Venom Coating

Venom Coating

Coat your weapon with poison, adding 60% Poison Damage to your weapon skills and attacks.

 Set Venom Coating for 2 turn(s).

Requires Geomancer 1cldwn5
Requires Scoundrel 1
Costs 1 Memory
 Range --

geomancer-skills-dos2 Geomancer

Venom Coating is a Geomancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Venom Coating location


Venom Coating effects

  • Scroll cannot be crafted
  • Scales with level and Geomancer
  • Also scales with Single-Handed and Dual-Wielding weapon abilities but not Two-Handed or Ranged
  • The damage added by this skill is not dependent on weapon damage. At level 4 it adds about 60% of the base damage of Poison Dart. That percentage increases with levels and at lvl 16 it's closer to 100%.
  • Damage type will be converted if using skills or special arrows which have a pre-determined damage type, i.e. piercing damage in Sawtooth Knife
  • Also applies to staves, including Staff of Magus, and bows and crossbows
  • Damage from this skill can critically strike.


Venom Coating trivia & strategies

  • Does work with Elemental Arrows that Rangers can use, but adds more damage of the Arrow type based on your Geomancer ability.
  • Works only on main hand weapon if dual wielding.
  • Effective when paired with daggers as the damage can critically strike from backstabs.


Venom Coating builds


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Venomous Sentry


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Elemental Champion


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Juggernaut




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    • Anonymous

      Here's a "short" run down of this awsome skill.
      Poison Coating (PC) has a base spell scaling of 60%.
      Unlike regular spells, it does not scale with intelligence, or any other attribute. The damage is also independend of how strong your weapon is. It does however scale with the scaling of your skills, so a crippling strike, which deals 115% of your weapons damage damage, will also let Poison Coating deal a total of 115% damage.
      It gains a bonus from Geomancer, 1 Handed and Dual Wield, and can CRIT, as stated.
      That means it gets a 5% buff per level from both, which stack additively. So if you're a rogue who has 5 points in dual wield and 2 in geomancer, this skill deals 60 + 25% + 10% =82,5 damage,135% damage if you have both on 10, increased to 270% if you're a non-human that also has 10 points in scoundrel and land a critical hit, but unless you're playing as a lone wolf, 1 point in geomancer for Fortify and PC should be enough.

      In my personal experience, this skill is most optimally used on a Dagger and Shield Rogue since the poison coating damage doesn't trigger on multiple hits when you're dual wielding, unlike sparks. Dual wielding is theoretically just as effective though. Either way, a dagger's guaranteed crits are sure to maximize PC's damage.

      1Handed's bonus accuracy ensures that you'll never waste AP on a missed attack and buffs both, your regular and your poison coating damage.
      A single point in geomancer is technically enough, but you can of course focus on geomancy if you want to take a more tanky approach, due to the increased armor gains from "Shields Up" and your spells. You can also add Reactive armor to your reportoire.
      The crit multiplier from leveling Scoundrel is gonna buff all your damage. 2 points are enough for most great skills but you can go as high as you want.
      Warfare grants you great skills in general, but Deflective Barrier and Overpower are incredibly useful to shred armor and buff your survivability.
      Optionally, you can put a point in polymorph for Chameleon Cloak, which is a fitting spell for rogues, but also Turn To Oil and Oily Carapace which you can use in combination to restore all of your armor or to place cheap oil surfaces.

      All in all, this armored poison coated rogue build has become my favorite one and I recommend to try it out :)

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone confirmed the scaling? The above says the percent of poison-dart damage scales with level but poison dart already scales with level...

        • Anonymous

          What does it mean "Also scales with Single-Handed and Dual-Wielding weapon abilities but not Two-Handed or Ranged"

          • Anonymous

            "Does work with Elemental Arrows that Rangers can use, but adds more damage of the Arrow type based on your Geomancer ability."

            After further testing, on last version live, it doesn't anymore. Either use one or the other, both simultaneously won't add any more damage.

            • Anonymous

              After spending an hour experimenting with Venom Coating and Sparking Swings, I've found out that unlike Sparking Swings(SS), Venom Coating(VC) isn't actually applied to your weapon but rather on your character. If you attack while dual wielding, SS will trigger twice while VC will only trigger once. SS deals consistant damage per strike, but VC damage is determined by the damage of skill. So if you're using low-damaging skill the poison damage is reduced at same rate as well. If you're doing a crit, the poison damage will crit as well. How disappointing for VC.

              • Anonymous

                So I’ve been making this “demon” build. He’s a lizard who uses no weapons, but is mainly a close range spell caster. I use this power so his basic hand claw attacks actually do some damage but what’s so weird is this power always works but the damage is so inconsistent. The spell says at low level it does 12-13 damage and 50 percent of the time it does that full damage but the other 50% of the time it only does 5-6 damage and it goes completely at random on enemies who don’t have any poison resistance and I’ve made sure to test it on enemies who do and don’t have magic/physical armor. It’s the weirdest thing. I was hoping to do the same with spark striker but for some reason on spark striker it doesn’t work what so ever.

                • Anonymous

                  So Venom coating just adds venom damage, not "poisoned" effect? I shot a target w\o any armor, but theres no poisoned affect after hit.

                  • Anonymous

                    Important note: very strong on a ranger or dual wielders The added damage is used for the damage calculation of special arrows. Example: you have a water arrow, tooltip says it will deal 30-40 water damage. Your venom coating add around say 15 damage of poison. Now your water arrow would deal 45-55 water damage. Very cool synergy. This is also why adding runes and poisoning bows/crossbows is a good idea, it just add damage. Yes poison heals undead. But then just shoot a fire or knockdown arrow... And that damage you would have lost is gained back. Hooray! Also it applies the extra damage PER STRIKE. Just like sparkling swing can make two sparks with a dual wielder it adds the tooltip damage to each strike, effectively doubling it's efficacy. It can also innately crit just like special arrows can without savage sortilege. I love it on a dual dagger backstab witch build. Very good

                    • Anonymous

                      This combined with firebrand and sawtooth knife can oneshot some enemies. It increase piercing damage of skills!

                      • Anonymous

                        The Damage of this skill can crit! it is very benefitial to skill scoundrel skill insteaf of warfare, if u want to deal big amounts of poison dmg. With a dagger it always crit and the crit multiplyer works on the poison dmg. This makes the witch build viable on higher difficulty where u use a dagger while focus on int, geo (poison) and necro skills.

                        • Anonymous

                          What happend if i cast that on an fire infused summon, or the slug (from pyro school) ?
                          I wonder if that explode everytime and rekt everything *__*

                          • Anonymous

                            This spell most certainly does apply extra poison damage to wands. Have tested with air, water, fire and poison wands and it adds the poison on top. Currently level 16 with a Geo stack dual poison wand user and this spell does huge damage for 1 ap. Check your combat log, you'll see 3 numbers instead of 2 if using air/water/fire main hand and a much bigger first number if using poison.

                            • Anonymous

                              .... if the poison damage stacked ON TOP of any other elemental damage you were using, THEN this would be a decent skill. useful to pump up the damage of mages with wands especially.

                              • Anonymous

                                does NOT apply extra poison damage to weapons that already have a base elemental damage type on them.

                                example, if you have an axe that does water damage on top of physical... this will NOT add poison damage to your attack.

                                also does NOT work with wands and staves.

                                so this is for pure physical damage dealers... and then ask yourself: if you are dealing pure physical damage, why would you waste ap adding poison damage?

                                so, I guess what I am saying is... this skill is pretty useless. don't bother.

                                the only time it will have any use is when both armor types are down on your target, and you are using a weapon that only has physical damage on it.

                                that's it.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Only works on the first weapon when dual-wielding.
                                  Only skills with Geo-Skill and char-level. No changes with either int or different weapons.

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