Window of Opportunity


Location Cloisterwood
Suggested Level 13+
Next Quest On the Ropes

Window of Opportunity is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Important NPCs

Window of Opportunity Objectives

  1. Help Hannag defeat the Magisters OR help the Magisters defeat Hannag.


Window of Opportunity Walkthrough

At the Cloisterwood Ruins (near the waypoint), you will encounter a Sorceress fighting off some Magisters. You will need to dodge the various Steam Clouds and magic being casted in order to reach her. Alternatively, you can easily approach her by teleporting near her. Either way, she will teleport away to a higher area after you speak with her, and the Magisters will follow her there.

Tip: If you run straight towards her, you should make it to her just before she begins casting her lethal lava technique.

If you talk to the Magister Knight, offer to help him kill her, which will award you with experience. This will not trigger a fight with Hannag, so it is safe to select.

If you talk to Hannag now, you can choose to side with her or to kill her. In order to persuade her that you are on her side, you will need to pass a Persuasion and speech check.

Tip: If you do not have high enough Persuasion but want to help Hannag, it is recommended that you kill the Magisters without talking to Hannag first.

Hannag Side: If you choose to assist Hannag and kill the Magisters, try to kill them as quickly as possible to avoid getting her involved with the fight. (There is a chance that she may sacrifice herself, causing you to have to go through the same difficult Voidwoken fight as detailed in the Magisters Side below.)

After you defeat the Magisters, read the following before proceeding to talk to her again.

Serious Bug: Do not immediately inquire Hannag about mastering your Source, or else the quest might not close properly. If you do so, she will only give you the quest reward and then potentially disappear from this area.

When you talk to her, end the conversation immediately and she will interrupt you and give you a Planar Gateway Skillbook as well as the quest reward (a Rare item along with some other goodies), and then close the quest.

After this quest is closed, talk to her again and you can then ask her about mastering your Source, which will initiate the On the Ropes quest.

Magisters Side: If you choose to assist the Magisters, be prepared for a very difficult fight. Hannag will sacrifice herself to open several portals that continually summon Voidwoken. The portals take no damage from physical attacks and can only be damaged by magic.

At some point during this fight, Hannag will be "reborn" as an undead who can use a magical lava attack that kills instantly. She should be killed as soon as possible. A simple strategy is to try to stunlock her early on so that she cannot sacrifice herself. She doesn't start have any immunities, and has relatively a low amount of Physical Armour.

If the Magister Knight is still alive after the fight, you may talk to him for the quest reward (which is the same quest reward as helping Hannag). As an added bonus, you can kill the Magisters afterwards as they no longer serve a purpose.

Warning: This will lock you out of the On the Ropes quest, which is not recommended for first-timers.  Alternatively, if you go to the blackpits first you can complete On the Ropes without ever speaking to Hannag (DE).

Tips & Tricks

  • 7500 party experience for offering to confront the Sorceress for the Magisters.  Easiest way is to use peace of mind , jump next to her with whichever spell (chat is initiated) and when battle initiates you go first.  take away her physical armor and knock her down with your peace of mind character. Game over you win 
  • You can convince the Sorceress that you are on her side by passing an Intelligence, Memory, or Constitution Persuasion check. You receive an additional 7500 party experience.
  • Siding with Hannag will net you 22,500 EXP (7,500 for each magister), a rare item, and she can give you a new source slot.
  • Siding with the Magisters is much harder, but will net you 97,650 EXP and an epic item.  Note you must keep the magister knight alive (other two don't matter) in order to get the majority of the EXP and the reward.  EXP may vary somewhat based on how many voidwoken get through the portals.
  • A very easy way to eliminate the Magisters is to simply teleport them into the Sorceress' fire. Since she casts the fireballs outside of battle, they will get hurt during your turn while you wait.
  • Hannag sells Source Skillbooks. It is worthwhile pickpocketing her to steal a couple from her for free, but be sure to save before doing so in case you get caught. Generally, avoid causing the bottom bar (in the pickpocketing system) to turn red. 
  • Ifan has special dialogue related to deathfog if you learned that she invented the deathfog device that killed the elves.  This can happen with her alive or with her spirit, and if she is alive he can choose to kill her for her invention.

    • Anonymous

      02 Jun 2019 01:13  

      Cheesed this one by attacking the magisters with 3 characters while one of my guys teleported her to the main floor of the cathedral after she relocates. If you get in to battle with the magisters while the sourceress is still moving around, the combat status won't trigger for her.

      • Anonymous

        08 Apr 2019 11:24  

        Another easy trick: let her lava one of yours guys then use Terrain Transmutation on the lava +under her and she'll instantly die, before she summons portals.

        • Anonymous

          01 Feb 2019 01:50  

          Managed to cheese her by teleporting and then somehow knocking her down right at the moment the fight started so she couldn't sacrifice herself. After that, talked to her ghost. For some reason, when I try to read her memory the dialogue just closes.

          • Anonymous

            18 Sep 2018 00:25  

            So afters some tries i just managed it to steal 5 source spells from her with thievery 6 and and to get the on the ropes quest after. :) the trick is : 1. Talk to magisters and tell them that u will handle it. (get 7500xp) 2. Walk straight to Hannag with ur persuation char and do ur best stat pers. (get another 7500xp) 3. Let one char talk to her and remain in the dialogue whilst u unchain ur thief and let him pickpocket her from behind. As soon as u got the loot bring him away from her before u end dialogue with ur talking char and bring the group together at the stairs. 4. Now comes the trick: after she moans that she got robbed and u can approach her again unchain a char again and start a dialogue with her but her facing AWAY from the magisters so her aggro zone is pointed towards the wall. 5. Now u can proceed as u like in a group of 3 killing the magisters; i did it the safe way by teleporting all three magisters down the pit and starting there the fight there. After u killem she should give u a reward and the quest. Enjoy :)

            • Anonymous

              04 Jul 2018 14:47  

              Did this at lv 12: I talked to the magisters to start the quest saying I'll talk to Hannag. Then used terrain transmutation to slowly burn the Magister Knight to death which didn't agro anyone. Then just started killing the last 2 magisters without even talking to Hannag. She didn't join the fight and afterwards I asked about source and I received On the Ropes.

              • Anonymous

                16 Jun 2018 14:55  

                I telepprted alice's corpse demon on the magisters and they killed them all. Then gone back to her fire field

                • 19 May 2018 16:07  

                  Inadvertantly ended up agreeing to help both the magisters and Hannag. The key appears to be killing the magisters without getting Hannag involved. I cheesed it by teleporting all 3 magisters down into the courtyard on top of the lava, instantly killing them one at a time. This never generated combat between my party and the magisters. I don't feel bad about it because I've found myself in plenty of unfair fights as another poster mentions. Then I pickpocketed a skill book from her - you have to be careful because she will bust you in the middle of it if you get too greedy. After that, I initiated dialogue with main character. This took a couple tries to get Hannag to respond with the proper dialogue to end the Window of Opportunity quest. You will know you have the right dialogue when she says "she prefers them dead". Immediately end the conversation when you see that, and it will close out Window of Opportunity and grant 18,700 EXP. I did NOT get any gifts from Hannag upon closing Window of Opportunity. You can then initiate dialogue again and receive On the Ropes.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Apr 2018 14:23  

                    First pickpocket her for the skillbooks.

                    I cheesed her with "Living on the Edge" + teleporting her into the lava she summons on you. Your character will still die from burn damage after leaving lava so have a Rez scroll handy, but you avoid combat altogether. Her corpse had 5 source skill books and a source orb.

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Mar 2018 07:17  

                      The persuasion check is much easier if you mention Gareth's parents would vouch for you. That is if you saved their farm for them. Also I think Gareth has to be dead for his parent to be alive. He died on my honour mode run on the lady vengeance when Dallis attacked. Really want to see what else changes later down the road without him around.

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Mar 2018 07:09  

                        The guide above suggests teleporting one of the magisters into her field of fire to easily kill them, however doing so for me immediately caused her to enter combat and kill herself. Careful!

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Feb 2018 05:38  

                          I kill the magisters, she talks to me, Window of Opportunity closes, but she never offers me On the Ropes. When I speak to her about source, she says "I do not give myself for free, and you have nothing you may offer." That's it... Would love a way to get On the Ropes!

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jan 2018 16:09  

                            After I killed the magisters and talked with her she saw the magisters bodies, called me a killer and turned hostile

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Jan 2018 00:00  

                              For those having the same issue as me and as described above as serious bug (if you don't immediately quit the dialoge after initiating conversation with Hannag after killing the magisters, she does not give you the book and the Window of Opportunity quest does not close): you can still close the quest by choosing various dialogue options after the first conversation. Starting a topic and saying you'll leave right after worked for me, she suddenly said I deserve a reward, gave the book & quest closed.

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Jan 2018 21:49  

                                If you want to maximise XP gains, you can do the following:
                                Talk to the knight and say you will talk to the sourceress - get 7500xp
                                Sneak/teleport/invisibility behind Hannag with any char - she will teleport to higher ground
                                Position your team by the magisters and attack (without initiating fight with Hannag) and kill the magisters for 11250xp each
                                Walk up to Hannag and she will comment that the magisters are dead - no need for persuasion check

                                This way you maximise xp and do not need to pass the persuasion check. Also you can initiate "on the ropes quest"
                                While in dialog mode with Hannag, I also pickpocketed her with another char (my thief) and got 3 skillbooks for free...

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Jan 2018 03:06  

                                  ^%#&% this lizard. rip two honor mode playthroughs. Approach with extreme caution. Summons insta kill lava portals on your head. Additionally magisters hitting her after you persuade check will still cause her to suicide summoning several enemies with high initiative that will kill the magisters you weakened then proceed to maul you before you get a turn, just lol.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    07 Jan 2018 18:56  

                                    I always want to kill her because
                                    1. She made the Deathfog Bomb.
                                    2. She keeps moving and the character is running behind her trying to talk to her.And the lizard female walking is just too "something".Same with the Gravekeeper in Stonegarden.
                                    3.The Lava Portal is plain cheat.Kills 2 characters one 1 turn.
                                    4.The fight with the sacrifice gives exp.
                                    But i kill her after One the ropes and when the character learns from the dwarf that she made the bomb and gives the option.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      25 Dec 2017 11:47  

                                      If you want to kill her super easy: just use the Terrain Transmutation skill (Polymorph) and drop the lava on her. You need to smuggle the lava out of combat to the right side from the left, then you can climb to the highest point and insta kill her with the lava (then there is no combat). I guess if you keep moving the lava with you to install kill any enemy. (Yes, it is cheesy, but then there are a lot of unfair fights, so I do not feel bad.)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        12 Dec 2017 11:46  

                                        I tried doing her quest, decided to help her, and passed the skill check, but when her turn comes up in battle, she just sacrificed herself anyway, is this normal?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          05 Dec 2017 02:03  

                                          I didnt even try to bypass her, just clicked on her to interact, it makes you auto run into the steam cloud field but if your char is fast enough to interact, she won't have time to cast her spell. Same thing on the 2nd interaction just click on her.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            23 Nov 2017 17:40  

                                            I managed to kill Hannag, however I had to kill everyone there. Magisters and Hannag alike.
                                            I started the battle with the magisters without a caster in the battle, during the first round I teleported hannag into the battle (so Hannag wouldn't be the first to perform). Stunlock her to death, and proceeded to kill everyone else.

                                            • 12 Nov 2017 16:43  

                                              Easiest cheese to win the fight:

                                              Get her to kill herself with the lava fall.
                                              I just used an Incarnate and attacked her till she got the lava which fell on the incarnate and her.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                12 Nov 2017 12:05  

                                                This lvl 15 recommendation to the fight is a joke. Just did it with lvl 12 party in under 3 minutes: A Ranger, a summoner, Red Prince (default build), Beast (default build). I CC'd her twice.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  01 Nov 2017 09:19  

                                                  I killed the magisters and then she runs up to me asking " OH MY GOD THERE HAS BEEN A MURDER! WAS IT YOU? " I'm like, uh yeah ***** you literally just asked me to kill them, viola. Then she became hostile and I had to kill her also. I think this was a bug

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