Sanctuary of Amadia (also known as Amadia's Sanctuary) is a sub-area of The Hollow Marshes in Divinity: Original Sin 2. See Locations for other areas.


Sanctuary of Amadia

 amadiassanctuary annotated

Notes & Tips

  • Upon arriving, you must speak to Bahara, at (6), and afterwards she lets down a rope for you to enter.
    • The Red Prince has unique dialogue with Bahara.
    • If you approach from the north entrance, you must ring the bell to summon Bahara.
    • If you first enter the area with a self-teleport skill, Bahara will force you out and have a lesser opinion of you.

General Information

Map Legend

  1. Kerban (Necromancer and Summoning)
  2. Samadel (Pyrokinetic vendor)
  3. Simone (Hydrosophist vendor)
  4. Exter (Polymorph and Scoundrel)
  5. Gareth (Geomancer and Warfare, roams)
  6. Bahara (Huntsman vendor)
  7. Gratiana (Aerotheurge vendor)
  8. Duggan & Leya
  9. Sir Lora (if disbanded)
  1. Entrance from The Hollow Marshes



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