With Torturer, certain statuses caused by you are no longer blocked by Magic or Physical Armour, and their duration is extended by one turn. Burning, Poisoned, Bleeding, Necrofire, Acid, Suffocating, Entangled, Death Wish, and Ruptured Tendons are affected by this talent.



Torturer is a talent in Divinity: Orignal Sin 2.



  • This talent only applies to damage statuses; non-damaging statuses do not receive this extension.
  • Summons, pets and totems alike, are not included as parts of your "skills." Thus, they do not receive this extension to their own status effects.
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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Occult Flamewielder



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    • Anonymous

      10 Apr 2021 05:48  

      It says that the duration is extended by one round, but on my Sebille in the current version of the game (v3.6.69.4648, as of 2021-04-10) it actually extends the duration of all effects by *two* rounds. This is a major, major difference. It actually doubles the duration of Death Wish, and makes Entangled practically broken. It also turns things like Vaccuum Touch into absolutely horrifying spells.

      • Anonymous

        27 Feb 2021 06:48  

        Mandatory talent for anyone relying on pyro skills to deal damage; as it allows you to cast burning (which lowers fire resistance by 15%) on top of magic armor. Combine this with elemental afifnity and, while sitting on a fire surface, your fire skills become the most AP efficient damage dealers in the game. flaming crescendo/explosive trap + ignition + fire ball + spontaneous combustion + laser ray (requires adrenaline) = you'll quickly kill or melt magic armors from many foes at once. And if anyone is left alive you can easely cc them into oblivion with a hydro/aero mage.

        • Anonymous

          19 Nov 2020 23:24  

          My tank did dual wield 2 wands. 1 fire 1 poison wand. So one burning and one poisoned effect every time. Not bad, for a character not specialized in dealing damage.

          • Anonymous

            14 Jul 2019 05:41  

            Does not apply to ground effects left by weapon attack (with a wand that leaves a 1m poison cloud for example).

            • Anonymous

              29 Sep 2018 23:21  

              You forgot the following effects too : Entangled (Worm Tremor), Necrofire, Acid. Very useful for weapons that have those since they'll proc regardless of the % on your weapon. This wiki is a mess.

              • Anonymous

                29 Sep 2018 23:13  

                Does not increase duration in Definitive Edition. Hope it gets fixed soon. Can someone send a ticket/report to Larian?

                • Anonymous

                  14 Sep 2018 17:31  

                  Weapon status effects listed in the torturer talent seem to apply 100% of the time regardless of the "chance to apply" percentage listed on the weapon.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Sep 2018 20:26  

                    For me, since Definitive Version it currently does not extend the duration, despite tooltipps showing the intended +1 duration. Only the Armour not blocking the statues applies. Tested with Burning and Poisoned.

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Aug 2018 14:51  

                      I believe on the xbox version this allows statuses to bypass armor. So you can set people on fire even if they still have magic armor. Don't know if this is intended or just a glitch

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Mar 2018 20:25  

                        be carefull with this talent because it affect every damage status REGARDLESS if you put the status on ALLIES OR ENNEMY, so aim correctly

                        • Anonymous

                          18 Feb 2018 06:01  

                          Works with Entangled(Worm Tremor), huge AOE cripple with poison damage for 3 turns against melee enemies makes Torturer perfect talent for Pyro/Geo mages.

                          • Anonymous

                            18 Oct 2017 02:40  

                            Does this work if I put poison on an undead character? It's a damaging ability but it's being used as a healing power.

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Oct 2017 05:32  

                              Damage on Tick spells (DoT). Acid, Posioned, Burning, Necrofire, Bleeding are applicable to get a +1 to status.

                              Wet, Stunned, Shocked, Decaying, chilled, diseased, crippled, embweed, frozen, cryogenic stasis etc. Anything that causes damage on the enemy's turn regardless if they move or not. Ruptured tendons only triggers on movement, so it may not be applicable as its a conditional damage tick.

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