Wishful Thinking

Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 12+

Wishful Thinking is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act II.

Coming across a lamp on the beach, you are afforded the opportunity to be granted a wish. But how lucky will you be?


Important NPCs

  • Djinn


Wishful Thinking Objectives

  1. Talk to the Djinn.
  2. Kill the Djinn, or attain one of his wishes.
  3. Pass the speech check and get a good wish.


Wishful Thinking Walkthrough

On a beach southwest of Driftwood, you will find an Ancient Lamp lying on the ground. Using it will give you the option to rub the lamp or destroy it. Rubbing the lamp will release the Djinn within, where you can engage in lengthy conversation with it. Destroying it will unleash the Djinn from the lamp and immediately initiate combat.

Simple Solution: Based on multiple reports, the Djinn doesn't really offer any significant enough reward worth spending the time to consider, so just kill him and take the EXP. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Djinn's level scales based on yours, which means that you can gain more EXP if you choose to hold onto the lamp for now and fight the Djinn at a later time.

Long Solution: You must pass a hybrid speech and Persuasion check, whereby depending on whether you pick the right combination or not, you might end up fighting him or be granted a choice between a variety of rewards that can be either good or bad. Be sure to save before initiating this quest.

Choice Result (Persuasion Success) Result (Persuasion Failure)
Strength OR Finesse Bad Reward  
Intelligence OR Finesse (with Mystic) Good Reward  
Wits Reward Denied. Trying again leads to Combat  
Combat Experience Only


Warning: Do not be misled by the "Persuasion Success!" message. High Persuasion will allow you to "pass" this initial check even if the choice is actually bad.

Choice Bad Reward Good Reward
Power Zapped by lightning which attempts to Knock Down

Djinn's Scimitar


Stolen Djinn's Gift

Magisters will constantly want to inspect you

Djinn's Gift (Intended to be Sold)


Children's Tales Book

Random Level 3 Skillbook
Destruction Entire Party is Permanently Blinded Hail Storm Scroll
Character Specific                                                     Nothing happens; you will be prompted to make a different choice instead

  Tips & Tricks

  • If you kill the Djinn, you will obtain a Hollow Lamp worth 2,000 Gold and EXP that is dependent on your current level, as the Djinn's level scales with yours. For example, you will gain 5,575 EXP at level 10, 10,775 EXP at level 12 and 55,800 EXP at level 17.
  • Choosing any wish (good or bad) will always leaves the character with the Hollow Lamp 9,750 EXP.
  • You can hold the lamp in your inventory and summon the Djinn in a more public place such as the Driftwood Marketplace to make the battle significantly easier.

    • Anonymous

      17 May 2019 07:25  

      You can do the dialog to get the reward you want and then 1 shot him with a heavy chest+telekinesis before he disappears to get the experience too. Did it in my last run.

      • Anonymous

        09 Apr 2019 20:43  

        7725xp at level 11 for fighting him versus 6950xp plus an amulet worth almost 5k for passing persuasion check? That "simple solution" up there gives bad advice.

        • Anonymous

          05 Apr 2019 09:51  

          I released him on the bridge leading to the Cathedral in Arx. Then I killed him and all the unnamed Paladins there (as collateral AoE damage) for a whooping 600k exp total. Sadly it's not that much at those levels because it takes around 3M exp for a level up. I think releasing him in Driftwood would be better because back then you needed the levels much more. Act 2 has a huge difficulty jump: level 9 to 16 with many enemies capable of 1HKO a player.

          • Anonymous

            09 Dec 2018 06:25  

            So what the %^*+ if you get the stolen Djinns gift even if you leave it somewhere on the ground when they search you, you still get caught with it. How do you get rid of this?

            • Anonymous

              15 Aug 2018 23:48  

              Most items that you sell to people will not be claimable on their body after killing them. However I just found out that the empty lamp is one of those items that can be taken back. Probably because it's considered a quest item. So if there's someone you plan on killing anyways, you can sell them the lamp first for some easy gold.

              • Anonymous

                08 Jul 2018 05:23  

                Beat him my first try at level 12.

                As soon as you get a chance, teleport him into your group. My group was able to constantly knock him down, turn him into a chicken, knock down, etc over and over and over again. He never got a chance to do anything else once we got a chance to teleport him and take down some physical armor with a few backstabs and attacks.

                He regenerates physical armor so make sure you take it out and he is resistant to physical attacks as well. Just keep his physical armor at 0 so you can continually cast chicken and knockdown effects (earthquake, ram, slam, etc)

                • Anonymous

                  31 May 2018 03:30  

                  At level 35 (max obtainable in game, going over that resets you to level 1), the Djinn has:

                  217579 Health
                  49603 Physical Armor
                  148809 Magic Armor

                  • Anonymous

                    26 May 2018 02:54  

                    Summoned him on the Lady Vengence, with the help of Milady, Jahan, Gareth, and dare I include Tarquin - the fight lasted about 8 rounds. Waited until just leaving Driftwood for Nameless Isle @ level 17

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Mar 2018 14:50  

                      > summon the Djinn in a more public place such as the Driftwood Marketplace to make the battle significantly easier.

                      or summon at ferrymen and transport in the deathfog

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Feb 2018 20:03  

                        Dschinn at lvl 22 - 3129 physical Armor - 9388 magic Armor - 11773 live and gives 289500 exp
                        And to my previous speaker - you can bring the lamp to Arx...

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Feb 2018 09:14  

                          You can't bring the lamp along wit you when you go to the Nameless Isle, so it is recommended to fight him at lvl17 or 18, or when you are about to leave to maximise experience

                          • Anonymous

                            17 Jan 2018 09:02  

                            Getting blinded after wishing to have “enemies wiped from your sight” has gotta be one of the funniest jokes in the game.

                            • Anonymous

                              02 Jan 2018 23:31  

                              Hi, adding to the earlier comment (Summon it at Jahan) should also mention persuassion failure leads to combat in the first table.
                              Could also do it at Driftwood Marketplace but tend to have some neutral party to die along.

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Dec 2017 18:11  

                                Won with Strength check, picked wisdom... Got a child's coloring book filled with pictures of muscled Djinn calling the reader an idiot!

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