Wizard is a preset class in Divinity: Original Sin II.


"A scholar in magic specialized in starting and ending battles with a flick of the wrist, exacting swift victory from a safe distance."



 Far Out Man: Increase the range of your skills and scrolls by 2m


Starting Skills

 Searing Daggers: Shoot three daggers, each dealing Fire damage and creating a fire surface

 Fossil Strike: Deal Earth damage and create an oil puddle in targeted area

 Ignition: Ignite enemies and surfaces around you, setting Burning and dealing Fire damage



If you recruit a Enchanter on the Lady Vengeance, you get Forrex, a male Lizard starting with:

 Fireball: Hurl a fiery sphere that explodes, dealing Fire damage in targeted area

Spontaneous Combustion : Deal Fire damage to target, dealing additional damage if already Burning

 Impalement: Impale enemies, dealing Earth damage, setting Crippled, and creating oil puddles

 Laser Ray: Fire a line of flames, dealing Fire damage and creating fiery clouds






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