Tyrant's Stride




 4 Magic Armour

 22 Physical Armour


+1 Constitution

+10% Earth Resistance



Tyrant's Stride is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


These weathered leggings of Braccus Rex are encrusted with the spattered blood of those who died in an almost forgotten age.


Tyrant's Stride Information

  • These leggings are part of the quest Artefacts of the Tyrant.

  • These leggings are cursed, applying a permanent slowed status, unless you wear a full Tyrant's set.


Tyrant's Stride Requirements

    • 11 Strength



Tyrant's Stride Notes/Tips


    • Anonymous

      06 Jul 2018 23:24  

      well i had plenty of wits seeing as i was making sure i could always go first but when i triggered it the stupid pants went thru the ground! now i cant grab them any suggestions other then restarting?

      • Anonymous

        10 Feb 2018 07:55  

        i cannot fr the life of me get it to work. I even cheated and mazed my wits and all my character does is say "quite the stare you've got"

        • Anonymous

          Tyrant's Stride [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]18 Oct 2017 00:32  

          Agreed - the fact so many things are locked behind an inordinately high Wit-stat gate is illogical and frustrating! If you still want to get the stupid boots, have someone use 'Peace of Mind' (fire skillbook) to boost their wits, along with, I think, pumpkin-type food items. Ironically completing the set was one of the last things I did in Act 1, and of course the stuff was inferior to the vendor trash I could buy....I highly recommend 3 mods, "Craft Overhaul" and "Reduced Number Bloat", and "Armor-Based Saving Throws"...these modifications improve the game dramatically.

          • Anonymous

            18 Oct 2017 00:17  

            How on earth are you supposed to find this? Put every single point into wits, the most useless early-game stat of all, at lvl5 when you are in there. Havent seen a single hint in the game. 99,9% of players HAVE to go on the internet to find this, bull*****gamedesign this one.

            • Anonymous

              06 Oct 2017 20:43  

              The way this thing is hidden is just bullshit. 15 points on the less interesting attribute and without a hint.

              • Anonymous

                18 Sep 2017 04:32  

                For some reason when my characters wear this armor they say "Ungh, it's been cursed" and they are perma-slowed. That's a shame cuz it's a good piece of gear in the early parts of the game.

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