Most Dangerous When Cornered

Location Ruined Castle
Suggested Level 5

Most Dangerous When Cornered is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2. 

This quest can either be automatically acquired when you approach the ancient ruins on the north of the island or by speaking to the seekers at Amadia's Sanctuary, after you've escaped from Fort Joy.

Important NPCs



  • Save Gareth from the attacking magisters



  • After you escaped from Fort Joy, go the northern part of the island. 

    • You may run into some burning pigs, this is part of a seperate quest; move through this area with caution, as the pigs can set off environmental hazards littered about the area, so move carefully if you chose to pass through here.

  • In the ruins to the north, you will encounter a group of magisters laying siege to Gareth with a shrieker guarding the western entrance. Do not go near it, as it will cause instant death. You can bypass it by climbing some vines either south or north of the shrieker to reach the ramparts around the ruin. You can then climb down the ladder where you will encounter a group of magisters on a lower level or walk to the north to join Gareth.

    • Depending on your progress in the shriekers you may be able to destroy the shrieker blocking Tarlene's path; she will then join you and Gareth in the fight against the magisters, climbing up to the ramparts near where the magister and Gareth are facing off.

  • Depending on where you enter the ruins, and who you first talk to, you will either be entered into combat with the magisters immediately or have an opportunity to dissuade some of them, either:

    • Sneak to the north and talk to Gareth to initiate combat with the magisters

    • Approach from the south to have the leader of the magisters confront you; you can then either convince him by a persuasion check to leave the area, or initiate combat.

  • Once the fighting is done, Gareth asks you to meet him in Sanctuary of Amadia.


Tips & Tricks

  • Letting Gareth get killed will have some impact on later game, as he is present in all four acts, but will also have short term consequences, as the seeker Leya will not remove the source collars from the party.

    • This can be circumvented by using a special dialogue option of  Lohse's.

  • If you are having trouble with the fight, either in keeping Gareth alive or beating the magisters, consider either using the persuasion check to convince the four magisters in the courtyard to leave, or starting the fight from closer to Gareth, allowing him to divert aggro and putting him within range of support skills.

  • To bypass Gareth's scripted wind knockback use the ramparts around the ruin to move to Gareth, then come down the ladder to the north-east of his position, leaving you just behind his position.

  • If you intend to complete Healing Touch you should do so before clearing the magisters next to Gareth; while the magisters at the gate won't progress the quest, the last four will result in the unhealed patient dying before you can heal them.



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