Upper Deck is a sub-area and part of a deck of the Lady Vengeance in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information





Notable NPCs


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Related Quests



Upper Deck

Upon escaping Fort Joy by sailing through the high seas via Lady Vengeance, you'll start at the upper deck. Here, you'll find the following

  • Simone - moving around the deck, she sells the Hydrosophist skill book
  • Malady -  the related quest for this NPC is Lady o' War
  • Sodden Diary - You'll acquire this next to a corpse of a magister which requires the password to open the port-side stateroom door.
  • Corpse of Kerban - you can obtain the Hallorn's Blade dagger next to the body.
  • Figurehead - related to the Lady o' War quest.


Notes & Tips

  • The Red Prince is here, you can ask him to join your team.
  • There are many corpses on this deck, loot them for coins and equipment. You can also find the body of Kerban, if you sold anything to him on Fort Joy, you can get them back now.




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