Withermoore's Soul Jar

Location Caverns
Suggested Level 4+
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Withermoore's Soul Jar is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. I agree to help Lord Withermoore destroy the Soul Jar, he told me of a lever located on the main floor of Fort Joy.



Important NPCs




  1. Speak with Lord Withermoore
  2. Find a way into Fort Joy Prison
  3. Enter the Ancient Passage
  4. Find and destroy the Soul Jar of Lord Withermoore.
  5. Meet him in Braccus Rex tower at the end of the Gargoyle Maze in order to clean the quest from your log. 




Play hide and seek with the little child called Mody. He can be found in the Caverns on the south of Fort Joy. After you've found Mody a second time, he will ask you to meet with his secret friend. You'll need shovel or a Lizard to uncover the the door near him. Speak with Lord Withermoore and remove the spear in his chest (reqs 12 Strength). After that, he will ask you to destroy the Soul Jar inside the Ancient Passage which is inside Fort Joy Prison.

There's several ways to enter Fort Joy Prison: 1) You can use the hatch near the Statue of the Divines Shrine at Fort Joy Ghetto after pressing the button on the Shrine. Once inside you will have to defeat the Houndmaster in the Holding Cells to get the Prison Key which will allow you to enter the locked door by the stairs 2) Use the Gloves of Teleportation acquired from the quest The Teleporter to teleport one of your party members to the second level of Fort Joy south to the gate guarded by 4 magisters. Put the ladder down and sneak into the The Flenser's Playground. 3) During the The Teleporter quest, in the Hidden Alcove, enter the cave on the beach that takes you to the Holding Cells where you will need to defeat the Houndmaster and get the Prison Key [The prison key is not on the Houndmasters body, but on the ground by a stool where the magisters were] 4) You can find the hatch near Migo on the beach after completing An Imprisoned Elf; use it to enter Underground Tunnel  which will lead you to the Holding Cells

Inside Fort Joy Prison, there is a secret lever at on your left-hand side when you enter the main room (it will be marked on your map). Pulling it will open a hatch leading to an Ancient Passage filled with traps. You can put the nearby vases on the vents to disarm them. Following the passage will lead you to a room filled with different Withermoore Soul Jars. The one you're looking to break is Withermoore the Supplicant. This frees the soul of Withermoore and updates your quest log. The other jars will spawn enemies or traps. Cold-Hearted Soul Jar freezes the entire room's floor (and maybe some of your characters). Yellow-bellied spawns 4 skeleton guardians on the sides of the room. Sage spawns 3 skeleton guardians. Noxious is an explosion trap.

If you freed Withermoore, he will help you lift a source barrier at Braccus Rex's Tower. (not the Dark Cavern) and grant you XP for finishing the quest.
To trigger Withermoore's help with the source barrier and close the quest, you must interact with the source barrier with a character without source points.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      23 Dec 2019 02:26  

      there is a small chance to get gloves with +1 thievery from the skeleton with the sword from the first set of skeletons, savescum at your own risk

      • Anonymous

        27 Sep 2019 22:56  

        You can pick up the jar from the pedestal to put into your inventory and deliver it right to the withermoore himself. You will have a dialogue with him where he would ask you to shatter the jar. You can refuse giving him the jar and upon that you will gain 1,400 points of experience and the fight will begin. The fight can be ended in single turn by placing the jar from the inventory onto the ground and breaking it by attacking, withermoore will instantly die and you will get yet another portion of experience: 1,400 points.

        • Anonymous

          09 Jul 2018 09:13  

          amm and also you can get one of the Armor set Braccus Rex . the greaves.. need 15 Wits to interact with the statue and this statue..

          • Anonymous

            19 May 2018 21:55  

            Withermoore's Soul Jar is with the one labeled Withermoore the Supplicant. You use the plaque, it starts the quest dialog. If you select the option to destroy the jar, you instantly get the 1,400 XP. The others are traps - fun fights for XP with skels.

            • Anonymous

              19 Apr 2018 15:16  

              after i find the Withermoore's Soul Jar then i still can activate the others jars-traps. That shouldnt be allowed it should givining 0 xp i mean what is the point to avoid traps when they are giving you xp?

              • Anonymous

                03 Jan 2018 17:49  

                So i destroyed the soul jar before i met with withermoore. Got no exp for it. Quest didn't start. Withermoore dead, kid sad

                • Anonymous

                  25 Dec 2017 01:13  

                  If you don't have a shovel, there is one in that area, right past the barricades near the first few wrecked boats at about (490, 515).

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Nov 2017 13:02  

                    ok, so I had same problem, helped the guy, took out spear, found his jar, smashed it, came back and looted his corpse, BUT q was still active in my q log, so I went to Braccus tower, at the source barrier I clicked turn off switch AND... nothing, q was in my q log still (I was reading ppls coments that he should come and help you). SO the problem was that you need to click that switch with char WHO DOES NOT HAVE source points, if u do click without sp, Withermoore will come to help u and finish the q, if u click WITH char who HAS sp then q will be open forever :)

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Oct 2017 18:17  

                      Unable to complete this quest. When I enter the ancient passage as soon as we pass the second jar covered trap and approach the stairs down to the statue area, toons/camera flies up thru the ceiling. X,Y on map shows toons are moving forward, but they appear to be walking above the ceiling. Broken.

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Oct 2017 21:30  

                        If the Houndmaster did not have the Prison Key on him, try looking for it on the floor. Just press "ALT" and you should see it.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Oct 2017 20:24  

                          We first tought we had a bug in this as well, since we completed the Whitermoor quest as well. Might have something to do with who started the quest. My friend re-entered the jail and went to the door before me and Whitermoor appeared finally o__o So try that I guess?

                          • Anonymous

                            01 Oct 2017 16:11  

                            Questjournal says "We destroyed Lord Withermoore's Soul Jar, freeing his soul".
                            But he was not there to help me to lift barrier (what a *****), i did it myself with sourcemagic.
                            He is just chilling there dead with this sad kid, and now this quest is still in my journal since you can't talk to dead-dead NPCs right and any version of Lord Withermoore who i could talk to to finish this quest is nowhere to be found...

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Sep 2017 18:41  

                              I broke quest. . . Remove Spear from Withermoore, told him i would help him, then Killed Withermoore, went to pick up his soul jar and it was empty, put empty soul jar in inventory and quest chain still active telling me where to locate his soul jar.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Sep 2017 02:15  

                                Everyone having problems with the jar, meanwhile I'm over here unable to get this hidden lever to appear. What the hell?

                                • Anonymous

                                  20 Sep 2017 09:32  

                                  I left the jar where it was after interacting with it and upon trying to use it again I received a new option. *place your hand on to the thrumming jar and absorb the soul.*
                                  Upon trying it burned my neck due to the collar stuck on me. So I'm wondering what will happen if I remove the collar and come back.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    18 Sep 2017 20:45  

                                    So, this isn't where Withermoore's quest actually ends. Once you escape Fort Joy, you can go to Necromancer's Tower, which is a maze near an Ice Dragon. Once you get to the door at the end, and ONLY if you don't have any source points, Wihermoore comes out, opens the door, and you get some XP and a finished quest.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      18 Sep 2017 07:47  

                                      Same as other posters, destroyed his jar and went back to find him, but he was just at his usual place, but dead. No help at all! Hope they fix this and the other quest bugs.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        17 Sep 2017 15:17  

                                        This kind of bugs are all over the game. Quests are not polished.
                                        If you freed Withermoore, he will help you lift a source barrier at Braccus Rex's Tower. <-- this never took place

                                        "We have left Reaper's Eye behind, without helping Lord Withermoore."

                                        "We destroyed Lord Withermoore's Soul Jar, freeing his soul."

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