Voidwoken Fish Exchange scroll is a quest item in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Voidwoken Fish Exchange location

  • The first and easiest scroll is found in the locked chest in the Fishworks Cellar in Driftwood
  • Another scroll is found in the body of Basatan, the Wishmaster on the Bloodmoon Island.
  • A third (useless) scroll is found in the cellar of the Doctor in the room you will to teleport into.


Voidwoken Fish Exchange information

The scroll allows you to sneak into the house of The Doctor in The Arx. This is related to the quest Doctor's Orders.

You put a teleportation pyramid into the marked barrel near the house and cast the scroll on the barrel. The pyramid will be teleported into the cellar allowing you to follow it by using another pyramid. Remember to pick up your teleported pyramid once inside.

voidwoken fish exchange

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    • Anonymous

      who the fck figured this out, you get these scrolls in Act 2 and only become useful in Act 4, jesus christ the devs are crazy

      • Anonymous

        "A third (useless) scroll is found in the cellar of the Doctor in the room want to teleport into."

        You can take the fish out of the barrel and keep sending it to him as many times as you have scrolls. After the first time you infiltrate his basement you just throw a teleporter pyramid down if you still need time before the fight

        • Anonymous

          Attack the doctors front door and one of the nurses will open it to tell you to stop. While its open you can walk in and drop your pyramid on the ground. This only works once.

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