Pre-Release news, leaks and other information about features and gameplay of Divinity Original Sin 2 is summarised below. This page will be updated regularly, so make sure to check back from time to time to catch the updates.


Divinity Original Sin 2 Pre-Release Information

  • Release Date: September 14, 2017
  • Platforms: PC (confirmed) & Consoles (TBA)
  • New Features:
    • Height - An important new element to your combat. Gives you a range/damage advantage or disadvantage depending on where you are vertically, in comparison to your enemy. An update to the UI shows that when performing ranged/magic attacks, players can see a Yellow Circle (= normal range), and a much greater Green Circle (= extended range due to height).


    • Source Points - A new combat resource in addition to Action Points (AP) that are needed to use "Source Skills" or source magic. You can collect SP by walking into Source circles that are located around the map during combat. 


    • Modifying Surfaces - While not exactly a new feature itself (you could alter surfaces in Divinity Original Sin to change its nature), in Divinity Original Sin 2 this system is further enhanced by allowing you new ways to modify the surfaces. For example you can now bless or curse surfaces below (e.g. fire or toxic) for added healing or damage to yourself/ your foes. For more info, check out the Environmental Effects page.


    • Magic Armor - In addition to your physical armor, there is now also a seperate rating for armor protection against magic. This is shown as a blue Magic Armor value on the bottom of the screen, right next to your physical armor. As long as your magic armor is up, you will have greater immunity to status effects like charm, stun, fear etc. 

    • Curved Attack Path - For arrows shot using bows. In , arrows only shot in a straight line, so if there was any small obstacle (like a barrel even) blocking your path, your arrow would hit that instead of the enemy behind. However in DOS2, the Bows can now shooot in a curved path (upwards curve) allowing you to shoot over such obstacles, depending on your height. So this is very handy!

    • PvP - Up to 4 players can play at once, including playing against each other in PvP mode. They will fight in PvP arenas. It remains to be seen whether this is Local-PvP or Online PvP. More details will be added when available.
    • VR Support - Possible goggle-less VR support for DOS2 like there was for Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

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