Two-Handed Weapons in DOS:2 are listed on this page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 has Two-Handed SwordsTwo-Handed AxesTwo-Handed Maces, Spears and Staves which pack much more offensive power than their one-handed counterparts. Players who opt for two-handed weapons, however, will miss out on the extremely beneficial armor provided by Shields.


Two-Handed Weapons


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Anathema Sword 19  338-375 damage, brittle A King Reborn  
Falone Axe 20 155-181 damage
20% crit
Skill: Living on the Edge
The Arx Cathedral  
Sundering Cleaver Axe 4

Phy damage 16-18
Strength +1
Warfare +1
Grant Skill: Thick of the Fight

Commander of the Tides Staff  4

Water Damage 14-16
Intelligence +1
Grant skill: Arcane Stitch

Confiscated Ancient Empire Water Staff Staff 19

182-223 Air
+3 Intelligence
+1 Two-Handed
+2 Aerothurge
Grants Skill: Tornado

Magister Trippel's Twohander Sword

physical damage 14-16
Crit chance  +5%
Strength +1

Magister Orivand's Mace Mace 4  

physical damage 17-19
Crit chance  +5%

Lohar's Two-Handed Source Hammer Mace  13

 Physical damage 71-74
Crit chance +20%
Strength +1
Warfare +1
Two-Handed +
Set Knocked Down for 2 turn(s). 15% chance to succeed.
Grants skill: Onslaught

 Reward from Lohar at the end of The Law of the Order  
Harrowblade Sword 14 

Fire Damage 17-18
Physical Damage 81-89
Strength +3
Set Suffocating for 1 turn(s). 20% chance to succeed.
Set Burning for 1 turn(s). 20% chance to succeed
+14% Life Steal

Voor d'lamas Mace  18

196-207 Physical Damage
25% Critical Chance
+3 Strength
+2 Constitution
+2 Warfare
Set Knocked Down for 1 turn. 25% chance to succeed.
+50% Cleave Damage
Grants Skill: Challenge

Trader Fionola in Arx  
Spear of Horrorsleep Spear 20

Dust Blast
50% set Sleeping

inside The Arx Lizard Consulate portal  
Ancient Spear of Bloodletting Spear 20

30% Cleave

north of The Arx Lizard Consulate on beach  


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