Combat Abilities in Divinity Original Sin 2 are listed here. These abilities increase the character's effectiveness with various weapon types, boost their defence, or allow them to learn more Skills.


Combat Abilities


Ability Name Description Effects
Dual Wielding Duel Wielding increases damage and critical chance when dual-wielding one-handed weapons. +5% Damage and +1% Dodge Chance.
Ranged Ranged increase damage and accuracy with bows and crossbows. +5% Damage and +1% Critical Chance.
Single-Handed Single-handed increase damage with a one-handed weapon (dagger, sword, axe, mace or wand) with a shield or empty off-hand. +5% Damage and +2% Accuracy.
Two-Handed Two-Handed increase damage and critical multiplier with a two-handed melee weapon (Sword, axe, mace, spear or staff). +5% Damage and +5% Critical Multiplier.
Vitality Vitality increase your total amount of Vitality. +7% Vitality.
Aerotheurge Aerotheurge increase all damage you deal to Magic Armour. +10% Damage dealt to magic armor
Geomancer Geomancer increase all Physical Armour restoration and Poison damage that you cause. +5% Poison Damage. Restoring Physical Armour gets a +10% bonus.
Huntsman Huntsman increases all high ground damage. +5% Damage from high ground.
Hydrosophist Hydrosophist increase all healing and Magic Armour restoration that you cause. Healing increased by +10%. Restoring Magic Armour is increased by +10%.
Necromancer Necromancer heals you every time you deal damage damage to Vitality. Heal +10% of the damage dealt to Vitality.
Pyrokinetic Pyrokinetic increase all Fire damage you deal. +5% Fire Damage.
Scoundrel Scoundrel increase movement speed and boosts your Critical Modifier. +5% Critical Multiplier, +5% Movement speed.
Warfare Increases all damage you deal to Physical Armour. +10% Damage dealt to physical armor

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