Witch is a preset class in Divinity: Original Sin II.


"An intimidating presence whose bone-chilling powers terrify friends and foe alike"



Leech: Absorb blood surfaces you step on, restoring Vitality 


Starting Skills

 Raise Bloated Corpse: Target a corpse to raise that fights for you and explodes on command

 Chloroform: Destroy Magic Armour in an attempt to set target as Sleeping

 Mosquito Swarm: Unleash mosquitoes that deal Physical damage to target while healing yourself



If you recruit a Fighter on the Lady Vengeance, you get Taylia, a female Undead Elf starting with:

 Rupture Tendons: Damage a target and cause them to take additional damage when moving

 Death Wish: Target gains damage bonus equal to lost Vitality, but receives Piercing damage each turn

 Living on the Edge: Vitality of target prevented from dropping to 0

 Infect: Deal Physical damage and infect a target with a disease that spreads to nearby enemies


Starting Gear

  • Backpack
  • Resurrection Scroll
  • Minor Healing Potion
  • Poison Flask



  • Consider choosing Elf as your race for this class, as Flesh Sacrifice produces a blood surface that can be consumed with Leech. Furthermore, with the talent "Elemental Affinity", the blood surface below you will lower your AP consumed for necromancer skills by 1 (however not below 1).

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    • Anonymous

      I think I finally found a way to make this class work. Focusing on finesse and using the ambidextrous talent allows me to dish out good hybrid damage without splitting up my stat allocations. It is versatile but it's also expensive to play and not very viable for earlier stages of the game.

      • Anonymous

        This combination isn't bad, but is difficult to do correctly. Mosquito Swarm being Intelligence based while Chloroform being Finesse based make a terrible combination on a single character. Not to mention the Magic and Physical damage will not be able to aid one another. I'd recommend having two separate characters with these skill sets rather than being set on a single character. The only Necromancer skills I would get for my Scoundrel combination are Bone Cage, Living on the Edge and Last Rites. After casting Rupture Tendon on your own ally, cast Living on the Edge. Have them cast Shackles of Pain on an enemy and You have one super dead enemy.

        • Picking up a point of hydrosophist on a witch allowed me to get the crafted scoundrel/hydrosophist vampiric hunger skill, and the blood rain skill, which worked well with leech and other necromancy skills and passives. Chloroform was fine for me for inflicting sleeping on low/no magic armor characters and for having an attack I could do from stealth, and to be able to contribute to magic armor attrition. Some characters, like Source Hounds at Fort Joy, have no magic armor at all, and sleeping can take them out of a fight for several turns while other things are dealt with, but their physical armor, health, and damage output are too much for a finesse character to deal with alone.

          • Anonymous

            Chloroform makes no sense. Both your abilities and your melee damage is geared towards physical, making a skill to destroy magic armor quite uninteresting

            • Anonymous

              This armor on female elf witch class preview (as well as elf wizard) was redesignet after release. Are there any ways to return beta look?

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