Trumpet of Death


10% Fire Resistance

10% Earth Resistance

10% Water Resistance

10% Air Resistance

10% Poison Resistance

Item Type Ingredient
Craftable No
Duration 2 turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 0.01
Value 120

Trumpet of Death is an ingredient in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"A rare breed of plant that is often seen as a harbinger of doom for others, though it can survive all types of weather itself. Cultivated as a household shrub by the fearless."


Trumpet of Death are used to create resist all potions. You can eat it to gain 10% resistance to all elemental damage for two turns. You can also use a poison source on a Trumpet of Death to add 48-52 poison damage to it. 


Trumpet of Death are extremely rare, such that you'll only find a few of them in the wild. As such, if you plan on making resist all potions in any quantity, you'll need to keep an eye on merchants throughout the game in order to build up your stock. It is best to use Augmentor to promote the potions, as combining two of these potions would eliminate a valuable and rare potion with each promotion.


Where to find:

  • Sold by Merchants
  • Found rarely in the game world.
  • Can be retrieved by Han

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    • Anonymous

      Trumpet of Death mushrooms can be grown as a seedling when combined with a bucket. Much cheaper and more consistent than trying to buy them from merchants.

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