Proving Ground

Ghechswol the Arena Master
Location The Academy
Suggested Level 17
Next Quest  n/a
Previous Quest The Driftwood Arena

Proving Ground is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Entering the portal, you face yet another challenge similar to the other trials of the One back at Driftwood and Fort Joy. Will you triumph and be worthy of the title of "The One"?



Important NPCs



Proving Ground Objectives

  1. Enter the portal.
  2. Speak to the Arena Master.
  3. Challenge the Great Guardian.
  4. Report back to the Arena Master.



Proving Ground Walkthrough

In the Teacher's Hall at the Academy, there is a door that can be opened with the Key of the One which you get after fighting in the Driftwood Arena. The door can also be lockpicked. Upon entering the room beyond, which is called "Armaments of the One", you will immediately be awarded 27,900 Exploration XP. Head towards the portal and enter it.

Upon entering the portal, you will gain another 41,850 Exploration XP. Continue onward and you will see the body of a dead bird. Cast Spirit Vision to see the spirit of the bird, and speak to her. Agree to her challenge to fight some battle-hardened construct.

Enter the vast chamber, and you'll find a huge guardian there called "The Great Guardian", along with 2 Eternal Protectors and 2 Eternal Sentinels. He will demand you leave, and if you try to move closer, he will initiate combat. It is not a difficult fight, and once you kill the Great Guardian, all the smaller constructs will be destroyed. The Eternal Protectors and Eternal Sentinels are worth 27,900XP each, while the Great Guardian himself is worth a whopping 97,650XP. All the smaller constructs will award XP upon death regardless if they were killed by your hand or because the Great Guardian died, so the most optimal way is to simply focus on the Great Guardian. When killed, the Great Guardian drops the "Blade of the Swornbreaker", one of the pieces to craft the Swornbreaker weapon, as well as several Divine-quality loot pieces.

If you are having difficulty with this fight, there are Eternal Reflectors in the room that can be moved, with a phase conductor that is located behind the Great Guardian. Placing a Phase Capacitor on the conductor can shoot a beam forwards onto the reflectors. Directing the beam at the boss will stun it and keep its magic armor at 0 for as long as the beam is focused on it. You can use invisibility potions or spells to do all this without being noticed. Ultimately though, the simplest solution is to cast a powerful source spell such as Meteor Shower or Hail Storm, and since the Great Guardian is so big, nearly all the shards will hit it, resulting in a quick one-shot kill move.

In any case, once the Guardian is a pile of trash heap on the ground, report back to the Spirit of the Bird, and you will be deemed worthy of being "The One".





  • 27,900 Exploration XP upon entering the "Armaments of the One" room.
  • 41,850 Exploration XP upon entering the portal.
  • 27,900XP for each Eternal Protector and Eternal Sentinel, plus 97,650XP for the Great Guardian, which adds up to a grand total of 209,250XP.
  • "Blade of the Swornbreaker" crafting material on the body of the Great Guardian.
  • There are 2 eternal plates and a giant thunder rune in the gallery at the far north end of the room.

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    • Anonymous

      06 Mar 2021 22:53  

      You can sneak around, turn them and put an capacitor on the other side of the room. It then triggers the fight and the Guardian is permastunned as long as the capacitor is alive.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jan 2021 08:03  

        I played through this game twice before, but it’s been a while. Is there any reason why there are eternal reflectors in the arena with the robots? I don’t remember and when I search the question anywhere it doesn’t give a specific answer. I was mainly curious.

        • Anonymous

          07 Nov 2020 11:17  

          Remember to talk to the bird afterwards with the same character that started the quest, you wont get the option to become "the one" otherwise.

          • Anonymous

            28 Oct 2020 02:17  

            Interacting with the reflectors doesn't break stealth, so if you have one person remain in stealth when the fighting begins, you can get every reflector turned the right way except for the one in front of the Great Guardian, and also start the beam, all while your first party member is acting, or even before the fight starts if you want.

            • Anonymous

              17 Aug 2020 17:20  

              No need to fight just get your thief to sneak round behind it and pickpocket the phase capacitor full fight and all xp given with no effort

              • Anonymous

                01 Aug 2020 20:45  

                The fight is easy, even on Tactician, once you get past his alpha strike. If you have potions (fire + air) you can use them to tank their alpha strike. After that, you can burst the Guardian easily in 2 turns
                I also thought those Reflectors had some use, but once i figured it out, the fight was over.

                • Anonymous

                  24 Jun 2020 01:15  

                  I didn't even know that there was a spirit from the dead bird, i just ran into the arena and easily killed it with air-spells (their weakness) in the hopes of getting more phase-conductors.. i now am in the arx so i cant be "the one" apparently

                  • Anonymous

                    24 May 2020 23:33  

                    As per 2020 on DE, i simply focused the Guardian, when he died they all died at the same time as many time said, EXP was: 27,900 x 4 for the Sentinels and 55,800 for the Guardian. So total of 167,400 XP for focusing the Guardian.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 May 2020 00:06  

                      guardian only worth 83k now, also last sentinel gave 0 exp when it died along with guardian. DE. Two divine pieces of loot however, that much is true.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Apr 2020 09:04  

                        Seems a bit anticlimactic. I was planning to backstab them when I saw that I could pickpocket their phase capacitor. A bit too easy. Even the great guardian went down through this.

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Dec 2019 13:22  

                          If you have the key from the Driftwood Arena treasure vault, it fits here, opens the way to the portal, so no need to lockpicking the door. Then you can tell the owl, when she asks about you being either student or master, that you're a master of the arenas in Fort Joy and Driftwood, she'll be impressed that you've beaten Mulga, her favorite one. You can also say, that you're a master, if you've acquired the "Summon Condor" skill, but that won't do it, she'll be little impressed by that. I mean she will be, but won't let you pass, until you tell her you mastered either of the arenas, or both.

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Sep 2018 01:13  

                            Easiest way to deal with the fight is have 1 character enter the fight from the front. While having a thievery 5 out of combat character sneak around and steal their power core. Works on the boss too

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Jun 2018 04:25  

                              There is a small spectator area with a collapsed entryway at the North end of the room with the Great Guardian. You can teleport there. I found a giant thunder rune there.

                              • Anonymous

                                25 Jun 2018 04:21  

                                I got a Divine shield and a Divine ring from the Great Guardian. One of the energy chests in the room was empty, though.

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 Jun 2018 04:19  

                                  Engagement Tip: When you attack, make sure only your mage (for thunderstorm) is in the front. This will allow you to cast Thunderstorm on the Great Guardian and the two sentinels will not do their jump jet + laser ray combos on your entire party (since they aren't in the fight yet). The rest of your party will be drawn into the fight as the automatons move closer.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Apr 2018 15:35  

                                    Got no exp from the smaller ones, only the big guy. Also never got a quest/quest reward since I failed the convo with the bird after I had already killed the constructs. Wtf

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