venom coat/siphon poison.
                    The damage of explosion only scales with pyrokinetic and character level, so you can put most of your attributes in wits to max out critical chance or simply using rage before detonating trap, or you can put most of your attributes in constitution, so you can kill yourself and causing massive physical damage when facing fire immune enemies with talent Unstable. Prepare to unleash hell and burn your enemies alive!

                    • Anonymous

                      Did some testing with this skill. It deals magical fire damage and does NOT scale with intelligence, only with player level and pyrokinetic. However it still does great damage, about on par with fireball for most of the game and only 1AP cost with a short cooldown. If you detonate it with another ability that causes burning or creates a flammable surface, the trap will deal damage after burning is inflicted - this improves the damage since burning reduces fire resistance.

                      Overall really strong, would recommend this on any pyro/geo mage or ranger character. Mages get a bunch of ways to detonate it and add extra damage into a spell rotation, while rangers can use fire or poison arrows to detonate, as well as do cute stuff like ricochet off it to hit enemies around corners.

                      • Anonymous

                        Has a noteworthy, if infrequent, glitch associated with it. If the trap ignites a oil puddle by activating (due to unit proximity) the turn after it is thrown (activation phase) regardless of the damage of the trap, or the level of the players, the fire generated will deal over 160 dmg per tic.

                        • Anonymous

                          Amazing spell, does not cause enemies to aggro. It is therefore possible to kill anything with less magic armor than the damage dealt by the spell (targets recover magic armor during cooldown and activation timer), without engaging in combat. Beware though, experience is not awarded if the trap kills something you are not in combat with.

                          • Anonymous

                            I've heard that you have to craft this with a blank huntsman spellbook + blank pyro spellbook, I've got a pyro book but where the hell am I supposed to find a huntsman one? As far as I can tell I'm relying entirely on a random drop in order to get this ability.

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