Wands are a type of One-Handed Weapon in Divinity: Original Sin 2. These items are equipped by players to deal damage during Combat.

Basics of the Wands category:

  • Require: 8+ Intelligence
  • Attack AP Cost: 2 AP
  • Damage Type: Fire
  • Damage: 1
  • Damage Range: 10
  • Damage From Base: 40
  • Critical Damage: 150%
  • Critical Chance: 0%
  • Weapon Range: 1.30m
  • Durability: 0
  • Durability Degrade Speed: 10
  • Weight: 1.00


Wands List





Accursed Wand   "A twisted wand that seems to ooze malevolence from every nock and crack in the ancient wood it is carved from"  
Grand Scepter Intelligence  + 1 None 395
Needle's Wand Intelligence + 2 "Dry and withered, this wand seems to whisper with the winds of the Blood Forest"  
Radeka's Thorn Intelligence + 2 "Forged from an ancient metal-like material, this wand is heavier than it appears. Carved along the shaft are glowing runes extolling the triumph of the mad Sourcerer King, Braccus Rex." 1000


    • Anonymous

      01 Nov 2017 04:38  

      you should add dumora lam to this list a unique wand you can get by going into adramalhiks realm and open the chest surrounded by traps

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