You explode upon death, dealing 50% of your vitality as physical damage in a 3 meter radius.



Unstable is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



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    • Anonymous

      28 Oct 2017 18:03  

      Currently doing a Lone Wolf playthrough on Tactician with two Dwarf characters (custom undead and Beast), both with this talent, maxed out Constitution and Warfare with Picture of Health. There are several ways to maximise the potential of this talent:

      Obviously max out your vitality, dwarfs with as much Con and Warfare as possible. Prioritise this on your gear.
      Death Wish, will give a 100% damage boost when you die with the buff active.
      Shackles of Pain, have the other character cast this on an enemy and stand in the explosion radius to get another serve of the damage.
      Golden Idols, res you with full health, can be recharged in combat for some reason. Use mercs to kiss the spider so you don't have to give up Con on the dwarfs.
      Large Poison potions (Healing for Undead), let you suicide when you need.
      Any mobility skills/teleportation to get as many enemies in the explosion as possible.

      Other than this gimmick they are just standard strength Warfare/Necro/Poly builds, so you don't need to rely on it to win fights. But it's hilarious and surprisingly effective. Still need to test if this can crit, maybe with savage sortilege?

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