Divinity Original Sin 2 Character Information includes links to attributes (stats), status effects and Origin. Divines can use this information to optimize their characters by selecting the right combination of stats and perks, as well as identifying possible Companions.



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    • Anonymous

      I always use the skill book crafting chart on this site to form my party make up. It's really fun to have combo-skills, such as the traps for a huntsman with pyro can use, or smoke cloud for a rogue when it has scoundrel and aero. I usually focus one skill tree per character, (for strong damage) but improve and acquire utility from other trees. Polymorph has some amazing utility, and I can't stress how strong the Aerothurge tree is for its dodge buff and teleport. Whatever you choose - consult that chart and pick some unique skills!

      • Anonymous

        Hydrosphist link is broken, its here: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Hydrosophist+Skills

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