Zillik is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Zillik information

  • Zillik is a prisoner in the underground tunnel prison cells. His cell is unlocked and he has no desire to leave



Zillik location



Notes and Tips

    • Anonymous

      05 Oct 2018 07:21  

      Zillik is speaking about Jahan, his old master, when he asks if you have seen a tall man with a black beard.. Choose the line, "Tell him that even if you had, you're in no hurry to help the likes of him." And Zillik responds, "Feisty! Well, don't mind me. I'm in no mood to meet 'im again, is all. Used to be his apprentice, but I'm much happier puttin' my feet up in the hole than chasing demons hither and thither."

      • Anonymous

        27 Sep 2017 20:14  

        Who does he speak of when he asks if you have seen a "tall man with a black beard"? I always thought it was Ifan, but now that I brought him for the first time he doesn't react to him.

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