Trompdoy is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Trompdoy information

  • Trompdoy will first greet you with insults after his sudden appearance within the Dark Cavern. Giving you the option to ignore or slay him. However, regardless of what you choose to do with him during your first meeting he will appear later within the dungeon revealing that he is a powerful illusionist.
  • Trompdoy had been cursed by Braccus to be an eternal guardian for one of his many secret treasure troves.



Trompdoy location

  • Trompdoy first appears in Braccus Rex's hidden Dark Cavern.



Notes and Tips

  • During the fight along the bridge with multiple Trompdoy within the Dark Cavern, Trompdoy will continue to summon additional Trompdoy so long as the original Trompdoy remains undefeated. As such you need only kill the original Trompdoy (the version with a staff that spawns to the right of you along across the gap in the bridge) to end the encounter. Doing so will instantly kill any remaining Trompdoy.
  • Trompdoy's curse is immune to cure through Bless. However you will be given the option of 'curing' him later if the correct dialog options are chosen. Although he can not be cured through Bless, should you choose to equip his cursed item casting bless upon yourself will remove the curse.
  • "Trompe d'oeil" or "Trompe l'oeil" is French for "trick of the eye." Trompdoy is an illusionist.

    • Anonymous

      10 Jul 2019 03:54  

      He had deceived me, so I did it him, too. first, I refused to help him for releasing his soul so He dropped tears, kept saying "I'm sorry.." and gone like a sissy. then I broke the Jar. It was worth it. lol

      • Anonymous

        24 Nov 2018 01:12  

        So it turns out you can sneak past this fight, just go into sneak mode and head to the treasure room and it'll pretend like you won the fight. Not sure if I reccomend it tho, cus I don't think you'll get the xp from killing the lot of them if you do this, not a hard fight once you learn the trick

        • Anonymous

          26 Jun 2018 06:05  

          Since removing the ring won't remove the curse, you should only equip it if you have enough source to cast bless.
          While cursed you have lowered resistances, accuracy and dodge.

          • Anonymous

            10 Jun 2018 22:22  

            The trompdoy you need to kill is not the one in front of you on the bridge, it's the one on the platform to the right with the staff. that one often starts by going invisible. a way to prevent that is to teleport one of your party on the that platform before the fight starts. then that trompdoy will not go invisible, instead he will teleport into the main platform, where you can burst him down.

            • Anonymous

              09 Apr 2018 18:18  

              Bless does not remove the curse from Trompdoy's cursed item. It only allows the player to remove the curse he/she has been afflicted with by equipping the item and automatically unequips said cursed item. Consecutive equips re-apply the curse.

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