Zaikk's Talon

Item Type Magical
Craftable No
Weight 0.03
Value 100

Zaikk's Talon is a magical item in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"The Black Ring have long studied the toxins that fester in the desiccated bodies of the Undead. Their charismatic necromancer Zaikk Dtell was the first to discover that by breaking off just one withered finger, a scheming villain can turn a potion of healing into one of poison..."


Zaikk's Talon is a magical tool that is used to turn healing potions into poison potions of the corresponding level, or to turn normal food & drink items into poisoned versions of themselves. This is useful for undead characters since poison heals them. Zaikk's Talon is never consumed, so there is no need to carry more than one. While it counts as a poison source for consumables, it doesn't work when combined with weapons, so you'll need to continue to use other poison sources to enchant weapons with the poison effect.


Where to find:

  • Zaikk's Talon can be found in the Hollow Marshes on the isle of Fort Joy.
  • Can be purchased from Zaleskar
  • Eithne the Undead Trader sells one.
  • Inside Dallis' Cabin on the Lady Vengeance, resting on a table.

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    • Anonymous

      For those wondering why there are 3 of this "unique" item. The reasoning is quite simple. One for a main undead that is NOT Fane. One for Fane, and one for the spider lady in Ryker's attic or second floor as a gift if you try to persuade her to you know...not kill ye. At least, that would be a guess on my part as those are the only real purposes of such an item, as they only have value for undead characters and the spider lady as the only 3 that it makes sense to have. Beyond that, that's really just a guess as for what makes the most sense. 1st is on the Houndmaster 2nd is on Zaleskar 3rd is on the other spider lady in the basement of driftwood

      • Yeah doesn't completely replace the Ooze Barrel because you can't combine it with weapons to add poison damage. (tip: poisoning a weapon increases it vendor sale price)

        • Anonymous

          This is not unique - you can both loot one from the dungeons, and purchase one from Zaleskar. But you only need 1.

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