Troubled Waters

Location  The Merryweather
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest Escape from Fort Joy

Troubled Waters is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Escape the prison ship.


It all happened — like I knew it would…
A single drop of Source magic...
And, like flies to honey,
the monsters swarmed.
The rabble panicked — the carnage began.
And the Magisters pointed their fingers at me.
Just as I’d planned.
I was shackled and collared
and sent to Fort Joy.
I’d come here to kill Godwoken.
But instead, I became part of their story...

- Wendigo

Important NPCs




  1. Find Magister Williams
  2. Escape the ship
  3. Save the fellow prisoners




Speak with Magister Waters in the room with blood to advance the quest then head to the stern of the ship, past all the NPCs. Speak with Magister Payde to unlock the door on the left side and head inside. He will have a Key to Stern Room after he dies, so be sure to note his location and come back shortly.

Once inside you will see a prisoner attacked magisters. The use of source abilities summoned voidwokens to this ship. You can now loot from dead bodies and explore the ship, but right now other prisoners are in a coma. 

Go upstairs and search the rest part of the ship, be aware of the fire on the ground, if you step on fire you will burn and keep losing health. At this level, you will find Magister Murtof and Magister Ricks, you can persuade (need 1 or more Persuasion skill points) them to help Magister Siwan, or you can kill them. They are behind two locked doors, break down by holding CNTRL + LEFT CLICK, or lockpick, or find the key. (remember to use ALT to highlight the items)

Find the Skull-Marked Key from the corpse of Magister Priest Medwyn and you will be able to open the Skull-Marked door, which is optional. Head to the main deck, a giant Kraken appears and attack the ship. Now you need to fight some voidwokens in order to reach another side of the deck.

Once you reached the lifeboat, a kid on boat asks you to find other survivors on this ship. Agree to that, so you can earn more XP. Use the ladder next to the life boat to reach the lower deck, now the other prisoners are awake, but this place is also filled with voidwokens. Defeat the enemies by planning your move, don't let yourself be ambushed by multiple voidwokens and use the prisoners as the shield. After the battle, return to lifeboat But before you can reach it, the Kraken destroyed the entire ship. (Alternatively, you can try to Siwan, you won't make to the boat but you will survive anyway.)



Tips & Tricks

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    • For the regular classic game. Experience wise 3300 exp possible (3200 without FANE). Need a starting character with 1 Persuade. Start a battle on the crew deck and kill the Magisters/Hound either yourself or using Windego's blast (975 exp for 9 magisters/1 hound). 400 exp quest with Windego's blast. Kill Magister Siwan who is unconcious in the room you started at (100 exp). Go up to middle deck, kill Hound (25 exp), persuade the 2 magisters locked in the back room (200 quest exp), then kill them (100 exp each). Go to the deathfog room and enter, setting off the deathfog. If at least 1 barrel explodes 200 quest exp (some like to take the barrels, always leave 1 if you want the exp). 100 exp if you go to top deck with Undead character with no helmet on, turns nearby magister hostile. Kill 2 Voidlings (100 exp each), then attack
      or lure the Captain/Knight to turn them hostile and kill them (100 exp each). Go back below deck to kill 4 more Voidlings (75 exp each) and finally go topdeck again 400 quest exp as you leave the ship.

      The DE has the same outcome, max of 3300 with undead/3200 without experience, but they simplified the experience a little. No need to persuade the hiding Magisters, no experience for the deathfog (-400 exp) but instead of 400 exp as the final quest reward, you get 800, so it comes out the same.

      • Anonymous

        The murderer was Windego, she confirms it, but then attacks the guys and triggers the Kraken, after this event everyone is either knocked down, or dead, so I don't see a way, how to solve the Troubled Waters aka "find the murderer" quest properly, because you have to look for a way out at this point (and Waters is dead anyway, so no clinky shiny gold coins for your all your troubles). Unless you're an elf, which I'm definitely not (playing as Lohse).

        • Anonymous

          I found a "Laboratory Key" on the Merryweather during the prologue. But i can't find what exactly it opens. If it happens to be about the room where you start, finding it ios actually pretty pointless. Pretty rare i can't find the use for a key. I wonder if maybe there is a place i did not find the first time. I will restart and retry.

          • Anonymous

            FROZEN ROOM ON SHIP: After you beat/send running the Kraken, go on the ship and find a hatch. It takes you to a room with a frozen Roth family, but it'll freeze you too soon enough. You can light all of the torches (hard way) or get the Flame Lamp down in the boat with the treasure chest which is your main reward (the family only gives you the key and no XP). I did it because I wanted to do them all and there is no guide for this hatch/room on this Wiki. :(

            • Anonymous

              It is possible to partially fail this quest by killing every(?) npc onboard. If done so scene with fighting off void bugs is skipped and you take the lifeboat alone. Beast's hat is lost after shipwrechk though. You'll still have scolar's transformation mask btw, but not duplicated: if you invite him in the party he won't have another one.
              Yep, everyone you killed back there are back to living, but react to you poorly, defining you as a traitor. Also every(?) recruitable character from the ship will have additional lines in dialogue, about explaining yourself to them. Carefully: you may lose some relationship points, so choose answers carefully.
              Plases with question marks not confirmed fully by now.

              • Anonymous

                To solve this quest is to be an elf you get a Corpse Eater perk really useful for troubled waters or any quest

                • Anonymous

                  on the bottom of the hold there is a room with two 500hp doors, if you grind the damage (using battlestaff: skill magnus) or casting gain access to room , on wall there is a kind of map , click on it and it gives you 6 recipes ! also scroll of restoration and rest of loot is small poison bottle + food ingredients. It's just a long grind to destroy the door but well worth it for 6 recipes.

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