Lohse Human Female
Mystic Jester  

Lohse is an Origin or Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Lohse's default class is Enchanter.



Lohse Information

  • You were never normal: mind a playground for demons, body prone to violent episodes. The Divine himself couldn't save you, can you save yourself?
  • Official spotlight video by Larian Studios can be found here.


  • If you do not select Lohse as an Origin, she located in a shrine inside Fort Joy.






Special Ability



Maddening Song




    1. Because Lohse possess the Talent: Ingenious, it is advised to play her as a Rogue or a Shadowblade.
    2. Interacting with Amadia Shrine can create a pool of healing water.


Lohse Quest

This quest is automatically acquired when played as Lohse. Find and talk to the elf named Saheila at Caverns. She will attempt to kill Sahiela so you will need to intervene and fight her or most of the cave will attack you. However, the fight will end as soon as Saheila dies so it's quite easy. Most everyone will leave the Caverns if you do this though, so you will not be able to do any quests related to anyone else there after that point so it be careful when you do it. You will lose lots of Attitude with her if you attack her and she might leave, so be sure to get it up a bit before speaking with Seheila.

Letting Lohse get low Vitality will also stop the fight and Sahelia will continue talking to Lohse, you'll still lose reputation with everyone that participated in the fight so it's recommended to leave the cave with everyone but Lohse if you're gonna do it this way since that's the easiest way to get them to focus Lohse and the other party members wont lose Reputation.

Alternatively, you can leave the cave during the fight and all NPCs will remain in the cave and alive and Saheila will have a dialog with Lohse to continue on (edit by Psyblack)

At the Holding Cell of Fort Joy, you can find a dwarf named Zillik, he suggests Lohse meet his master to the north of Driftwood.

At a house in Cloisterwood, there is a Demon Hunter named Jahan, he will help Lohse in her situation.

On Bloodmoon island, kill The Advocate when you dealt with the Black Ring members.

After you killed the Advocate, Cast Spirit Vision and talk to the Spirit of the tree to learn the name Jahan is after. (You need to learn the name of the tree first. It's one a book called archivist's journal in the northeast vault.)

(Entrance of the Vault)

Report to Jahan that the Advocate has died and you have the name of the demon to complete the quest. If Lohse is with you, Jahan will try to cure her but failed. He agrees to join you on Lady Vengeance and face the demon later.

The demon is on the city of Arx (after you finish the Nameless Island act), when you arrive, talk to Jahan and he tried to defeat The Demon alone, after that you also need to talk to Malady so that we can speak with her when we arrive at the doctor's house. If you want to enter the doctor house you need to do something first, either you kill Isabel(a female dwarf) or after you free Arhu inside of Lord Kemm's Vault. When get the invitation go to the doctor house (The Black house) and at the entrance you get to meet Malady again. Speak to her and she will teleport you to the Demon's Dimension, when you walk with Malady there will be Candles, Snuff it out, screw moral decision even after you snuff all of the candle its health still stuck at 11k with tons of armor. After you snuff all the candle go inside and kill his nurse first (use physical damage, the nurse has a lot of magic armor but has a small amount of physical armor), the nurse will keep buffing the demon with haste and fortifying. After you defeat all of the nurses speak to the Doctor and he will reveal his true form on his first turn. Try to use your source as fast as you can, since he can consume yours. After you defeat the demon there is a small surprise for you from Loshe. You can go to his cellar(inside the room filled with corpses) and find Jahan locked up inside. There is also a lot of cabinet being locked by magic, and yet a simple lockpick can still unlock it. One of the cabinet yield Kwyn's armor that gives you the ability to fly.


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    • Anonymous

      19 Sep 2017 02:11  

      Lohse has an amazing questline following her 'passenger' and the bit with the cave is wrong you don't have to attack the elf you can knock out lohse and she thanks you for it

      • Anonymous

        16 Sep 2017 17:06  

        I dismissed Lohse from my party (to pick up Sebille and have her eat some corpses just in case it provided quest info). Now she is gone. She is not near the shrine in Fort Joy nor is she near the Shrine of Amadia (my next best guess).

        • Anonymous

          09 May 2017 15:00  

          Lohse's portrait is incorrect as well. The settings of her in-game model are the Posessed skin, Head 8, Hair 7, and Brewer hair color.

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