Pyrokinetic Skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are Intelligence-based. These skills are fiery hot and are sure to sizzle up your enemies to a nice medium-roast. Many of the skills in this category deal AoE damage. Those who master Pyrokinetics can deal large amounts of damage per hit, and also cause damage over time through the Status Effect Burning.


Pyrokinetic Skill Books


Divinity Original Sin 2 Pyrokinetic Skills

Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description


Sets Hasted on target character. Hasted increases movement speed by 2m per AP and gives an additional 1 AP per turn. Clears Slowed and Crippled.
pyrokinetic1 1 - 3 - -  13m Set Hasted for 2 turn(s).


Sets enemy characters around you on fire. Deals [X] fire damage to each. Ignites all susceptible surfaces.
pyrokinetic1 1 - 2 magic-armour Int  -- Set Burning for 2 turn(s).

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Target gains Clear-Minded, which increases Strength, Finesse, Intelligence by (X) and Wits by (Y)*. Removes Blinded, Terrified, Charmed, Taunted, Sleeping, Enraged and Mad.

*Effect is based on your level. Y is generally 2X or 2X + 1.
pyrokinetic1 1 - 3 - -  13m Set Clear-Minded for 3 turn(s).

Searing Daggers
Searing Daggers

Shoot 3 flaming daggers at targets of your choice, each creating a fire surface and dealing [X] fire damage
pyrokinetic1 1 - 3 magic-armour Int  13m Set Burning for two turns. 1m Explode radius

Bleed Fire

Enemies will bleed fire when hit. Also creates a small fire area beneath each target and ignites surfaces in the area.
1 - 3 magic-armour Int  13m Set Bleed Fire for 3 turn(s).

Corpse Explosion

Explode the target corpse, dealing physical damage in the area
1 - 4 - - 13m  Blows up your target.


If target character is carrying grenades or arrows, a random one explodes in their inventory.
1 - 1 - -  13m Explodes 1 random Arrow(s) or Grenade(s) on target's inventory.

Sparking Swings

Receive Sparkstriker status. This causes your melee attacks to create a spark projectile that bounces off the initial target to hit the closest enemy. Has 4 charges.
1 - 5 - -  -- Set Sparkstriker for 3 turn(s).
Throw Explosive Trap
Throw an explosive trap at target locations. Trap takes a turn to activate. When active, trap will explode when a character approaches it.
1 - 3 - -  13m 3m Explode Radius


Hurl a fiery sphere that will explode, dealing [X] Fire Damage.
pyrokinetic2 1 - 4 magic-armour Int  13m Set Burning for 2 turn(s). 3m Explode Radius
Spontaneous Combustion
Spontaneous Combustion
Deal [X] Fire Damage to target character. If the character is affected by Burning or Necrofire, remove those statuses and deal additional damage for each turn of duration remaining.
pyrokinetic2 1 - 3 - Int  13m -

Fire Whip

Long-range attack that deals [X] Fire Damage to a single target, leaving them blind and burning.
pyrokinetic2 1 - 3 magic-armour Int  8m Set Burning for 1 Turn(s).
Set Blinded for 1 Turn(s)

Laser Ray

Line of intense heat that deals [X] Fire Damage to characters and leaves fire clouds behind.
pyrokinetic2 1 - 3 magic-armour Int  20m Set Burning for 2 turn(s).


Explode, creating fire surfaces and dealing [X] Fire Damage in a large area around you. (Except areas blocked by obstacles)
pyrokinetic2 1 - 6 - Int  -- -

Flaming Tongues

Flaming tongues protect you, immediately attacking approaching enemies.
pyrokinetic2 1 - 5 - - --  Set Flaming Tongues for 3 turn(s).

Mass Corpse Explosion
Explode all corpses around you, dealing physical damage in the area
2 2 - -  -- Blows up your target.

Mass Corpse Explosion
Master of Sparks

Target character and surrounding allies receive Sparkmaster status that adds a chance of fiery sparks to melee attacks.
2 5 - -  13m Set Sparkmaster for 2 turn(s). 3m Explode Radius

Mass Corpse Explosion
Mass Sabotage

Explode two random grenades or arrows in the inventories of any enemy in a target circle.
2 5 - -  13m Explodes 2 random Arrow(s) or Grenade(s) on target's inventory.

Deploy Mass Traps
Throw 4 explosive traps at target locations. Each trap takes a turn to activate. When active, trap will explode when a character approaches it.
2 5 - -  13m 3m Explode Radius

Summon Fire Slug
Summon a Fire Slug. Your Fire Slug can create fire surfaces and launch linear fire attacks.
pyrokinetic3 2 6 - -  13m The stats of the summon will depend on the caster's level and summoning ability. Duration 5 turns.

Flaming Crescendo

Curse the target to explode in 1 turns or on death.
pyrokinetic3 1 - 5 magic-armour  -  13m Set Flaming Crescendo for 1 turn(s). 3m Explode Radius

Epidemic of Fire

Fire a cursed flame that will fork on impact up to 5 times, dealing [X] Fire Damage and leaving a cursed fire surface in its wake.
pyrokinetic3 3 6 magic-armour Int  13m Set Necrofire for 2 turn(s).


An aura that adds [X] fire damage to weapon skills and attacks for all allies near you.
pyrokinetic3 1 - 3 - -  -- 8m Radius

Meteor Shower

25 fireballs come crashing from the sky. Each does [X] Fire Damage within a 3m range from impact.
pyrokinetic5 3 4 - Int  13m 3m Explode Radius


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