What a Fuss to have Wrought

Sanguinia Tell
Quest Giver
Location The Arx
Suggested Level 18
Next Quest --
Previous Quest  

What a Fuss to have Wrought is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Important NPCs



What a Fuss to have Wrought Objectives

  1. Repay your debt, or kill her, or steal your vial from Sanguinia Tell and deny it.



What a Fuss to have Wrought Walkthrough

If you ask for a loan from an old woman, Sanguinia Tell, she will ask for some blood of yours to ensure that you will repay her back when she collects on your debt. If you are an undead, she will take your bone marrow instead.

Reading the book of correspondence found in one of the chests in her house, or in the Doctor's house, will reveal that she is actually a demon.

Sanguinia Tell keeps the vial in a vial rack inside a locked (T5) cupboard in her cellar; you can sneak in to take it back. If you enter her cellar and get caught, she will attack you, along with 3 of her henchmen. Her henchmen will reveal themselves as demons, and each will award 107,800XP when killed. Sanguinia Tell herself is worth 149,850XP.

Cellar Map

Note: In her ornate chest in the cellar, you will find the unique level 20 chest armor, "Nazad Hunola", which is an extremely good item for rogues, granting +5 Finesse, +1 Huntsman, +2 Scoundrel, and an assortment of other stats. The chest can't be picked. Sanguinia has the key.

When the time comes, you can repay her, or refuse. If your vial is still in her possession, you will be killed. If not, she won't be able to punish you.





  • 107,800XP per henchman killed.(53,900XP in DE).
  • 149,850XP for killing Sanguinia Tell.
  • 58,175XP for stealing vial back from cellar 
  • "Nazad Hunola" unique chest armor can be found in her cellar.



There are four other vials in the rack, indicating that the following NPCs also accepted loans from Sanguinia:

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    • Anonymous

      23 Aug 2020 09:11  

      When I tell her I have the blood, she attacks and initiates the battle. But when that happens, everyone in Arx within 500 meters starts moving towards the house and attacks me.

      • Anonymous

        19 May 2020 04:06  

        Lv19 I took the loan for the 150K with a sacrificial character (I play a duo) positioned her right above in the little loft away from the railing where the book cases are, positioned my other character behind her in the kitchen loft. Make sure to destroy her chair before the fight. It gets in the way. I shot at her with the sacrificial character removing all her armor before the fight even began. She then stated the fight killed my sacrificial character and threw necro fire at me (Lhose then rezzed because of idol) the rest of the demons went after Lhose and killed her again, but this was perfect since they were all bunched up for the combo of Apotheosis, and blood storm which took the main demon out, then the rest of the minor demons went after me but weakened and cripledd by the rain and walked right into the necro fire she threw at me and one by one the died. I just kept skipping turns, lol. Didn't even have to use the Grasp of the Starved.

        • Anonymous

          15 May 2020 00:17  

          On DE, the blood vials are in the bloody-looking cupboard in the area to the right in the cellar. To access it before the fight, you must lockpick Sanguinia upstairs as the cupboard can't be lockpicked or attacked, and you can't approach Sanguinia in the cellar to pickpocket her without being seen (at least by normal characters, I dunno about Sneaking 9). Btw if she kills you with the vial, Idol of Rebirth will revive you no problem. Vials: Beryl Griff, Dorotya, Garvan, Lovrik, 1 unlabeled

          • Anonymous

            18 Jun 2019 01:13  

            I went for a more ranged party on my first playthrough as I tend to gravitate towards archers in fantasy games, being an avid archery practitioner IRL. I hate it when games are too easy though, so I chose Tactician Mode for my first playthrough. I chose Ifan ben-Mezd as my primary companion with a Ranger skill-set, Beast as a sometimes dual-wielding battlemage/sometimes single-handed fighter with a shield, and Fane (because let's face it, Fane kicks @$$, thievery w/o lockpicks) as my cleric/wizard (Hydro/Aero/Necro spellcaster). My main character is a Dwarven Ranger custom. I put persuasion points maxed on him because he's always head of my party and does most of the talking. I put max barter and lucky charm on Ifan because of his thrifty perk. I put max Loremaster on Beast because someone needed to have points in it. Fane is currently maxed on thievery and has 3 points in sneak. Anyways, when I got to the Old Lady's House in Arx, I was just blindly exploring. I had no idea who she was prior to entering the house. My characters were level just barely level 18. I managed to wits persuade the old lady into loaning me 150,000 gold. However, when she started asking me for my blood, I got suspicious. I felt like she was evil. Then she said I would die if I didn't pay her back when she showed up asking for her money. So I was all like, "Yeah, I'll take her money, but this evil loan shark can't collect if she's dead." Lol. So, even though she was level 20, I positioned my main ranger at the top of the stairs in front of her chair. Ifan was at the top of the ladder to the left when you're facing her chair. Fane was up there with Ifan to provide support. I put Beast right next to her. Then I clicked on my main ranger character and did Ballistic Shot because he was pretty far back. Crushed her physical armor almost immediately. I ended up winning, despite being severely underleveled by focus firing the enemies on at a time and keeping the lady from casting any spells by keeping her knocked down with knockdown arrows. Plus, Beast Onslaughting her didn't hurt our chances. After she went down, the demons were easier because they were only level 19. Not sure if I missed out on any XP by just surprise attacking her like that, but I definitely got the XP for killing them. I don't really care if I missed out on quest XP though, because I got a boatload of money and lots of XP out of the deal anyways. Anyone else tried to fight her underleveled? If so, how'd it go for you?

            • Anonymous

              26 May 2019 23:49  

              On Definitive, i never got the quest, but she was in her cellar and tried kicking me out. I went back and and fought and killed her.

              • Anonymous

                04 Jan 2019 03:14  

                In Definitive Edition this chest is NOT present if you enter cellar sneaking (or without full party, I didn't tested) - I just learned it hard way

                • Anonymous

                  24 Aug 2018 15:20  

                  anyone knows if there is any use for Lovrik's Blood vile? i read on a note he also made a deal with Sanguinia but no idea if i can return it to him or so

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Mar 2018 11:29  

                    If you destroy the Old lady's chair she won't join the battle in the cellar.
                    In the cellar in the cabinet/vitrine make sure to pick all vials (same level but multiple behind each other) for 56k exp.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Dec 2017 19:47  

                      I found the cellar to the NE of the Old Lady's House exploring and was able to unlock and enter. Was asked to get out, refused, and the debt collectors turned. Killed everyone and recieved the XP and items. Then got a key to loot the house. I never activated the quest log or had to follow the first part of the quest.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Nov 2017 22:12  

                        Your blood vial is in the cabinet right next to the pool of blood on the ground in the cellar. Still out of range for those henchman to see you, if you teleport there.
                        You have to unlock it by either opening it with a key (dunno which one) or with the Thievery skill. There is a bug though, which causes you to be unable to loot your vial after lockpicking it open. This is fixed by just closing the cabinet again.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Oct 2017 23:19  

                          Edit: Oops I made a mistake. I did find the vial, and you get something like 60k exp for getting it back. The quest seems to update internally somehow

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Oct 2017 23:08  

                            Same. I tried talking to the lady and the quest didn't activate. You can sneak into the cellar, but I couldn't find my vial in the cupboard. It might be in the "well worn chest" but its being watched. If you go in the cellar without sneaking you get attacked by Sanguinia and her debt collectors

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Sep 2017 22:26  

                              This quest doesn't activate for me when I ask for a loan and accept her terms. Going into her cellar doesn't do anything but initiate combat with her debt collectors. No journal updates at all. Must be bugged.

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