Venom Coating

Venom Coating

Coat your weapon with poison, adding [X] Poison Damage to your weapon skills and attacks.

 Set Venom Coating for 2 turn(s).

Requires Geomancer 1cldwn5
Requires Scoundrel 1
Costs 1 Memory
 Range --

geomancer-skills-dos2 Geomancer

Venom Coating is a Geomancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



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Venom Coating Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Applies onto ranged weapons such as bows/crossbows.



Geomancer Skills
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    • Anonymous

      03 Jun 2018 15:56  

      The Damage of this skill can crit! it is very benefitial to skill scoundrel skill insteaf of warfare, if u want to deal big amounts of poison dmg. With a dagger it always crit and the crit multiplyer works on the poison dmg. This makes the witch build viable on higher difficulty where u use a dagger while focus on int, geo (poison) and necro skills.

      • Anonymous

        28 Feb 2018 02:58  

        What happend if i cast that on an fire infused summon, or the slug (from pyro school) ?
        I wonder if that explode everytime and rekt everything *__*

        • Anonymous

          23 Oct 2017 22:08  

          This spell most certainly does apply extra poison damage to wands. Have tested with air, water, fire and poison wands and it adds the poison on top. Currently level 16 with a Geo stack dual poison wand user and this spell does huge damage for 1 ap. Check your combat log, you'll see 3 numbers instead of 2 if using air/water/fire main hand and a much bigger first number if using poison.

          • Anonymous

            19 Oct 2017 09:13  

            .... if the poison damage stacked ON TOP of any other elemental damage you were using, THEN this would be a decent skill. useful to pump up the damage of mages with wands especially.

            • Anonymous

              19 Oct 2017 09:11  

              does NOT apply extra poison damage to weapons that already have a base elemental damage type on them.

              example, if you have an axe that does water damage on top of physical... this will NOT add poison damage to your attack.

              also does NOT work with wands and staves.

              so this is for pure physical damage dealers... and then ask yourself: if you are dealing pure physical damage, why would you waste ap adding poison damage?

              so, I guess what I am saying is... this skill is pretty useless. don't bother.

              the only time it will have any use is when both armor types are down on your target, and you are using a weapon that only has physical damage on it.

              that's it.

              • Anonymous

                26 Sep 2017 21:00  

                Only works on the first weapon when dual-wielding.
                Only skills with Geo-Skill and char-level. No changes with either int or different weapons.

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