Lohse Human Female
Mystic Jester  

Lohse is an Origin or Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Lohse's default class is Enchanter.


Origin Story

"All my life I've been a performer, a musician; beloved and celebrated by all. But I have a secret: I'm also a playground for sprites and spirits and... worse. The voice that rings inside me now is darker than any that came before. Almost caused a bunch of my fans to rip each other to pieces... But you can trust me: I've got this under control. Step one: Find out who - or what - is trying to take control of my mind. Step two: Make it sorry it ever tried."


Lohse Information

  • "You were never normal: mind a playground for demons, body prone to violent episodes. The Divine himself couldn't save you, can you save yourself?"
  • Official spotlight video by Larian Studios can be found here


  • If you do not select Lohse as an Origin, she is located near the shrine inside Fort Joy. While still in Act 1, she can be found at Amadia's Sanctuary, in the fountain (purified). She'll be inside the fountain, so it can be easy to miss depending on where exactly she's standing, due to the steam.
  • Can also be recruited on the Lady Vengeance, after fighting Alexandar. Lohse can be found on the lowest deck, close to the Magic Mirror.
  • If Lohse is not in your party before fighting Dallis  on Lady Vengeance, she will die and can no longer be recruited.






Special Ability


warfare encourage iconEncourage

maddening song iconMaddening Song



Lohse Quest

This quest is automatically acquired when playing as Lohse. Find and talk to the elf named Saheila at the Caverns. Lohse will attempt to kill Saheila (regardless of succeeding persuasion checks) so you will need to intervene and fight her. Note that most of the NPCs in the cave will attack you. However, the fight will end as soon as Saheila dies. Almost everyone will leave the Caverns if you do this though, so you will not be able to complete any quests related to the NPCs here after that point, so be careful in making the decision to kill Saheila. You will lose a lot of Attitude (-95) with Saheila if you attack her and she might leave, so be sure to increase her Attitude before or after speaking with her.

Alternatively, allowing Lohse to take damage and get low on Vitality will also stop the fight. Sahelia will survive and continue talking to Lohse using this approach. However, you will still lose Attitude with the NPCs for all party members that participated in the fight, so it is recommended for your party to leave the cave with the exception of Lohse.

If Lohse is your companion, during the conversation with Saheila your character has the choice between attacking Lohse or Saheila. Attacking Saheila leads to the fight with the rest of the NPCs in the cave. But siding with Saheila would lead to Lohse turning hostile. In order to calm her down, simply lower her vitality enough to trigger the next dialogue.

Additionally, you can leave the cave during the fight. All NPCs will remain in the cave alive and Saheila will continue to initiate dialog with Lohse.

At the Holding Cell of Fort Joy, you can find a dwarf named Zillik, he will suggest Lohse to meet his master at the north of Driftwood.

Near the house in Cloisterwood, there is a Demon Hunter named Jahan, he agrees to help Lohse with her situation, if she agrees to help him with his mission first. See A Hunter of Wicked Things quest.

On Bloodmoon Island, kill The Advocate after you have dealt with the Black Ring members.

After you kill The Advocate, Cast Spirit Vision and talk to the Spirit of the tree to learn the name Jahan is after. (You need to learn the name of the tree first. It's in a book called Archivist's journal in the northeast vault.)


Entrance to the Vault

Report to Jahan that the Advocate is dead and you have the name of the demon to complete the quest. If Lohse is with you, Jahan will try to cure her but he will fail. He agrees to join you on Lady Vengeance and face the demon later.

The remainder of the description below can be found in "Doctor's Orders".

The demon is in the city of Arx (Act 4), when you arrive, talk to Jahan and he will reveal his plans to attempt to defeat the demon alone, after that you also need to talk to Malady so that the party can meet her at the doctor's house. If you want to enter the doctor's house you need to do something first, either you kill Isbeil (a female dwarf) or free Arhu inside of Lord Kemm's Vault. When get the invitation go to the doctor's house (The Black house) and at the entrance you will meet Malady again. Speak to her and she will teleport you to the Demon's Dimension, while you will encounter candles, each containing the soul of a victim the demon has taken residence within. You are then given a choice: snuff the candles or not. Moral decisions aside, snuffing the candles out makes the fight much, much easier but grants less XP. After choosing what to do with the candles, go inside and try to kill the nurses first, as they will keep buffing the demon with haste and fortifying (each nurse has little or no physical armor, making physical attacks incredibly effective). After you defeat all the nurses speak to the Doctor and he will reveal his true form on his first turn. Try to use your source as fast as you can, since he can consume yours. After you defeat the demon there is a small surprise for you from Lohse. You can go to doctor's cellar (inside the room filled with corpses) and find Jahan locked up inside. There are also cabinets locked by magic, but luckily your lockpicks can still unlock them. One of the cabinets yield Kwyn's armor that gives you the ability to fly.


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    • Anonymous

      I think a prankster spammer is on the loose. There's a history excerpt about a sandwich shop on this page now.

      • Anonymous

        All characters get some unique reward for their quest. In Loshe's case, it's an amazing lute skill that mass hastes or blesses the party. It's not obvious how to get (and keep it), but do pay attention to lutes!

        • Anonymous

          FYI, you can ignore the entirety of Lohse's quest on Fort Joy. Malady will direct you to Jahan once you arrive in Reaper's Coast. (Just FYI in case you really, really don't want to kill Saheila in the cave.)

          • Anonymous

            The part with Migo isn't correct. He won't attack you, if you have the Yarrow flower in your inventory, speak with him, then offer him the flower and he'll give you his ring. What you do with it, is up to you, but to advance his quest, you should give it to his daughter, Magister Yarrow (his little Yarrow girl). The flower can be found pretty easilly, so there's really no point in him attacking you. For solving this quest, Yarrow will give you the key to Fort Joy's main gate (where Magister Boris stands).

            • Anonymous

              I love this character, and his quest is so badass. I think she is the most optimistic character in the group.. But at the end of the game, it's really weird his behavior, I don't know if you saw his epilogue, I don't dare to spoil.

              • Anonymous

                I'm playing as Sebille, and until a few minutes ago, I wasn't sure that Lohse wouldn't someday literally stab me in the back, but after our conversation following Jahan's failed exorcism, I am happy to announce that Sebille and Lohse are the committed lesbian couple that will save the world, and I (Sebille) will cut anyone who tries to hurt my girl.

                • Anonymous

                  In the definitive edition, we aren't given a choice. Malady will refuse to talk to you without Lohse. And Lohse will always choose to snuff out the candles.

                  • Anonymous

                    im playing as loshe and whenever i try talking to malady outside the doctor's house, or the door to the house, they act as im not playing as loshe, anyone know how to fix this?

                    • Anonymous

                      Here is what I did to save Loshe without committing the candle-snuffing mass killing:
                      1:Using loshe to unlock the doctor's black house, then send her far away(else the demon will posses her when the fighting starts) .
                      2:My main (lv 20 warrior summoner healer), my boys Ifan and The Prince stormed the house and turned it into a demon slaughter house. The fight was very hard (tactician difficulty) but felt so good and epic. Remember to bring the God-Killer sword given by Tarquin.
                      Downside was that when I refused Malady's plan, Loshe gave a -30 attitude. Dont know if killing doctor this way causes any bugs, so far Malady keeps saying she need to talk to Loshe again and again.

                      • Anonymous

                        After I finished Act 1 I diceded to abandon Lohse and took Fein with me to proceed to Driftwood. Then I killed Lohse to take back all valuable loot. I know, my bad :) However, when I reached the Arena of the One I met...Lohse! And guess what: she, like Fein, was now an undead. Does anyone know wtf happened to her?

                        • Anonymous

                          Lohse has an amazing questline following her 'passenger' and the bit with the cave is wrong you don't have to attack the elf you can knock out lohse and she thanks you for it

                          • Anonymous

                            I dismissed Lohse from my party (to pick up Sebille and have her eat some corpses just in case it provided quest info). Now she is gone. She is not near the shrine in Fort Joy nor is she near the Shrine of Amadia (my next best guess).

                            • Anonymous

                              Lohse's portrait is incorrect as well. The settings of her in-game model are the Posessed skin, Head 8, Hair 7, and Brewer hair color.

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