Encourage allies around you, increasing their primary attributes.

 Set Enouraged for 3 turn(s).

 Costs 0 Memory cldwn6


Encourage is a Special Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.



Encourage Spell Book Location

  • This skill is granted automatically to any Human character.



Encourage Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Encourage increases Strength, Finese, Constitution, and Intelligence by +1. Primary attributes will be increased even greater as the Character's combat level increases. (+2 to all Primary attributes, +3 to all primary attributes, etc...)
  • Improved scaling of Attribute buff from Encourage. E.g. +2 to Primary attributes at L7 as of Patch v3.0.168.526



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    • Anonymous

      One of the best abilities in the game. Don't underestimate this ability. A 3-4 human party allows you to keep dishing out damage and LARGE aoe heals. Works really well in support of crit builds bc you need flat stats. Have restoration on all characters (imho) and use encourage as an aoe heal AND as a backup in the event of decay when you cant fortify. The heals are crazy once you get some levels. Just a +3 constitution is amazing when you go from 10-13. That's almost 1/3rd hp.

      • Anonymous

        You can do the same trick mentioned below to equip items you dont have stats for after a1 with the respec mirror, by putting the points needed in to equip, getting the stats (str/fin/int) needed to equip from the item, then taking the points out and putting them wherever you want.

        To reiterate, the item must replace the stat loss when the buff/respec goes away off or you will unequip.

        • Here is a Trick for you that this skill makes easier to do. You can use it to enable you to equip items that you don’t meet the prerequisites for if the item itself allows you to meet the requirements after the skill ends.

          For example, both Migo’s Breastplate and The Viper’s Tongue require 11 Str but give you +1 when equipped. So if you only have 10 you can cast encourage and equip them, and when it ends the +1 bonus from the item lets you keep it equipped.

          I took this a step further with some +1 Thievery 11str req gloves I found. When I wanted to steal from someone I just cast encourage, equipped The Viper’s Tongue on Sebille, and now she can wear the gloves while she’s stealing.

          • Anonymous

            Very useful skill throughout the whole game. Use it for persuasion attempts, aswell as during fights. Since you gain constitution, it also acts as a heal by increasing your hitpoints for all characters affected.

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