Huntsman skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are ranged skills often performed with Ranged Weapons. They are similar to Divinity: Original Sin's Expert Marksman skill line, dealing physical damage and in some instances piercing damage, that bypasses enemy armour. Huntsman Skills benefit from Finesse. Since this school dedicates to Ranged player, it is recommended to not put point in this school unless there is a Bow-user in your team. Extra point from Gears can be used to get First Aid, a strong healing/buff ability that can be used with any other schools.


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Divinity Original Sin 2 Huntsman Skills


Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description
huntsman 15 4
Elemental Arrowheads
Target a surface in melee radius. For two turns, elemental damage matching that surface is added to your ranged weapon attacks and ranged weapon-based skills.
hunstman skills s1 1 AP - 4 - -  3m -

huntsman first aid icon
First Aid

Heals target for [X] Vitality. Cures Crippled, Knocked Down, Blind, Silenced, Bleeding, Burning, Poisoned, Diseased.
hunstman skills s1 1 AP -


- -  8m

Restore [X] Vitality. Set Rested for 1 turn(s).

huntsman ricochet icon

Fire a normal arrow that deals 90% Physical Damage and then finds another target within 5m. Forks up to 2 times.
hunstman skills s1 1 AP2 - 4 - Fin  13m Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

huntsman pin down icon
Pin Down

Deals 120% damage and Cripple target character.
hunstman skills s1 1 AP3 - 3 physical armour icon Fin  13m

Set Crippled for 1 turn(s).

huntsman 15 0
Reactive Shot

Target a circular area. Until your next turn, you will reflexively shoot at the first three enemies moving within this area.
hunstman skills s2 1 AP2 - 2 - -  13m Set Reactive Shot for 1 Turn(s)

huntsman barrage icon

Fire three arrows at three targets of your choice, each dealing 60% damage.
hunstman skills s2 1 AP3 - 3 - Fin  13m Damage is based on your basic attack and receive a bonus from Finesse.

huntsman tactical retreat icon
Tactical Retreat

Apply haste to yourself, then teleport away from imminent danger.
hunstman skills s2 1 AP - 4 - -  13m Set Hasted for 1 Turn(s)

huntsman 15 2
Ballistic Shot

A shot that deals 100% physical damage and receives 5% bonus damage per 1m distance to target
hunstman skills s2 1 AP2 - 4 - Fin  13m -

huntsman piercing shot icon
Marksman's Fang

Shoot an arrow that goes straight through enemies. Each enemy that's hit takes [x] damage, ignoring armour.
hunstman skills s2 1 AP2 - 2 - Fin  13m -

huntsman 15 1
Sky Shot

Leap into the air before shooting, gaining damage bonuses for your superior height. Deals 100% Physical Damage
hunstman skills s2 1 AP2 - 3 - Fin  20m This skill receives high ground bonuses regardless of elevation.

huntsman mark icon
Glitter Dust

Target is marked, reducing its ability to dodge. Prevents target from going invisible.
hunstman skills s3 1 AP - 3 - -  13m Set Marked for 3 turn(s)
huntsman snipe icon
Attacking your target with meticulous aim, dealing 115% damage in one shot. When performed from stealth, this attack gains a 50% damage increase.
hunstman skills s3 1 AP3 - 5 - Fin  13m -

huntsman arrow spray icon
Arrow Spray

Fire 16 arrows in a 60 degree arc. Each arrow deals 40% damage.
hunstman skills s3 2 AP3 SP 5 - Fin  13m -

huntsman 15 24

Increase the range of a targeted character's ranged attacks and skills by 4m.
hunstman skills s3 2 AP SP 3 - -  13m Set Farsight for 3 Turn(s).

huntsman 18 4
Arrow Storm

16 arrows fall from the sky in the target area, each dealing 50% damage.
hunstman skills s5 3 AP3 SP3 2 - Fin  13m

Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

2m Explode Radius


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    • Anonymous

      Just to point out that Huntsman damage bonus works on ALL damage types, physical and magical and piercing, as long as they are ranged attacks/skills and there is a height advantage compared to the target.
      Also its damage bonus is calculated at the "end" of the damage formula so it increases total damage done (similar to how Warfare works) and not just base damage.

      • Anonymous

        I got to say, Ifan ben mezd actually is a good archer because he is one of the only archers (actually, Wayferrer)

        • Anonymous

          If you are standing right in front of a target, you can use arrow spray as if it was a shotgun effect hitting them easily with 10+ arrows

          • Anonymous

            I think a Huntsman/Conjurer would be awesome. The whole keep away strategy here is so obvious, and with conjurers having those turrents/totems deployable every round i can really see this turning into a artillery firing line real quick.

            • Anonymous

              I have a full-huntsman elf build going, it's ridiculous how much damage I can do with just an Epic XBow I found. Chuck a rune or two on there, and you're dealing elemental damage + height advantage. I can get through most interactions now (level 17) without enemies ever getting through my armors.

              • Anonymous

                Some ask Warfare or Huntsman?

                While it is false that Huntsman's gives 1% crit (that comes from Ranged Skill) I think is worth spending points in Huntsman instead of Warfare if you use bows / crossbows. As someone pointed out, damage from ranged is not only physical but also has a great amount of elemental damage. And, if you're hybrid ranged / magic, the bonus from heigth will apply also to your spells. Isn't that awesome?

                • Anonymous

                  Assassinate gets it's bonus damage from stealth, does that have to be stealth like the chameleon ability in polymorph or does sneaking count as stealth too? If so then does it also stack with the bonus damage from the Guerilla talent making it do a bonus of 90% damage when sneaking?

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