Dwarf are a playable race in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


"Dwarves are fiercely nationalistic followers of their empress. Their proud society reveres Source and is clan-based, deeply divided between haves and have-nos. You'll encounter them along your journey and identify them by the stubbiness of their legs and boisterous voices, you can always count on them to lighten the mood or the load on your back, but tread carefully, their proud upbringing has been a perfect catalyst for their take no prisoners nature when dealing with smart alecks."



 Sturdy: Gain +10% max Vitality and +5% Dodging

 Dwarven Guile: Gain +1 Sneaking



Special Ability

 Petrifying Touch: Turn a target to stone, dealing Earth damage and incapacitating it

 Dome of Protection: Create a magic field that increases elemental resistance & restores Magic/Physical Armor




  • ?? Quest affected by this.
  • ?? Dialogue option affected by this.

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