Underground Tunnel is a sub-area within Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


General Information

Map Legend

  1. Elven Skeleton (body)
  2. Boletus
  3. Puffball
  4. Royal Fire Slug
  5. Three Fire Slugs on patrol
  6. One Fire Slug on patrol
  7. Secret Chest & Amadouvier
  8. Chest
  1. Passage to Holding Cells
  2. Vines
  3. Vines
  4. Entrance from Fort Joy Ghetto


Underground Tunnel 

undergroundtunnel annotated

Notes & Tips

  • The first time you enter this area, you gain 500 XP.
  • If you talk to the Royal Fire Slug with Pet Pal, you discover that the slug was betrothed to Braccus Rex. If you tell her Braccus was vanquished long ago, she is overjoyed by the news, and reveals her name as Princess Zenthia. She gives you a letter and tells you to spread the news of her being free once more. (This gives 0 XP, but makes the Fire Slugs neutral towards you.)
  • Killing every slug in the area gives a total of 3000 XP
  • If you wish to avoid fighting the slugs, you can sneak through (B) or (C). Alternatively, you can use a teleportation skill (such as Tactical Retreat or Cloak and Dagger) to cross the gap between the two (2)'s




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