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Beast (Marcus Miles) is a Companion in Divinity Original Sin 2.  Beast's default class is Battlemage.


Origin Story

"I was just thinking about someone I used to know. My cousin. The queen, in fact. A tyrant. I tried to stop her but - things don't always go according to plan. She cast me out to a forgotten island, and made short work of my allies, too. Lucky for me, I was able to commandeer a ship, and began a new life for myself, out on the high seas. But I hear the Queen is at it again - and there's something darker behind her madcap schemes this time. If I don't stop her, I don't know who will."

Beast Information

  • "Your failed rebellion against the Queen nearly destroyed you - so you began a new life on the high seas. Now, your old enemy is back. If you don't stop her, no one will."


  • To the west of Fort Joy, on the beach, working on a ship wreck.
  • After progressing far enough in the story he may also be located in the Sanctuary of Amadia, even before you actually discover that location.
  • Can also be recruited on the Lady Vengeance, after fighting Alexandar. Beast can be found wandering around the middle deck, inspecting the ship.
  • If Beast is not in your party before fighting Dallis on Lady Vengeance, he will die and can no longer be recruited.



  • Sturdy Sturdy gives you +10% max Vitality and +5% Dodging
  • Dwarven Guile Dwarven Guile gives you +1 in Sneaking.



Special Skills

Petrifying Touch

Blinding Squall



  1. When playing beast it is wise to spec into magic damage, as both this innate Dwarven ability and his origin ability do magic damage.


Beast Quest


Beast can be found at a shipwreck, west of Fort Joy. Invite him to your team to start his quest.

At Fort Joy Arena, a friend of Beast will give him a key to Fort Joy prison.

After you escaped Fort Joy, let beast speak to Duggan in the Sanctuary of Amadia to learn the location of Lohar.

If Beast is not on your team when you fight Dallis on Lady Vengeance, he cannot be recruited afterward. (He will later compete with you at the Arena of the One on Nameless Isle)

When you reached Reaper's Coast, find Lohar at undertavern. Finish the quest Shadow over Driftwood, you will learn that deathfog crates on peacekeeper have been shipped to Arx.

On nameless Isle, persuade Beast to aid you to become the next Divine.

At Arx, help Beast dealing with Queen Justinia on The Secrets of the Dwarves.

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    • Anonymous

      Little tip: He's a captain. This means you can use him to convince pirates & other sailors to agree with you (Beast) in conversation, both getting more EXP, avoiding combat & also you can open the speaking door at the pirate ship wreck by cussing the door out as Beast. It's HILARIOUS.

      • Anonymous

        If you dismiss him on Fort Joy, he might go to the seeker camp (Amadia's sactuary or whatever), rather than where you first found him. Not sure what triggers this.

        • Anonymous

          Dwarves are geared to Best start as a Battlemage being that they start with Sturdy (+10% Max HP and +5% Dodging) Petrifying Touch (Earth Damage Touch Ranged Spell) and Blinding Squall (Air Damage Area Blind) if you play as BEAST or if you make a Custom Character (Regardless of race) you get Dome of Protection (restores Phys and Magic Armor to Allies in Area, lasts about 5 turns) making them A) Hard to hit or lock down with CC (stuns, knockdown etc.) but also B) Hard to hit (Ranged or Melee Basic Attacks) their survive-ability makes them tough to deal with on the front lines of any battle field.

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